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Decisions of the PCC - June 2015

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible








44 - 2015

Voluntary Minimum Revenue Provision

PCC's who have debt are   required each year to set aside some of their revenues as provision for this   debt. More precisely, the provision is in respect of capital expenditure   financed by borrowing or credit arrangements.

In February 2014 the PCC   approved the MRP Strategy (Decision 14 - 2014) to be used during the 2014-15   financial year and this has been followed. Within the MRP regulations,   amendment regulation 4(1) of the 2008 Regulations revised the former   regulation 28. In the new regulation 28, the detailed rules are replaced with   a simple duty for an authority each year to make an amount of MRP which it considers   to be "prudent".

This provides a great deal of   discretion, and therefore options, to a PCC in the way in which a prudent MRP   strategy is delivered. Given the current financial position and the expected   continuation of funding reductions in future years there is an option for the   PCC to make a Voluntary MRP contribution in 2014-15 which will then reduce   the amount that the PCC needs to set aside in future years.

The underspend that has   developed during 2014-15 combined with the current level of General and   Earmarked Reserves provides the PCC with an option to make a voluntary MRP   charge in 2014-15 which will then reduce the MRP charges in future years.



45 - 2015

Archive Storage Services

The current archive storage   contract is due to expire on 31/07/2015; the contract has been in place since   2005 and will have completed its maximum contract term of ten years on   expiry. As a result, the service has been re-tendered and a new contract will   be put in place to ensure continuity of service from 01/08/2015 onwards.



46 - 2015

MFC-v-Brentford Police Costs

The Championship play off   fixture between Middlesbrough -v- Brentford on 15/5/15 was an additional   fixture as part of the 2014/15 season. This fixture was Policed as a Category   C game with the majority of resources deployed working on overtime. The cost   associated with this deployment have been recharged / invoiced to MFC at a   cost of £18,081. It is therefore requested that the PCC allocate a budget in   line with the costs invoiced to MFC to cover the cost of this deployment.



47 - 2015

Middlesbrough Mela on 6/7 June 2015

Middlesbrough Mela have applied   for funding to support the promotion and delivery of an extended programme to   celebrate 25 year of this event. This event attracts over 10,000 people and   brings together local community groups from diverse backgrounds and   postcodes, The weekend activities will include workshops, food and   entertainment as well as participants taking part in stilt walking workshops   lead by professional company 'Iron Giants Stilt Walking Theatre Company' and   a procession through town, past an anticipated crowd of over 4000, finishing   in the Mela festival site where 10,000 people will be gathered.

It is a key priority to promote   community cohesion and a sense of belonging through the participatory work   and to sustain this through further recruitment for other outdoor events in   the town. The PCC will host a stall during the event to raise the profile of   initiatives such as hate crime reporting, employment opportunities or   advisory opportunities on Independent Advisory Groups.



48 - 2015

Stockton Eid Fusion Festival, Ropner Park

A tradition of providing an Eid   Fusion festival started in Stockton three years ago to bring together   families and people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate cultural   diversity. The Community Welfare Trust and Friends of Ropner Park with the   support of Stockton Borough Council will provide an Eid Festival in Ropner   Park in Stockton on Sunday 26th July 2015 to celebrate the end of Ramadan.   The aim is to bring together an anticipated 2,000 people from the local   communities of Parkfield and Oxbridge to celebrate this festival with food,   entertainment and most of all a mutual understanding of each other's customs   and traditions.

This event will include   entertainment for families and people of all ages, fairground rides, other   attractions and food. There will be two marquees: one for the food and one   for visiting crafts people to display their wares.



49 - 2015

Independent Sexual Violence Advocate (ISVA) Therapeutic Worker and ISVA   Support Worker - Barnardo's / Sexual Assault Referral
 Centre (SARC)

Over the previous 12 months   (June 2014 - June 2015) the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has provided   funding for one part-time ISVA Support Worker and one full-time ISVA   Therapeutic Worker based within the SARC Teesside to provide support   alongside existing ISVA provision to ensure that children across Cleveland   and their families have access to ISVA support.

ISVA Support Worker

This service will provide   emotional and practical support throughout the Criminal Justice Process to   anyone under 18 who has experienced sexual violence acutely or historically   to ensure that the specific needs of children and young people are met by specialists   in the field of child development and the impact of trauma. The needs of   additional family members are also assessed during initial visits and   throughout engagement with the service to ensure additional support measures   are put in place as/when required.

ISVA Therapeutic Worker

The funding will enable the   innovative role of ISVA Therapeutic Worker to continue which was established   based on client feedback that identified a gap in service provision. The role   ensures children and young people can recover from their experiences in the   Criminal Justice Process from report to court, as many young people highlight   the fact that the trial is more traumatising than the incident itself.

In 2012/13 the SARC recorded   470 clients across Teesside, of which 195 were under the age of 18 years (156   under the age of 16), therefore the need for this service is crucial to   ensure our most vulnerable members of society can access necessary support in   a timely manner.

By the continuation of the   funding services can remain in place to provide an holistic approach to child   services from early intervention following disclosure / report, to closure   work following a court case or a decision to discontinue.

This funding supports two of   the PCCs Police and Crime Plan objectives namely; delivering a better deal   for victims and witnesses and ensuring better links between agencies to make   best use of resources. Both roles will play a major part in ensuring young   victims are able to cope and recover from the effects of such horrendous crimes.

Preventing and responding to   Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a high priority, this funding supports the   development of the Barnardo's SECOS Project by allowing an increase in   capacity for the CSE workers who previously undertook the role of ISVA as   anadditionality. By the CSE workers having greater capacity it enables them   to further build trusting relationships with young people who may then feel   comfortable to make disclosures of sexual violence.



50 - 2015

Sexual Violence Services Short Film

Tees Valley Arts intends to   make a short film provisionally entitled 'Somewhere to Turn To' which will   inform people across the Cleveland Police area as to what services are   available for people who have been victims of sexual violence / abuse or who   are survivors of historical sexual abuse.

By getting information out   there about the range of services available will ensure that those most in   need of support know where to turn to if/when needed. The film will inform   people, most importantly those for whom this information has personal relevance,   about where to turn, and what might happen next following acts of sexual   violence / abuse, or whenever the need to deal with historic abuse becomes   acute.

Relevant agencies across   Cleveland will be involved in the production of the short film and where appropriate   service user input will be sought.

The development of the short   film and its dissemination across the Cleveland Police area meets the PCC   objective around victims by ensuring the people of Cleveland have an   awareness of the services that are available.



51 - 2015

CCTV Processing Equipment Capital Scheme

There is a huge reliance by the   force and the courts for evidence obtained from CCTV systems to identify and   prosecute offenders at all levels of Crime. These range from simple District   theft and assault cases through to MISPER & murder investigations which   often could not be prosecuted without the support of CCTV evidence.

The equipment currently used by   the force to process and copy this material is now reaching the end of its   useful life and due to changes requested by the Information Security officer   to minimise the risk to the organisation of potential data losses, a   replacement system is required.

This request is for the   replacement of three Local Policing Area facilities (one has already been   upgraded) and additional facilities for the Technical Support Unit and Major   Crime Team offices. These facilities will provide an automated process that   allows officers to continue to access CCTV facilities at LPA offices and   securely encrypt data that can be viewed and shared with police law   enforcement and judicial partners in a secure manner. The annual licence cost   of £13,550 can be met from existing budgets.



52 - 2015

CCTV Lime Trees, 
Port Clarence

An application for further   funding has been made by the Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector to replace   the damaged CCTV camera. An initial award was made to improve the provision   of CCTV cameras at Lime Trees, Port Clarence. Having a fully operational CCTV   system will aid the police with their role in policing the Port Clarence   Estate, whilst improving community safety in the area and reducing crime and   antisocial behaviour. However, since this award (see decision Ref. 20/2015)   the original equipment has been damaged beyond repair and a second application   made to replace the equipment.



53 - 2015

Hartlepool Crime Prevention Panel

The Hartlepool Crime Prevention   Panel applied for funding to purchase crime prevention equipment (i.e. locks   and lights) and publicity material (educational leaflets and a publicity   banner) for use at a variety of community events in Hartlepool to promote and   raise awareness of the panel, recruit new members, as well as educate the   public on a number of key crime trends as they occur in the town in   partnership with the Police or at key events. The publicity includes,   promotional material for the Panel and also educational material in the form   of a leaflet around walk in burglaries, theft from vehicles, bike and garden   crime.



54 - 2015

Justice First 
Football Tournament

Justice First applied for   funding from the PCCs Community Safety Initiatives fund to provide a one day,   multi-cultural football tournament during refugee week in June 2015. The significant   and underpinning aim of the event is to build positive relationships in the   wider community, promote community cohesion, reduce fear of crime/fear of   authorities, and enhance social integration between various social and   cultural groups living in Cleveland.

The tournament is expected to   have 24 teams of eight players, a total of 192 players and beneficiaries   directly at the event, as well as being attended by the police, Red Cross and   MIND. Anticipated benefits will be increased engagement with ethnic minority   groups, helping to reduce the fear of crime through positive interaction,   enhancing community cohesion through healthy activities and enhancing   confident by being valued.



55 - 2015

Archive Storage Services

A key issue faced by Cleveland   Police in relation to using one of their key ICT systems (Niche) is the high   number of duplicate and incomplete records held within the system, in   particular nominal records and addresses. This duplication is caused by the   inability of the system in its current form to recognise new data which match   existing records held within the system, in addition once an individual is   recorded twice on the system the system is unable to identify which record is   the master copy and will therefore create another record resulting in what is   referred to as exact duplicate records. A Data Quality & Data Management   solution would not only ensure compliance with relevant legislation it would   also release significant efficiency savings through the reduction in resource   inputting, processing, reviewing and amending data on a core system across   all areas of the organisation.


56 – 2015

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) is an anti-racism education charity which looks to use anti-racism education workshops to engage young people and adults. The charity provides workshops which are interactive, safe and non-judgemental. The participants are encouraged to reflect on their own internal prejudices in an attempt to reflect on them and in turn to consider an alternative view.

The aims of the project are to:

• reduce the incidents of racism in communities

• increase the reporting of racist incidents

• reduce of anger and prejudice aimed at minority communities

• encourage the rejection of racist attitudes

Contributes to the following Police and Crime Plan aims:

• Diverting People from Offending, with a focus on rehabilitation and the prevention of re-offending.

• Working for better community and industrial relations


57 – 2015

SPARC Funding

The Society for the   Promotion and Advancement of Romany Culture (SPARC) have bid for funding to undertake community engagement sessions with the police and gypsy and traveller community at Metz Bridge traveller site and Yarm Fair, and to conduct a series of educational workshops in primary schools focusing on gypsy and traveller awareness and anti hate crime messages. The aims of the initiative will be to:

i) Build on and increase the engagement we have already   achieved between the Police and PCC Office and the travelling communities   through holding “Cuppa with a Copper” engagement sessions at the Metz Bridge   gypsy and traveller site and at Yarm Fair.

ii) Engage with the gypsy and traveller community in   relation to crime and community safety issues and work with the PCC to   develop awareness-raising packages and products regarding these

iii) Promote and provide awareness-raising sessions within primary schools across Cleveland. Sessions will focus on hate crime education in relation to the gypsy and traveller community and on 'mythbusting' and education around the gypsy and traveller culture

iv) Further promote services to the travelling communities, leading to further increases in service usage from those communities and a   breaking down of barriers.



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