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Decisions of the PCC - April 2015

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible








35 – 2015

Junior Community Cadets funding

To approve £1,700 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to enable the Junior Community Cadets to attend a series of community safety sessions at fire stations and courts premises. This will form part of the wider community safety sessions delivered through the project and will assist in educating the children around community safety processes and positive role models



36 – 2015

Middlesbrough Crucial Crew Funding

To approve £1,500 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to cover the costs of Iron Guidance planning and coordinating the Middlesbrough Crucial Crew event. Crucial Crew is a multi agency event for Year 6 (10 and 11 year olds) pupils from across Middlesbrough, giving the children the opportunity to participate in a variety of scenarios covering a range of community safety issues



37 – 2015

Eston Hills access restriction work funding

To approve £4,599.59 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to enable Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council planning engineers to complete access restriction work on four identified access points to Eston Hills, thereby restricting access to the area by 4x4 and quad vehicles and reducing the associated antisocial behaviour and criminal damage. The work is being undertaken as part of a multi agency planning group, led by the PCC and involving Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Cleveland Fire Brigade, National Farmers Union and Teesside University. This funding, together with funding obtained from Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and Teesside University and materials donated by TATA Steel will cover the costs of all the engineering work needed at each of the four sites.



38 – 2015

Funding for Improving LGBT Confidence work

To approve £5,000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to enable (GADD) to undertake work around improving the confidence of the LGBT community to report hate incidents. The two key deliverables are:

1. Recommendations to address the key barriers to reporting homophobic and transphobic hate crime in Cleveland.  This will include consideration of use of third party reporting centres, and will involve:

  • an element of desk research, reviewing existing material on the subject (national and local);
  • interviews with key voluntary organisations (GADD, Hart Gables, Teesside Positive Action and others, as appropriate)
  • an element of outreach within the community, including those involved in organising Middlesbrough Pride.
  • interviews with key individuals in relevant agencies where necessary to understand current practice (around e.g. third party reporting centres)

2. A communications strategy, based on the findings above, to enable the results of this work to be widely communicated across the community and to increase community confidence in reporting hate crime.



39 – 2015

Operation Encompass – Domestic Abuse Officer

Operation Encompass is a multi-agency approach to give early notification to schools that a child or young person has been present, witnessed or was invovled in a domestic abuse incident. Nominated key adults within schools, initially in the Hartlepool area (and Cleveland wide in within the next 12 months) will recevie information from Cleveland Police to afford them the opportunity of assessing the needs of the child during the school day and, should it be deemed appropriate to do so, to provide early support.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has previously provided funding (via the Ministry of Justice Competed Fund) to Safe in Tees Valley for the employment of a Operation Encompass Project Manager to establish the project in Hartlepool. It was further agree that funding would be provided during 2015/16 for this post for a further 12 months to enable roll out across the whole of the Cleveland area.

In order for this project to be a success it is necessary for a Domestic Abuse Project Officer to be employed (via Safe in Tees Valley) to enable the reviewing of recorded domestic abuse incidents and identifying those incidents that meet the criteria for Operation Encompass. If children are involved/present they will then, at the earliest opportunity, contact a key adult in the school at which that child attends and provide them with information surrounding the domestic abuse incident and record that they have done so.  



40 – 2015

Safer Future Communities Network

This is a continuation of a project funded for the last two years by Cleveland OPCC to build on a national Home Office initiative to establish Safer Future Community Networks in each of the PCC authority areas as a vehicle for voluntary and community sector  (VCS) engagement with the PCC. The project aims to:

  • develop understanding and communications between the VCS and OPCC.
  • identify voluntary and community organisations that deliver services in support of the PCCs priorities and have valuable links into communities of interest, identity and place
  • enable the VCS to support and contribute to planning about strategic priorities, resource allocation and service delivery in the area of crime reduction and community safety.
  • support the development of ideas and services that contribute to crime reduction and community safety in Cleveland
  • support VCOs and public sector bodies to attract new resources to Cleveland



41 – 2015

Signing of Sales Agreement for Ladgate Lane

The request for this decision is made further to Decision Record 05-2014 dated 22nd January 2014 and Decision Record 44-2015 dated 30th July 2014 in relation to the Sale of Ladgate Lane and the Community Safety Hub.

The negotiations for the Sales Agreement for Ladgate Lane are now finalised and documented. The Sales Agreement is now ready for signature.  The following set of documents need the PCCs approval for authorisation for signature to enable the sale to take place: -

  • Sale Agreement with Persimmon Homes Limited
  • Licence for a Compound to be stored at the Site on Ladgate Lane
  • Licence for Surveys

The authority to sign the documentation is delegated to the Chief of Staff. Nonetheless, the PCC’s statutory officers and the Community Safety Hub Project Board considered it prudent and appropriate to seek the authority of the PCC for executing the sales agreement. The sale of Ladgate Lane site represents a significant transaction for Cleveland Police, the PCC and for the public.  The sale provides significant capital receipts to enable investments in a more energy efficient estate, which is fit for purpose for the future of policing in Cleveland and which delivers ongoing reductions in running costs (revenue costs) to better match the PCCs long term financial plans. In particular, the sale provides the basis for the funding arrangements for the Community Safety Hub, a major development which will combine major elements of headquarters provision with flexible multi-agency accommodation as part of the delivery of the PCC’s commitment to extending police and pan- public sector cooperation and collaboration.  

Persimmon Homes Ltd has advised that they will work closely with local communities, Middlesbrough Council and the PCC to identify opportunities for employment and investment in the economy of the local area.

The PCC will also use the capital receipt of funds to procure the land and construct the Community Safety Hub, in which again the construction provider will be required to provide local employment and investment in the local economies of the Cleveland Police area.

Sale Agreement with Persimmon Homes Limited

The price for the Sales Agreement is in line with the Business Case for the Community Safety Hub and tendered bid from Persimmon Homes Ltd.  The sales price for Ladgate Lane site will not be published within this Decision Record due to the commercial sensitivities relating to the timing of this sale and the timing of the tender process for the purchase of the Community Safety Hub.  It is recognised that the price will be placed on the public record by the Land Registry in accordance with their processes, following the completion of the transfer of the land. The price will be made available  by the PCC in accordance with the  Community Safety Hub Project Publication Strategy, which in order to preserve the integrity of the procurement process (and therefore protect public funds) will be strictly not before the conclusion of  the tender and agreement for the Community Safety Hub.

The Sales Agreement allows for the sale of Ladgate Lane in six tranches, termed a Phase.  The first Phase will transfer to Persimmon Homes Ltd once the conditions within the Sales Agreement are met.  Each Phase would then transfer to Persimmon Homes Ltd on each anniversary of the first Phase being achieved.  Payments based on the size of each Phase, will be made by Persimmon Homes Ltd to the Office of the PCC for Cleveland.  The land element associated with each Phase is of relatively similar size.

The three main Conditions that need to be met by Persimmon Homes Ltd to deliver Phase One completion are: -

  • The Planning Condition - Securing of detailed planning permission from Middlesbrough Council.  Note: Outline planning permission is already in place
  • Procuring of Title Indemnity Insurance
  • Agreeing of Easement for Northumbria Water Waterpipe

Once the Sales Agreement is signed, the PCC and Persimmon Homes Ltd will enter into a ‘conditional’ contract.  The agreement will become ‘unconditional’ once the above Conditions are satisfied.  Currently, it is estimated that all these Conditions will take around six months to resolve.  The main driver for this is the Planning Condition.

The Planning Condition needs to be concluded within a maximum of 18 months of signing the Sales Agreement.  If the Planning Condition is not met within this time, then either party can terminate the Sales Agreement.  Both the PCC and Persimmon Homes Ltd are obliged to conclude matters within this timeframe.  Should it not be concluded then the PCC can re-offer the land for sale to other organisations.

When the Conditions are complete the first Phase will be purchased by Persimmon Homes Ltd.

The first two Phases of the sale do not impact upon the operation of the current Police Headquarters building.  Phase Three (the transfer of ownership within two and half years from signing the Sales Agreement), requires the PCC and Chief Constable to ensure vacant possession of the building.

The requirement to deliver vacant possession is built into the project for the Community Safety Hub and is managed by the Board for that project.  The Community Safety Hub Project Board is jointly chaired by the Chief of Staff for the PCC and the Deputy Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.

Once Phase Three is concluded, then Phases Four, Five and Six can be transferred and paid for by Persimmon Homes Ltd on each anniversary, or brought forward should Persimmon Homes Ltd desire it.

The final phase would be complete on the 5th anniversary date of Phase One.  This is currently estimated to be Autumn 2020. 





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