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Decisions of the PCC - August 2016

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable this will be updated as soon as possible 


DECISION TITLE                         




Essentials for Dealing
LGBT Hate Crime

LGBT Federation North East are an infrastructure organisation working to unite LGBT individuals, groups, organisations and communities across the north east. The Federation undertakes research and develops self sustaining activities that aim to change attitudes and behaviours towards LGBT people.

The project will involve upskilling LGBT community members as community advocates to support LGBT victims of hate crime through the criminal justice process, and also training those working with the criminal justice system on the effect of LGBT hate crime to enable them to deal more sensitively with victims of LGBT hate crime.

To agree £3,050 funding from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives Fund to enable LGBT Federation North East to deliver:

  • Upskilling of 10 LGBT community advocates to support LGBT victims through the criminal justice system.
  • Training for 10 to 20 people from the criminal justice system on the effect of LGBT hate crime to enable them to deal more sensitively with victims of LGBT hate crime.



Smartphones -
FirstLight Trust

FirstLight Trust was established in 2012 to relieve and protect the health, and in so doing rehabilitate leaving and former members of the Military Forces and Emergency Services affected by physical wounds and injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychological issues of disempowerment resulting from service life.

Their 24/7 on-call staff attending Veterans in crisis (threats of suicide/violent behaviour) require the latest case details to offer the best assistance. Office-based systems cannot provide sufficiently speedy access for emergency help. A database accessed through smartphones will support staff called out anywhere within Redcar and Cleveland at any time. With a remote access database we will be more effective when called out, resulting in speedier results. FirstLight Trust have negotiated free access to PODIO, a secure and suitable database that provides secure access through smartphones. In addition, they will have an 0300 telephone number enabling Veterans in crisis direct contact with one of their on-call staff.

FirstLight Trust will ensure details and 24/7 contact number of their initiative are publicised to all the emergency services command centres; Police, Fire and Ambulance together with Redcar & Cleveland Adult Care Social Services.

This initiative supports the PCC’s priorities of a better deal for victims, tackling reoffending and working together to make Cleveland safer.

To approve an award of £9,000 from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to FirstLight Trust for a contract for smartphones, purchase of a 0300 telephone number with landlines and broadband and a temporary staff post to establish system and populate database.



St Aidan's School

St Aidan’s is a 90 year old primary school mainly serving the children in the Foggy Furze area of Hartlepool. The outdoor area of the school has recently undergone a major refurbishment.  Due to the installation of lots of bright, exciting and stimulating outdoor equipment they now find themselves with the problem of vandalism which is causing them to spend money on fixing equipment rather than books and activities for the school children.

St Aidan’s hope that the vandalism will reduce by purchasing CCTV. The school asked for £5,500 from the PCC. The whole cost of the CCTV is £11,000. The PCC has agreed to meet a third of the overall cost which is £3,667 with St Aidan’s and Hartlepool Council contributing to the rest of the payment.

To approve an award of £3,667 from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to contribute to CCTV at St Aidan’s School in Hartlepool.



Stockton Eid Fusion

The Community Welfare Trust and Friends of Ropner Park with the support of Stockton Borough Council will provide an Eid Festival in Ropner Park in Stockton on Sunday 24th July 2016. The aim is to bring together people from the local communities of Parkfield and Oxbridge and also further afield to celebrate this festival with food, entertainment and most of all a mutual understanding of each others customs and traditions. 

This event will include entertainment for families and people of all ages, fairground rides, other attractions and food. There will be two marquees: one for the food and one for visiting crafts people to display their wares.

The Stockton Eid Fusion Festival supports the PCC’s priorities of working together to make Cleveland safer and securing the future of our communities.

To approve an award of £5,000 from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to contribute to the Stockton Eid Fusion Festival on Sunday 24 July 2016.



Summerhill Country Park

The object of the Friends of Hartlepool’s Wild Green Spaces (FWGS) is to protect, conserve and enhance Hartlepool’s Parks, Local Nature Reserves and other Green Spaces.

FWGS would like to improve the CCTV capability at Summerhill Country Park. The current facility does not have a high enough resolution or coverage to identify perpetrators. Summerhill has suffered a number of acts of violence, vandalism and arson over the last few years. In particular the roundhouse located in front of the visitor centre: this has been destroyed and rebuilt by volunteers and staff a number of times. The roundhouse is used for Heritage Skills and Forest Schools activities with the local children.  

The FWGS have also received £2,000 funding from Hartlepool Borough Council.

This decision to fund FWHS supports the PCC’s priorities of working together to make Cleveland safer and securing the future of our communities.

To approve an award of £5,000 from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives fund to contribute to the purchase of CCTV at Summerhill Country Park in Hartlepool.



International Football

Justice First applied for funding from the PCCs Community Safety Initiatives fund to provide a one day, multi-cultural football tournament which is held annual. The significant and underpinning aim of the event is to build positive relationships in the wider community, promote community cohesion, reduce fear of crime/fear of authorities, and enhance social integration between various social and cultural groups living in Cleveland. 

This supports the PCC’s priorities of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of Our Communities.

To approve £700.00 spend from the Community Safety Initiative Fund to Justice First for their Annual International Football Tournament.



Middlesbrough Mela

Middlesbrough Mela have applied for funding to support the Mela which takes place on 9-10 July 2016. This event attracts over 10,000 people and brings together local community groups from diverse backgrounds and postcodes.

It is a key priority to promote community cohesion and a sense of belonging through the participatory work and to sustain this through further recruitment for other outdoor events in the town. The PCC will host a stall during the event to provide crime prevention advice and free equipment and to raise the profile of initiatives such as hate crime reporting.

The Mela supports the PCC’s priorities of Working Together to Make Cleveland safer and Securing the Future of Our Communities.  

To contribute £5,000 from the PCCs Community Safety Fund to support the delivery of the Middlesbrough Mela on 9-10th July 2016.



Police Rehabilitation

On 3rd August 2016 the England Police Rugby Team will complete a Sky Dive with the Red Devils in Nottingham. This will involve several players and management jumping from 13,000ft with all proceeds going to the Police Rehabilitation Centres.

Request made for the PCC to make a donation of £250.00 from the Police Property Act Fund. This will provide essential funds to allow the services provided to continue and support officers.

This decision supports the PCC’s priority for a better deal for victims.

To approve £250.00 spend from the Police Property Act Fund for a donation to the Police Rehabilitation Centres.



Rifty Youth Project

The Rifty Youth Project based in Hartlepool are running a summer club for local young people that will be held during the school summer term for 3 days per week over a 6 week period starting from the 25th July 2016.

Sessions will be fun and varied including sports, healthy cooking, arts and crafts and days out. 

A hot lunch will be provided to 50 young people attending each session.

To contribute £4,987 from the PCCs Community Safety Fund to support the delivery of a summer club based in Hartlepool organised by the Rifty Youth Project.



Research Proposal -
Sexual Exploitation 

Arch North East and Barefoot Research and Evaluation (BRE) would like to conduct research into the characteristics of purchasers of sex and the perpetrators of sexual exploitation across the area. A better understanding will both help to improve how existing services to victims could be improved and look into the possibility of developing new services aimed at preventing sexual violence from happening.

The research will enables partners across Cleveland to: 

  • Gain an understanding of the characteristics of purchasers of sex and perpetrators of exploitation, including what motivates them; their means of access; and the locations of operation;
  • Identify points of intervention to disrupt, ‘treat’ or manage purchasers and perpetrators on micro and macro levels to prevent future victimisation.

It is expected that the research fieldwork will be complete by December 2016 / January 2017 with a final report expected February 2017.

To provide a funding contribution of £4,905 to Barefoot Research in support of the research proposal ‘Who are purchasers of sex and the perpetrators of sexual exploitation?’



North East Retail
Crime Partnership Funding (NERCP)

The NERCP has been in operation for 18 years and liaises closely with Cleveland Police to deliver the following development, services and initiatives:

- NERCP Forums - a platform for Police and Retailers operating in Cleveland to problem solve at a strategic level to ensure retail crime is managed effectively and confidence is built and sustained from both.

- Information & Intelligence Sharing - identification and tracking of local, regional and national travelling offenders and trends, forewarning retailers and police of their activity, reducing crime and disorder

- Restorative Justice (RJ) - the delivery and development of force wide RJ panels for prolific retail offenders and retail victims.

- Retail Crime Initiatives - the identification and delivery of intelligence led initiatives and campaigns aimed at raising the awareness of retailers, police and the general public e.g. Counterfeit money, purse dipping, seasonal campaigns.

- Training - the development and delivery of specialised Retail-Crime Awareness Training for retailers, police and local schemes.

- Retail Crime Conference - an annual event which brings the NERCP network together to share information and expertise and recognise the excellent work being done in the region.

- Divert young people from retail crime – supports NERCP’s sister Youth & Community programme to deliver the #Shopwise programme in the Cleveland area.

To agree £7,000 of funding to support the continuation of NERCP activity within the Cleveland area.



Health & Wellbeing
weekend for Family Liaison Officers within CDSOU

Irwin Mitchell solicitors have donated £1500 specifically for Family Liaison Officers within Road Policing Unit to attend a Health & Wellbeing weekend. Attached is a copy of the letter sent from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors outlining any conditions.

The PCC is asked to accept the donation of £1,500 and provide the funds to the Force to pay for the attendance of officers within the Road Policing Unit on the Health and Wellbeing course.



Electrical Engineering -
Planned and Reactive Maintenance 

The PCC is asked to approve the procurement methods used and award the contract to Maval Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Co Ltd for 3 years with option to extend for 2 x 1 year periods.

The cost of this contract would be £233,666.31 over the initial term of the contract, but Maval have recommended carrying out a review to look at cost savings in relation to energy efficiency and areas of buildings that are unoccupied but still require maintenance to the legal electrical requirements.




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