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Office of the PCC Staff

Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer (Salary £86,874) Simon Dennis, Chief of Staff

Simon Dennis


    • To carry out the duties of the Chief Executive appointed under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011; the Head of the Paid Service; and the Monitoring Officer.
    • To provide dynamic leadership and effective, high quality guidance, advice and support to the
      Police and Crime Commissioner and staff within the Office of the Commissioner.
    • To ensure the Commissioner and his office meets his statutory duties and strategic objectives,
      ensuring legality, effective governance and the highest ethical standards.
    • To advise and assist the Police and Crime Commissioner in the review, development and implementation of the Police and Crime Plan.
    • To support and advise the Commissioner in the development of his vision, strategy and plans,
      ensure their implementation and regular review with partnership working at the core.

Expenses & Expenditure of the Chief Executive        Register of Gifts & Hospitality for the Chief Executive

Chief Finance Officer & Deputy Chief Executive (Salary £58,974)Michael Porter

Michael Porter (0.6 FTE working for the OPCC in Cleveland)


The Chief Finance Officer of the PCC is the PCC’s professional adviser on financial matters. To enable these duties to be fulfilled and to ensure the PCC is provided with adequate financial advice, the Chief Finance Officer of the PCC:

    • is a key member of the PCC’s Leadership Team, working closely with the Chief Executive, helping the team to develop and implement strategy and to resource and deliver the PCC’s strategic objectives sustainably and in the public interest;  
    • is actively involved in, and able to bring influence to bear on, all strategic business decisions, of the PCC, to ensure that the financial aspects of immediate and longer term implications, opportunities and risks are fully considered, and alignment with the PCC’s financial strategy;
    • leads the promotion and delivery by the PCC of good financial management so that public money is safeguarded at all times and used appropriately, economically, efficiently and effectively; and ensures that the finance function is resourced to be fit for purpose.

A collaboration agreement was put in place from the 14th July 2014, and continues to be in place, for the PCC’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO) to provide the statutory role of CFO to the North Yorkshire PCC. 0.4 FTE of the PCC CFO’s time is now spent providing this service and the North Yorkshire PCC pays for 40% of the costs incurred in providing this service. The salary costs recharged to the North Yorkshire PCC are £39,316.

Related documents:

Collaboration Agreement for the Provision of Chief Finance Officer Services (PDF document, 606KB) - July 2014
Extension of the collaboration between the Cleveland and North Yorkshire PCCs in relation to the provision of Chief Finance Officer services (Adobe PDF, 89KB) - February 2015

Expenses & Expenditure of the Chief Finance Officer        Register of Gifts & Hospitality for the Chief Finance Officer


Assistant Chief Executive & Deputy Monitoring OfficerJoanne Hodgkinson

Joanne Hodgkinson (Part Time)


    • Planning and driving delivery of the Police & Crime Plan and the planning cycle.
    • Arranging strategic needs assessments.
    • Planning and designing the whole of the programme of services that need to be commissioned/provided in house to deliver the Police & Crime Plan.
    • Line managing the PCC’s victims remit and the consultation & engagement work.
    • Line managing standards and scrutiny and undertaking the role of Deputy Monitoring Officer.
    • Leading engagement with partners, including ensuring CSP engagement is effective and efficient.



Office Management, Support and Casework

Office Manager                                                                             John Bage                                                                                 
PA & Support Officer                                                                    Jayne Harpe                                                                               
Support Officer                                                                             Hayley Relph
Apprentice Support Officer                                                           Charlotte Rumins                                                                      


Consultation & Engagement

Commissioner's Officer (Consultation & Engagement)                Sarah Wilson (Part Time)                                                          

Victim Services

Commissoner's Officer (Victim Services)                                     Rachelle Kipling

Crime, Offending and Justice

Crime, Offending and Justice Project Lead                                  Jeanne Trotter
Commissioner's Officer (Crime, Offending and Justice)               Lisa Oldroyd                                                                 

PCC Services Support (including Communications and Social Media)

Media Services                                                                             Cleveland Police Press Office
Support Officer for PCC Services and Communications              Hannah Smith                                                 

Standards, Scrutiny and Policy

Standards and Scrutiny Manager                                                 Elise Pout                                                              
Commissioner's Officer (Policy & Scrutiny)                                  Judith Nellist                                                                             


Complaints Resolution

Senior Complaints Service Adviser                                             Hazel Thompson                                                                   
Complaints Service Adviser                                                         Emily Thornton                                                                        


Strategic Contracting

Acting Strategic Contracts Manager                                             Amanda Wilkinson                                                                   
Commissioned Services Support Officer                                      Jennifer Yates                                                                          


Community Safety Hub Project Team

Senior Special Project Manager                                                   Liz Byrne                                                                                   
Special Project Team Officer                                                        Kathryn Curtis

Legal Services (Call-Off Contract)

Consultant Solicitor                                                                       Stephen Hodgson

Strategic Media Services (Call-Off Contract)

Strategic Media Advisor                                                                Ian Cross



Team seconded to Cleveland Police.


Organisational Chart

Office of the Cleveland PCC Functional Chart (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 204kB)  - Updated 26 June 2017


Register of Gifts or Hospitality - Office of the PCC

OPCC Staff Gifts and Hospitality Table (April 2013 - March 2014)
OPCC Staff Gifts and Hospitality Table (April 2014 - March 2015)
OPCC Staff Gifts and Hospitality Table (April 2015 - March 2016)
OPCC Staff Gifts and Hospitality Table (April 2016 - March 2017)
OPCC Staff Gifts and Hospitality Table (April 2017 - March 2018) - (updated 26/06/2017)


Equality & Diversity Information for Office of the PCC

No of directly employed PCC staff - 22 (excluding Treasury)
Gender:  Female - 17; Male - 5 (excluding Treasury)
Staff members with a disability - 3  (excluding Treasury)
Staff members from an ethnic minority background - 0 (excluding Treasury)


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