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Decisions of the PCC - July 2016

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible



DECISION TITLE                         




Local Policing Review
Additional Vehicles

The Force has undertaken three reviews of local policing functions; neighbourhood policing, Incident Resolution Teams (IRT) and Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP). Part of the implementation will be a change to a more efficient shift pattern that sees more officers working at times that match demand.  In order to maximise the use of resources it is essential that there are sufficient vehicles available for the officers that are on duty and it was a specific recommendation within the PVP review that PVP should move away from the use of personal vehicles to an increased use of the fleet.

As reported in the Long term Financial Plan, a fleet review was to be undertaken in February to underpin the new ways of working as set out in the Local Policing Reviews. It was anticipated that this would require an increase in the size of the fleet to deliver the new ways of working.

The review has been undertaken and there is a requirement for an increase of 69 vehicles in the Local Policing Fleet. However, by reallocating existing vehicles and re-phasing the fleet replacement programme, this is reduced to a requirement to purchase 43 additional vehicles in 2016/17 at a cost of £454k. There may be some additional costs in future years but this will be mitigated through revising the criteria for vehicle replacement and effectively getting more from the existing fleet. The increased annual overall revenue cost of the additional vehicles is approximately £200k. This will be offset by savings of £100k in essential car user allowances leaving a net increase of £100k. Provision has been made for this in the LTFP.

Approval of £454k capital to purchase 43 additional vehicles to underpin delivery of the Local Policing Reviews.



Preferred Candidate for Chief Constable of Cleveland Police

I have today (24 June 2016) completed the process for selecting my preferred candidate for appointment as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.

I have selected Iain Spittal.

I will be asking the Police & Crime Panel to confirm the appointment of Mr Spittal, at a hearing on 6 July 2016.

The decision to recommend the appointment was made by a panel chaired by me. The Panel members were the former Chief Constable of West Midlands Chris Sims (acting as my policing advisor), Stockton Council Chief Executive Neil Schneider (in the capacity of independent member representing partner organisations) Denise Curtis-Haigh (Head of People & Diversity for Cleveland Police) and my Chief Executive Simon Dennis.

 As Police & Crime Commissioner I was also advised as part of the process, by a full stakeholder panel, including representatives of the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner; the community Independent Advisory Group; Show Racism the Red Card; UNISON, the Police Federation and Superintendents’ Association; the Community Rehabilitation Company; the Victim Care and Advice Service; and the Joint Cleveland Independent Audit Committee.

 Mr Spittal was the sole candidate for appointment and set out a strong portfolio of responses to questions posed to him by the Panels, testing his suitability for appointment across the following key personal and professional qualities

  • Serving the Public
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Leading the Workforce
  • Managing Performance
  • Professionalism
  • Decision Making
  • Working with Others

Mr Spittal also expressed a strong personal core motivation to devote himself to providing the best possible policing services to the communities of Cleveland as well as ensuring that Cleveland’s interests are well served in the regional and national policing context.

I will be commending his appointment to the Police & Crime Panel and subject to their approval, will look to appoint Mr Spittal to the role for a term of up to four years. Subject to the Panel’s approval, I intend to exercise the discretion available to me under Home Officer Circular 25/2012 which permits a Police & Crime Commissioner upon appointment of a candidate, to vary the rate set by the government for the Chief Constable’s salary by up to ten percent. The salary I intend to offer is therefore £150,846.30 per annum. My rationale for extending this offer to the candidate is as follows:

  • The candidate has shown outstanding merit in the course of the      rigorous application procedure and amply commanded the confidence of my      advisory stakeholder panel;
  • Deliver outstanding police services to the communities of Cleveland       over the next four years;
  • Deliver the policing objectives set by my Police & Crime Plan       across the four-year life-cycle of the Plan
  • Successfully implement the ‘Towards 2020’ vision and plan for       Cleveland Police
  • Drive forward the key programme of organisation development under       the ‘Everyone Matters’ banner.
  • I am satisfied that it is vital that Cleveland Police should have      outstanding and stable leadership in any event and in order to

Mr Spittal has indicated to me that he is committed to the delivery of these key strategic aims notwithstanding his eligibility to retire from policing in autumn 2016.

With all of this in mind Mr Spittal has left me in no doubt as to his commitment to driving forward transformational change for the benefit of the communities of Cleveland and I am satisfied that it is appropriate to recognise and reflect this commitment in the remuneration to be offered to the candidate. 

To select Iain Spittal as preferred candidate for appointment as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.



Appointment of Iain Spittal as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police  

 Pursuant to the unanimous approval of the Police & Crime Panel at the confirmation hearing held on 7 July 2016, I appoint Iain Spittal as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.

To appoint Iain Spittal as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.



Data Centre Cloud Services

Cleveland Police currently have a physical data centre at Police HQ which consists of server racks which hold all of they key applications and software required to operate the Force.

In 2018, the current Police HQ will be sold and staff and equipment will move to the new Community Safety Hub (CSH). As part of the scoping exercise for which teams and equipment will move to the CSH, it was identified that the costs to build a like for like physical data centre including equipment at the new CSH were significant and therefore alternative options were investigated.

Cloud Hosting Data Centre Services were identified as a possible solution to reduce the size of the physical data centre within the CSH. This solution enables applications to be hosted off-site in a secure data centre run by a third party supplier.

A full EU tender using open procedure was carried out and the most economically advantageous tender is being recommended to be awarded the contract.

The PCC is asked to approve the procurement methods used and award the contract to Bidder 1 for 3 years within an optional 1 year extension.



Society for the Promotion and Advancement of Romany Culture (SPARC) Funding

SPARC are a Gypsy and Traveller community-based Charity working in the Tees Valley area with the aim of helping Gypsy and Travellers to access mainstream services by working with both Gypsies and Travellers and mainstream services and strategic bodies. The organisation’s key objective is to “promote equality and diversity for the public benefit by:

a)      Promoting activities to foster understanding between people from diverse backgrounds in particular by promoting stronger ties between the Romany and Traveller communities and the wider public

b)      Advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity in particular by promoting understanding of the history and culture of Romany and Traveller communities 

Funding will be used to increase engagement between the Police and other Criminal Justice Agencies and Gypsy and Traveller communities.

To agree £15,000 funding from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives Fund to enable SPARC to deliver:

  • Increased engagement between the Police and PCC Office and the travelling communities.
  • Provision of awareness-raising sessions with CJS agencies to increase awareness of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller culture.
  • Improvement in relationships between the Travelling communities and CJS agencies at an early stage by organising visits for children from the community to Cleveland Police. This will break down barriers at a young age and increase awareness on both sides.
  • Further promote SPARC’s services within the travelling communities leading to further increases in service usage from those communities and a breaking down of barriers.


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