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Decisions of the PCC - July 2015

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible







59 –   2015

Operation Encompass – Domestic   Abuse Officer

Operation Encompass is a multi-agency approach to give early notification to schools that a child or  young person has been present, witnessed or was invovled in a domestic abuse   incident. Nominated key adults within schools, initially in the Hartlepool   area (and Cleveland wide in within the next 12 months) will receive information from Cleveland Police to afford them the opportunity of assessing  the needs of the child during the school day and, should it be deemed  appropriate to do so, to provide early support.


The Police and Crime Commissioner has previously provided funding (via the Ministry of Justice Competed Fund) to Safe in Tees Valley for the employment of a Operation Encompass Project   Manager to establish the project in Hartlepool. It was further agree that   funding would be provided during 2015/16 for this post for a further 12  months to enable roll out across the whole of the Cleveland area (Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton).


In order for this project to be a success it was necessary for a Domestic Abuse Project Officer to be employed (via Safe in Tees Valley) to enable the reviewing of recorded domestic abuse   incidents and identify those incidents that meet the criteria for Operation   Encompass.


Now that the project is being rolled out Cleveland wide it is necessary to appoint a second Domestic Abuse worker (one worker will cover Redcar and Middlesbrough and the other worker  will cover Stockton on Hartlepool).



60 –   2015

Agreement for Operational vehicles and spare parts

For the   provision of Operational vehicles and spare part purchases, a collaborative procurement exercise was conducted through the Crown

Commercial  Service (CCS) vehicle framework contracts.  In order to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale based on the overall operational vehicle volumes required from each   force, the

collaborative   group agreed to use an e-auction exercise through the

CCS procurement portal as the most cost effective route to procuring

from the framework contracts.


The   e-auction was held on 4th June 2015; the final pricing received was extremely   competitive and represented an approximate saving of £5.3m for the collaborative consortium as a whole over the initial 24 month contract term.



61 –   2015

Victim Referral Pilot

The aim of the pilot is to trial integrated support for victims. The introduction of the Cleveland Police Telephone Investigation Unit presents the opportunity to test new ways of working with Victim Support by:


• Developing a closer interface between police officers and victim support officers;


• Monitoring and evaluating the benefits of co-location and sharing IT systems that facilitate collaboration, reduce the amount of duplication involved for victims when having to repeat their   information/details and provide a single point of contact;


• Monitoring and evaluating the joint use of a standardised risk/vulnerability assessment tool, for example THRIVE/Victims   First, that ensures consistency in the triage and prioritising of victim needs;


• Comparing and contrasting the outcomes delivered by the pilot with those of the existing system (ADT) process.


Full details are set out in the service specification published alongside this Decision Record.



62 –   2015

Victim Referral Services Project Manager

The proposal is to engage a project manager to research, analyse and develop an ‘ideal’ victims service framework for the   Cleveland and Durham areas from 1st April 2016. The project manager will be   directed by the Strategic Board and the Monthly Grant Review Board set up   under the Grant Agreement for Victim Referral Services. The project manager will be required to operate with an appropriate degree of autonomy and ethical separation from Victim Support to ensure independence when   investigating, auditing and delivering recommendations related to the   projects and tasks given by the boards. Suitable provision has been made in the grant agreement to this effect. Further information can be found in the project proposal and grant agreement appended to this decision.



63 – 2015

Middlesbrough HQ SAN replacement

Cleveland Police IT teams have had an ongoing issue with the SAN (Storage Area Network) in Middlesbrough HQ that has caused some significant challenges to recover from - this has impacted on  operational services including ANPR. The hardware repair of the SAN was completed through the existing support contract and Force data is now being   restored.


There was a planned upgrade of the enclosures on this SAN within the current Capital Programme (Capital Scheme 330092) however considering the recent hardware failure the Supplier has now proposed two options:-


1) The Force continue with the planned upgrade which replaces some of the aging technology which would still leave the Force   with concerns over the ongoing reliability of the remaining aging components.


2) The Force replaces the whole SAN with the latest technology and address any concerns over the reliability of the remaining aging technology.


Following some significant discussions and negotiations with the Supplier around the options of upgrading the existing SAN, or replacing completely, the Supplier has provided a competitive quote   for a new SAN which, having considered all options, the Force believe is the   best way forward i.e. the Force would rather put the available monies towards a new SAN rather than upgrade. This would alleviate the need to spend  additional Capital funds on upgrading or replacing this unit at a later date when the Technology nears its 'end of life'.


The total cost of the new SAN hardware is £78k.   There is £60k Capital already approved against the Capital Scheme ‘M8   Enclosure Upgrade’ 330092 (plus £4k revenue consequences).


The implications of aging hardware have been highlighted over the last two weeks where there has been significant disruption to the Force through the failure of components linked to hardware   reaching 'end of life'.


There is some urgency around this decision as there is concern over the reliability of this critical system and the risk to Police Operations if it was to fail completely. Based on the very competitive quote the recommendation is to replace the whole SAN and place the order in   the next 5 days.



64 –   2015

Community Remedy – Princes Trust, Fairbridge   Programme

Community Remedy was introduced in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It is a tool to give victims a say in   the out of court punishment of perpatrators for low level crime and  anti-social behaviour.


Following feedback from a public consultation by   the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in March 2014, a list of   options were identified and agreed in order for victims to indicate their   preference as to how the perpatrator should be dealt with. One of the options   on the list includes targeted interventions. Targeted interventions can be   used to assist the perpetrator to address any issues they may have to overcome. The Fairbridge Programme has been identified as one of these   interventions.


The Fairbridge Programme is a five day programme for 16 - 25 year olds which offers one to one support and group activities to   help young people stabilise their lives and build the skills they need to  move forward and plan for a better future. The ultimate aim of the programme  as part of the Community Remedy process is to help young people understand   and manage their behaviour to ensure re-offending does not take place in the   future.


The Fairbridge Programme has been supporting young people across Teesside since 2000 and has a proven track record of helping   marginalised and disengaged young people overcome a number of issues and   barriers they may have faced in their life. 85% of those young people  referred onto the Fairbridge Programme went on to positive steps or outcomes  including increased self esteem and access to a wider network of   opportunities.


To monitor the success of the intervention a report will be required (as per grant agreement) following each young person   completing the five day programme and will include information around the young persons progress and any future identified needs.



65 -   2015

Operation Stay Safe

The PCC receives Income of £11,700 which is funding secured from Middlesbrough Borough Council. This is for the support   of Police Officers to work alongside a Multi-Agency Team (Barnardos and  Social care) to identify and protect vulnerable children and young people on the street and in parks (identified hot-spots) of Middlesbrough at night through assertive outreach. Cleveland Police create event numbers for each stay safe and every interaction is recorded with event numbers. Police also provide a marked vehicle suitable for the operation. This is a worthwhile   operation which impacts on the the growing concerns around CSE and has the   potential to be bigger with the possibility to target other LPA'S with identified target hot spots. The operation also benefits by having some impacts on issues around ASB.



66 –   2015

Duty Management System (DMS)   Capital Scheme

In September 2013, a Chief Superintendent was asked to lead on a project which would involve the Business Transformation Unit, Steria and force colleagues in   devising a new model of operation around the planning of resource allocation for day to day activities and special events (operations, mutual aid deployments, etc) This work would include an upgrade to the existing Capita DMS solution as the current  solution was was no longer supported by the supplier and has proven to be unfit for purpose in respect of managing a mixed employee base (officers and staff), especially in the light of the changes as a result of Sir Tom Winsor’s review of police officer terms and conditions.


Based on the above a brief ‘strategic intent’ document was drawn together and agreed with the force executive.


Project   Scope:


In order to have the right resources, in the right place, correctly skilled and  equipped, at the right time to meet our communities’ needs, it is critical that we know the numbers of officers and staff and the skills available to the force on any given day.


The project, will deliver a system of resource planning that is accurate, timely, accessible to staff and sufficiently reliable to provide current and future duty states in support of the operational activities of the force, in addition to management information   about historic duties and compliance with ECHR working time directive. It will also be suitably integrated into existing force systems to assist corporate HR and payroll functions.


While the need to upgrade the current DMS system was always   part of the Capital Programme during 2015-16, with £100k set aside within the  agreed programme, it was not clear where the responsibilities for the payment for this upgrade sat between Cleveland and 3rd Party suppliers. This has now been clarified with appropriate legal advice. As a result this  decision requests that the PCC releases £247k in funds to pay for the upgrade and development of this vital resource allocation system.



67 –   2015

Human Trafficking Training

In September 2014, Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner hosted a regional awareness raising event in regards to Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery. The event was held as   part of the North East Violence against Women and Girls Strategy and focussed on Human Trafficking from a local, national and international perspective. It  became apparent from this event based on discussions throughout the day and   feedback received from delegates that there was a lack of understanding around Human Trafficking and the role of first responders.


It was therefore agreed that a number of multi-agency training sessions would be   scheduled, delivered by Hope for Justice, a national charity working to end all forms of Human Trafficking.


The   following aims for the training sessions are identified below:


·        Explaining what Human Trafficking is and the different types that exist

·        Recognising the signs/indicators of the different types of trafficking

·        Understanding relevant legislation

·        Know how to respond appropriately to a victim in a case of Human Trafficking should they come across one


It was agreed that a wide range of agencies would be invited to attend including (but not limited to):


·           Police

·           Probation

·           Youth Offending Teams

·           Local Authority Safeguarding Teams

·           Housing Associations




68 –   2015

Easterside Partnership

Easterside Partnership verbally requested for funding from the PCC Community Safety Initiative Fund to purchase solar panels which will provide the electricity for the security cameras around   Easterside shops.The Partnership are also going to purchase LED security lights so the area around the shops is lit up and any images recorded on the CCTV can be seen clearly.



69 –   2015

Redcar Cricket Club

To approve £1,000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiative Fund to Redcar Cricket Club to run a summer sports   programme for children aged between 8 - 16. The club are also going to use the funding to purchase new equipment for the sports programme.



70 –   2015

Billingham Carnival and   Horticultural Show

Billingham Legacy Foundation Supporters Group have applied for funding to coordinate and host activities for teenagers to take part in at this year’s Billingham Carnival and Horticultural Show.

The Carnival and Horticultural Show has been running for over 65 years and in recent years the teenagers have been requesting for activities aimed at their age group to take part in.



71 –   2015

NEPACs Prison Visits

NEPACS have requested funding for £2,528 from the PCC Community Safety Initiative Fund to assist with the delivery of ‘special family visits’ at HMP Kirklevington and HMP Holme   House. These special visits help to sustain links between prisoners and their families, and to provide reassurance and stability for children affected by separation. They are very   different from normal domestic visits, and provide effective informal education, including craft activities, quizzes, sport and the opportunity to share a meal as a family.



72 –   2015

Hartlepool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group

The Hartlepool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group would like to plan and deliver a diversity event for the third consecutive year. The itinerary of the day would include presentations on key   topics such as Hate Crime and Victim Support services, and would also include information and advice from a wide range of services including the Police, Fire Brigade, Credit Union, Harbour, Crime Prevention and Family Support Services.

The event will provide fun activities for children including face painting, arts   and crafts and a magic show to end the event.   Lunch is provided by volunteers from within the group who cook foods from their countries of origin and creates a menu from around the world.


This event is a celebration of the diverse cultures living in Hartlepool and helps   to break down barriers and helps to build relationships between communities.



73 –   2015

Middlesbrough Community Pride

Middlesbrough Community Pride have requested for funding to provide a week long programme of activities and events including a 'Pride Picnic' for any families in Cleveland to attend at Centre Square, Middlesbrough.

The   picnic allows people from all backgrounds to come together and watch a film from the big cinema style screen and to also enjoy free treats.



74 –   2015

Teesside University Students Union

Teesside University Students' Union have requested for funding to provide all students living in rented accommodation in the vicinity of the University in the INT1 area with 'ice   cards' which will allow individuals to keep a record of essential contact information. The Student's Union also want to purchase 3000 property marking   kits and 325 bag handers for the students. The students can you use the property marking kits to write there details on any valuable equipment they   may have and the bag hangers can be used to hang a bag from a table rather than putting it on the floor, hopefully this will reduce bag thefts.

Approximately 3000 students live in rented accommodation in the surrounding area of the University (including Ayresome, Central, Newport, Linthorpe, Park and Gresham Wards).   Students in this area are vulnerable to the risks of theft of personal property due to living in an unfamiliar area in unfamiliar properties, some with less than ideal security measures in place.



75 –   2015

Sunrise Children’s Centre

The Sunrise Children's Centre  aims to be a hub of the community that provides support to families with   children aged 0-16. The families that have attended the centre have raised concerns that there are tensions within the local community. The Centre have   requested for funding from the PCC to plan and host a community event to be   held on 26th August 2015 from 1pm-8pm. The Centre hopes that the event will   be a chance for the diverse community to come together and support each   other.

There   will be a number of activities and free information sessions on the day, for   example; cooking on a budget, volunteering opportunities and employability   skills.



76 –   2015

Positive Social Behaviour   Orders

The local youth providers network in Stockton identified   that a coordinated approach was needed to engage young people involved in   anti-social and low-level criminal behaviour in positive activities. Using outreach work, home visits and a referral process, it is hoped that the POSBO's project will act as a catalyst for young people and will explore ways of reducing young people’s involvement in anti-social behaviour and supporting them to develop their skills and attribute and through positive engagement their aspirations will be rewarded through sessions and activities chosen by them.



77 -   2015

The Rifty Youth Project

The  Rifty Youth project requested for funding to run a summer club for young people in Hartlepool during the summer term. The Rifty Youth Project would like to deliver 3 sessions a week over a 4 week period starting on the 17th August 2015.


Each session will be fun and varied, and a hot lunch will be provided with 50 young people benefiting from each session. Session plans will include sport, healthy cooking, arts and crafts and days out around the local area.



78 –   2015

Stockton Sea Cadets

The Sea Cadet organisation aim   is to inspire 10-18 year olds to develop self -confidence, team building and valuable life skills. There is a programme of skills, training and education that allows the young people to acquire qualifications and accreditations   that will help them into future employment he programme is run entirely by volunteers which means that activities are provided at an affordable cost to  young people.

Stockton Sea Cadets have been running since 1942 and have requested PCC funding to send 4 cadets on a week-long training session on a sailing ship. The funding will give the chance for any cadets from a disadvantaged background whose families may not be able to afford to send them on the trip a chance to go.



79 –   2015

Trip to Flamingland

Police Property Act Fund Award


Eastership Partnership have made a request for  funding to arrange a trip to Flamingo Land for local young people and   families. The annual trip which has been running since 2006 gives the chance for children that live on the estate to have a day out during the six weeks   holidays.



80 –   2015

Report for replacement of additional vehicles



The Police and Crime Commissioner approved a decision to enter into the collaborative contract for the purchase of vehicles and   spare parts. The award of this contract has delivered savings of £177,024

over 2 years. This saving was based on the vehicles identified for replacement when submitting  the capital bid for the 2015/16. The capital bid was submitted in September 2014 and was based on estimated

mileage. On re-running the calculations more than the expected 35 vehicles will  reach their replacement profile before the end of 2015/16. The savings achieved in the award of the new contracts will allow approximately 5 more vehicles to be replaced if needed to meet

operational requirements.



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