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Decisions of the PCC - February 2013

n this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible







2 – 2013

Transforming Youth Custody Consultation

Further to the Lord Chancellor - Transforming Youth Custody Consultation - regarding the proposed changes to legislative powers which impact on current Youth Custody with an emphasis on the inclusion of education.

the decision is to commission a response to Transforming Youth Custody based on both consultation and discussions with the Young Peoples Strategic Planning Group. 



3 - 2013

Anti-social Behaviour – Draft Bill Consultation Response

Further to the Government's invitation to consult on the proposed changes to legislative powers which impact on  Anti–social Behaviour (ASB), the decision is to commission a response to ASB based on both consultation and the calling of an ASB summit.



4 - 2013

Minimum Unit Pricing – Government Alcohol Consultation

 Further to the Governments invitation to consult on the Unit Pricing of Alcohol and implications for licensing and crime prevention. The decision is to commission a response to the Alcohol Consultation that would pay regard to partners and service providers.



5 - 2013

Service Level Agreement with Cleveland Fire
Brigade (CFB)

Cleveland Fire Brigade (CFB) request that should their control room become inoperable and if alternative arrangements with a neighbouring brigade not be possible, then a sharing arrangement be made with the Cleveland Police Control Room.

It is anticipated that this is an unlikely event but having an Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place assists CFB with its contingency planning. Should the SLA be enacted then it is expected that the volume of calls handled for CFB will be small in comparison to the volume received normally. 



6 – 2013

Mental Health Review – Custody

Further to the Bradley Report which presents a comprehensive plan to reduce reoffending and improve public health by ending the revolving door to custody for mentally ill and learning disabled offenders – a review of the position in Cleveland should be undertaken.



7 - 2013

Funding of Police Cadet Scheme

That the current scheme which costs £32k per year, and is contracted via Safe in Tees Valley, be extended for 6 months from April 2013 to allow time for a review of current arrangements. 


Police Cadet Scheme - Update December 2014

8 - 2013

of Band D properties
and precept implications

The PCC was required by legislation to propose a precept for 2013/14 to the Police and Crime Panel (PCP) by the 31 January and duly did. This proposal for a 1.99% increase in precept incorporated the Council Tax base information that the local councils are required by legislation to provide to the PCC by the 31 January each year. This was also done and the PCP approved the proposal from the PCC for a 1.99% increase in the police element of the Council Tax.

Subsequent to this process concluding the Office of the PCC has been informed that the Council Tax Base provided from Redcar and Cleveland Council was not correct and a revised figure has been issued. This report therefore establishes the revised Council Tax Base for 2013/14 and deals with the decisions required from the PCC as a result of this change. 



9 – 2013

Robustness of Estimates and Adequacy of Financial Reserves 

The Local Government Act 2003 requires the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to report formally on the robustness of the budget for consideration immediately prior to setting the budget. This report aims to ensure that the PCC is aware of  the opinion of the CFO of the PCC regarding the robustness of the budget as proposed, including the longer term revenue and capital plans, the affordability of the capital programme when determining prudential indicators and the adequacy of general balances and reserves. The PCC is required to take account of this report when determining its budget.



10 - 2013

Budget 2013/14 and Long Term Financial Plan 2013/14 – 2016/17

This report asks the PCC to agree the Budget proposals for 2013/14 and the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) for 2013/14 – 2016/17 in line with the legal requirement to set a budget prior to the 1March each year for the following financial year. 



11 - 2013

Capital Plan 2013/14 and Capital Programme 2013/17

The assets owned by the PCC are a vital platform for the delivery of the annual Police and Crime Plan. The Capital Plan is a strategically focussed approach to investments required to deliver policing in the 21st century in line with Putting People First. This report reflects the move away from a programme built on individual proposals to a plan built on the emerging themes arising from the Facilities, Equipment, ICT and Fleet Strategies and sets out the plan for 2013-14 and future years’ estimates. 



12 - 2013

Minimum Revenue Provision 2013/14

Minimum Revenue Provision (MRP) is the annual revenue provision that authorities have to make in respect of their debts and credit liabilities. The requirement to make MRP has existed since 1990.

A report is necessary to seek approval from the PCC as to the annual MRP strategy.

The MRP strategy complements the wider financial picture which aims to provide transparency on the cost to the PCC of taking on new borrowing, therefore linking into the PCC’s prudential indicators and the overall management of the PCC’s assets. 



13 – 2013

Treasury Management
and Prudential Indicators 2013/17

To comply with the CIPFA Prudential Code of Practice the PCC is required to set a range of Prudential Indicators for the financial year 2013/14.

The code states that Prudential Indicators for Treasury Management should be considered together with the Annual Investment Strategy for 2013/14.

The attached report covers off these requirements while also asking the PCC to approve the Treasury Management Policy. 



14 - 2013

Budget Monitoring
to 31 January 2013

This report sets out the progress against the delivery of the 2012/13 budget as inherited by the PCC and is part of the process to maintain prudent financial management. In line with Financial Regulations, the Force can request the carry forward for budget into the next financial year providing they are agreed before the end of February and the PCC's CFO is in agreement.

The PCC is asked to note the contents of the report, which includes a forecast under spend of £300k for 2013/13, and agrees to carry forward £132k to earmarked reserves.



15 – 2013

Capital Monitoring
to 31 January 2013

This report sets out the progress against delivery of the 2012/13 Capital Budget as inherited by the PCC and is part of the process to maintain prudent financial management. 




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