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Decisions of the PCC - March 2015

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible








12 – 2015


PCC Contribution to Local Children’s
Safeguarding Boards for 2015/16

There are four Safeguarding Childrens Boards within Cleveland and the PCC is asked to continue his financial contributions to all four of these Boards,  to a similar level to previous years.

The Boards are continuing their good work and have put together business cases for the 2015/16 year that aim to meet the requirements of relevant legislation and the identified needs of children within Cleveland. 



13 – 2015


Independent Domestic Violence Advocate
Contribution –   Community Safety Partnerships

The provision of local specialist support services is key to addressing the needs of domestic violence victims and their families.  An integral element of these support services across the Cleveland area is the Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA). The accredited IDVA service works with high risk victims of domestic violence with referrals into the service coming from the Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference’s (MARAC’s) and/or the Specialist Domestic Violence Courts that operate at Teesside and Hartlepool Magistrates courts.

The IDVA service provides a range of options to improve the safety of victims and their families, offering information and support, crisis intervention, safety planning, advocacy and practical and emotional support to enable victims to make positive changes, reduce risk and minimise the risk of repeat victimisation.

Overall the service ensures that the holistic needs of victims and their families are met by working in partnership with a range of local organisations to cope with the immediate impact of domestic abuse and recover from the harm experienced.



15 – 2015


Tees-wide Safeguarding Adults Board

The Teeswide Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board sets and agrees the strategic direction of adult safeguarding work including prioritising developments. It comprises multi-agency representation and oversees the implementation of work undertaken by each of its sub groups. Each of the sub groups have clear terms of reference. A reference group comprising service users and carers also informs and guides the work of the Board. In addition there are four locality adult safeguarding committees who lead and ensure the operational delivery of the adult safeguarding framework.

The Teeswide Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Board is working in partnership to ensure that adults living and residing in the Boroughs of Hartlepool, Stockton, Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland are safeguarded and protected. Abuse affects a lot of people, often over long periods of time. Anyone raising a concern that an adult is at risk of being abused, has been abused or neglected is taken seriously and that concerns are acted on promptly and appropriately. Moreover, with the increasing emphasis on personalisation, which values individual human rights for all citizens, the importance of tackling abuse through preventative approaches is recognised.

The Board identifies the priorities given to safeguarding vulnerable adults. The Board aims to ensure that:

1. People using the services are safe.

2. Help is extended where needed to support those experiencing abuse or at risk of being abused and neglected in their own homes.

3. Communities can access safety measures and live safer lives.



16 – 2015


Crimestoppers Funding for 2015/16

Crimestoppers provides provides vital information and intelligence to Cleveland Police as well as other national police forces.

Over 300,000 members of the public anonymously contact Crimstoppers annually, 100,000 reports are passed to the police and 15,000 positive crime outcomes were achieved nationally in 2014/15.

Cleveland Police received 442 reports of which led to 102 arrests and positive outcomes.

Crimestoppers is well established in Cleveland and supports the aims of their five year strategy to improve their engagement with communities and improve the quality of information provided to Cleveland Police. 



17 – 2015


Contribution to the Sexual Assault Referral
Centre Core budget 2015/16

"Rape and sexual assault are devastating experiences for any victim. Profound feelings of violation, a sense of continuing danger, shock and numbness can affect a person’s ability to function for a long time after the attack. Failure to address the victim’s immediate and ongoing needs can have a considerable and long term impact on their emotional wellbeing and health. It can also cause the victim to disengage from the criminal justice process, reducing the opportunity for offenders to be brought to justice.

Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) are an important example of how agencies working in partnership have the potential to improve both mental and physical health as well as the criminal justice outcomes for victims of rape and sexual assault. Crucially, they provide a holistic service to victims of sexual violence, tailored to their needs and underpinned by principles of dignity and respect." (National Service Guidelines for Developing Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCS) October 2005.

Helen Britton House is the SARC for the Cleveland Police area. The SARC is a partnership working arrangement providing a SARC model of practice for victims of Rape and Sexual Assault regardless of whether or not the victim wishes to report to the Police.

The SARC model for victims across Cleveland was introduced in 2007 following financial support from the then Cleveland Police Authority and the 4 Tees PCTs. 

This funding for 2015/16 is required to meet the PCC's ongoing financial commitment to the agreement made in 2007 with the PCTs.

The SARC in 2014/15 requires additional funding to meet predicted overspends.  The overspend is to be shared 80/20 with NHS England in accordance with the origianl agreement. 



20 – 2015


CCTV Lime Trees, Port Clarence

To approve £1000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund for VIVSEC UK Ltd. to carry out repairs to CCTV at Lime Trees, Port Clarence. The funding will be match funded by Thirteen Housing Group to cover the entire costs of repairs.

Having a fully operational CCTV system will aid the police with their role in policing the Port Clarence Estate, whilst improving community safety in the area and reducing crime and antisocial behaviour.

Further details are available in the attached Funding Application Form. 



21 – 2015


Peer Mentor Training, Thirteen Care and Support

 To approve £3000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to enable 10 Peer Mentors from Middlesbrough's Drug and Alcohol Recovery Support Service, delivered by Thirteen Care and Support,  to undertake Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

Peer Mentoring takes place when a person has been through a set of experiences and provides mentoring support to another person going through the same experiences.  This mentoring support can take the form of enhanced social and practical help.

The training will allow the Peer Mentors to become Advanced Peer Mentors and deliver Peer Mentor training to other recipients, thereby increasing the number of Peer Mentors available through the Recovery Support Service. This in turn will benefit more service users, improving chances of successful recovery and reducing reoffending.

Further details are available in the attached Fund Application Form.



22 – 2015


Redcar and Cleveland Police Cadets Unit
Community Safety Initiative

To approve £447 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to enable the Redcar and Cleveland Unit of the Cleveland Police Cadets to purchase 60 padlock alarms to support a crime prevention/reduction initiative for allotments in the Redcar and Cleveland area.

The initiative is a joint Operation between the Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INTS) and the Redcar and Cleveland Police Cadets, named Operation Scarecrow, which is aimed at crime prevention and reduction for allotments in the Local Policing Area.

The Operation will involve the Cadets being split into 3 teams representing the 3 INT areas and will take place in 3 phases carried out over 3 consecutive weeks. As part of Phase 1 the cadets will go out with INT staff and deliver crime prevention leaflets to the allotment holders and advertise Phase 2 which is a property marking morning where INTs and cadets will go to the allotments to mark their property. Phase 3 will involve INTs going out on the Saturday evening and doing a security check of the allotments and highlighting any gaps. This information, together with crime data relating to the allotments and any intelligence gathered over the first 2 phases will be used in a problem solving exercise for the cadets to decide and make a bid for a number of the padlock alarms. The alarms will be allocated to the teams depending on their presentations and then the cadets will go out on the afternoon and distribute the alarms to the allotment holders. 



23 – 2015


Youth Offending Triage Model across the
Cleveland Police Area

The Youth Offending Team (YOT) Triage model brings YOT expertise and assessment processes to assist the Police with decision making at the earliest stage.  Triage takes place at the point that a young person comes to the attention of the Police and acts as a ‘gateway’ whereby all young people can be rapidly assessed to ensure that they are dealt with swiftly and effectively.  YOS assessments are unique in that information from across its networks is sourced, considered and validated, drawing from  a range of sources including police, social care, health, housing, education, anti-social behaviour and substance misuse.  Key information can be shared between the YOS and Police to ensure that decisions are made to reflect the needs of the victim, protect victims and communities from further harm and respond to the assessed needs of the young person.  Bespoke intervention packages are tailored to meet the needs of the young people, to challenge the offending behaviour and where needed, other support services can be accessed.   



24 – 2015


Positive Diversionary Activities to reduce crime
and Anti-Social Behaviour

This initiative will provide support to third sector organisations across Cleveland's local Policing areas to deliver a range of early intervention, diversionary and positive activities and initiatives centred around assertive youth work for young people aged 8-19 to reduce the risk of offending, and to divert those involved in offending and ASB towards positive and engaging activities.  



25 – 2015


Restorative Cleveland

In April 2014 Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) were provided with grant funding from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to cover capacity, capability building and commissioning of Restorative Justice (RJ) Services. Part of this funding was utilised to second a member of Police Staff into the role of RJ Co-ordinator for a period of two years (from April 2014 until March 2016). The Restorative Justice Co-ordinator job description can be seen attached at appendix A to this decision form.

A key part of the RJ Co-ordinator role in the first instance was to actively understand the various RJ schemes / projects currently being delivered across Cleveland. This resulted in a detailed mapping exercise. From completion of this, it was identified that there was currently a ‘post-code’ lottery in terms of delivery of RJ across Cleveland with victims in some areas having access to high quality RJ provision, whilst in other areas there was no provision at all.

Therefore, to ensure that at any stage of their journey victims have access to high quality RJ, the PCC in consultation with partners agreed to developing Restorative Cleveland. The aim of Restorative Cleveland would be to:

  • Develop a consistent set of standards, principles and practice across the Cleveland area enabling victims to have access to RJ at any stage in their journey
  • Build capacity and add value to the current RJ provision across Cleveland
  • Be a central hub for RJ by providing advice, guidance and promoting/ supporting the use of RJ across Cleveland

So as not to de-stabilise those RJ Schemes already developed in the area, the PCC welcomed a joint business case from the Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) (Appendix 2) detailing how they would like to develop an RJ scheme locally to complement and input into Restorative Cleveland.

The decision requested is to implement those proposals. 



26 – 2015


My Sisters Place – Independent Domestic
Violence Advocate (IDVA)

Historically the Ministry for Justice (MOJ) has provided funding to My Sisters Place for the provision of one full time senior IDVA post. From 1 October 2014 this funding for victims of crime was transferred to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to commission victims services locally.

Following a review of commissioned services locally it was recommendated that the PCC continue to fund those areas previously funded by the MOJ until 31 March 2015. This was agreed (Decision Ref 54 - 2014).

Furthermore, the need for IDVA provision to support high-risk victims across the Cleveland area is imperative in safeguarding victims. It has therefore been agreed to continue this grant funding for a further 12 months from 1 April 2015 - 31 March 2016 based on the attached business case.

The IDVA Service will be available to victims of domestic abuse across Cleveland as part of the network of IDVA's funded or part funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner.  



27 – 2015


Operation Encompass – Project Manager

In June 2014 the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was awarded funding from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Competed Fund to develop a project aimed at supporting young victims suffering or witnessing domestic abuse. With this funding a Project Manager from Safe in Tees Valley was seconded to Cleveland Police to take the lead.

The project entitled 'Operation Encompass' enables schools to be immediately notifed (by 9am on the next working day) where a pupil has experienced the trauma of domestic abuse. This knowledge enables specially trained teaching staff to provide covert or overt support depending on the circumstances. The project recognises that better information sharing and joint working can both prevent victimisation of vulnerable young people and provide better outcomes for them.

The MOJ funding enabled the establishment of a pilot scheme in the Hartlepool area which will be launched on 1 April 2015. This decision requests the continuation of the project manager role for a further 12 months to enable similar arrangements to be rolled out across the Cleveland area. Early feedback from Headteachers indicates that the project is very much appreciated to support young people in the school environment. The attached business case provides further information as to the role of the project manager. 



29 – 2015


Out of Hours Services for Victims
of Sexual Abuse – Arch North East

This funding will support Arch to continue and sustain the level of service provision currently delivered across Teesside by extending current opening hours by 15 hours per week.  This will ensure accessibility to clients who work or are in College / School and cannot access services during normal opening hours without disruption to their employment or education.

With the support of specialist services clients should feel safer, informed, empowered, included and respected. This results in an increased confidence in the Criminal Justice System and an overall satisfaction that their needs have been met. The consequences of failing to meet this need would be that victims and their families would have limited services available to them, resulting in victims failing to report offences due to lack of support from the outset, withdrawing statements part way through the investigation due to lack of confidence, or not attending court as a witness due to fear and lack of clarity around the court process. 

This funding will be used to enhance and expand the service by paying for an additional 600 support sessions for victims and witnesses over the one year period 2015/16. This equates to an additional 90 people receiving quality support services over the grant period. 



30 – 2015


Community Safety Initiatives

To approve £5,000 from the PCC Community Safety Initiative fund for Stockton Crime Prevention Panel to provide proactive crime prevention initiatives in the community, educate the community in crime prevention methods and promote crime prevention amongst young people by encouraging increased participation in youth projects that are community based.

To approve £2,637 from the PCC Community Safety Initiative fund to support activities and events provided by the Keep The Dream Alive project to purchase CCTV recorders.

To approve £3,000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiative fund to enable the Linx Project Hemlington to support the delivery of a motivational course "Linx to Employment" and promote youth diversionary activities.  The course supports young people to get closer to the labour market by putting them through an Open College Network in Preparation to Work. This involves working with partnership agencies in the local area to build up referrals onto the programme.  The course supports those harder to reach young people from less affluent backgrounds and give the opportunity to progress.

To approve £703 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiative fund for Vulnerable Young People Support - Acklam to provide local community and diversionary activities for children and young people.



31 – 2015


Victim Referral Services

The Police and Crime Commissioners for Cleveland and Durham have made clear their commitment to put victims at the heart of criminal justice processes. They jointly Chair the Cleveland and Durham Criminal Justice Board and each have Victims Strategic Planning Groups, a partnership meeting that offers advice and guidance on improving Victims Services. They are committed in their shared vision for the future of ensuring that every victim of crime and anti-social behaviour benefits from the best possible service according to their needs.

Victim Support has provided a pricing structure that offers:

• A shared Victim Care Unit for Durham and Cleveland that will be based within the existing Victim Support estate for 2015/16; and

• A local network of staff and volunteers directly helping victims with emotional and practical support in each OPCC area.

Further details are provided in the attached document entitled 'A Vision for the Future of Victims Services' and the additional documents referenced in that report.

The delivery of the Services outlined within the attachment across both Cleveland and Durham will cost £557,000.



32 – 2015


2015/17 Police and Crime Plan

The Police and Crime Plan is a statutory document setting out the objectives and the resources available to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland.  As detailed in the The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 and Policing Protocol Order 2011, the plan must be kept under review and set out:

  • PCC objectives.
  • Details of the police area which the Chief Constable is to provide policing.
  • Financial and other resources available.
  • How the chief constable will report to the PCC on the provision of policing.
  • How the chief constable's performance in providing policing will be measured.
  • Scrutinise, support and challenge the overall performance of the force including against the priorities agreed within the Plan
  • Crime and disorder reduction grants awarded and any conditions applied to awards.

The Plan comprises two parts, the main body sets out objectives and how they will be delivered.  The second comprises appendices setting out the financial details, performance and governance frameworks - these have not been substantially changed or varied from previous plans, but have been updated where necessary. 



33 – 2015


Forensic Mobile Phone Examination System
Capital Scheme – Additional Security

Summary within Decision Record Form 



34 – 2015


Firearms Access Control, Asset Management
and Training Management Information System

The purpose of this report is to advise the Police and Crime Commissioner of the procurement process to award a contract for Firearms Access Control, Asset Management and Training Management Information System and to seek approval of the letting of the contract.





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