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Decisions of the PCC - November 2016

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible







Road Safety Initiatives

The PCC has a contract in place with Hartlepool Council who manages the National Driver Offender Re-Training Scheme (NDORS) within Cleveland. Unlike many commercial organisations Hartlepool Council deliver this contract on a not-for-profit basis and in doing so provide funds back to the PCC to invest in Road Safety Initiatives.

In line with the governance arranagements put in place by the PCC the Cleveland Road Safety Partnership then assess any bids for this funding before recommending to the PCC those that they support and believe will help with Road Safety.

The PCC has received 3 bids that have support from the Road Safety Partnership for approval as follows:

  • Replacement of 2 Camera Enforcement Vehicles - £59,000

  • Drive 4 Life Project - £15,000

  • Young DriverVirtual Reality Fatal Four Project - £15,000

The PCC is asked to approve the release of £89,000
from the Road Safety Fund to support the three schemes referenced within the
Executive Summary.



Mutual Aid 2016/17

The force has supported a number of Mutual Aid deployments between Apr 2016 - October 2016 which were not part of the budget set at the start of the year. In line with national guidelines the provision of Mutual Aid is charged to the Force to whom the Mutual Aid is being provided.

The Force has incurred expenditure, that was not provided for when setting the 2016-17 budget in providing Mutual Aid, of £48,825. The total amount to be reimbursed to Cleveland for providing these services is £66,004, which takes into account the full costs, in line with national charging agreements, of the services provided.

 The Mutual Aid deployments have been as follows:

  • Sporting Event - Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff - South Yorkshire Police (£9,117)

  • Operational Support - Operation Quarry - South Yorkshire Police (£2,995)

  • Protest/March - Operation Quake - South Yorkshire Police (£8,284)

  • Sporting Event - Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds (£6,524)

  • Sporting Event - Hull City v Manchester United (£11,475)

  • Protest/March - Operation Kinic (£3,644)

  • Operational Support - Operation Jestbook (£6,786)

The Force are therefore requesting the release of £48,825, from the income to be recevied by the PCC, to pay for the additional costs that they have incurred in providing this Mutual Aid. This will result in an increase in the budget available to the Chief Constable of £48,825 which will in turn ensure that the provision of Mutual Aid has not reduced the funding available to the Chief Constable for Policing within Cleveland.

The 'over-recovery' of income of £17,179 will lead to an underspend during 2016/17 and will be made available to support future financial plans.

The PCC is asked to increase the budget of the Force by £48,825 from the income recevied/receivable from the provision of Mutual Aid to other Force areas. This will ensure that the funding available to the Chief Constable for Policing in Cleveland has not reduced as a result of the provision of Mutual Aid to other areas of the country.



Disclosure Team
Staff Overtime

The Disclosure Team is funded from recharging the Disclosure Barring Service for the employment of agreed resources within Cleveland. Based on workload there is sometime the need to work overtime within the team, which while not within the original budget, is recovered in the same way. The PCC is therefore being asked to provide this additional income to the Force to cover the additional costs incurred in providing this service.

The PCC is asked to increase the budget of the Force by £14,000 from the income received/receivable from the Disclosure Barring Service. This will ensure that the funding provided to the Chief Constable, for Policing in Cleveland, is not impacted as a result of the provision of this service. The PCC is asked to agree to release £14,000 of funding from DBS into the revenue budget within Professional Standards to cover the costs of the Disclosure Team.



Cloud Data Centre
WAN Links

The Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland (PCC) has already selected a partner to host a Cloud IaaS Platform with the partner deploying services in two defined Data Centres.

Procurement and the Cloud Data Centre Project Team worked together to compile a specification that detailed the following main points; each Data Centre required a non-resilient WAN Link to be deployed.  The WAN Link will be capable of 10G but deployed as 1G on day one of the service, the size of the link may be increased as workloads are better understood.  These links will also be migrated to the new Community Safety Hub (CSH) when completed.

A tender process was carried out a few months ago to award the WAN Rationalisation Contract; provider is BT and investigation has been carried out to add the two new links to this contract.

Indicative costs from BT were exceptionally high and therefore the decision was taken to carry out a further mini competition for these two links in an effort to reduce the costs.

Crown Commercial Services have a Network Services Framework RM1045 which enables a compliant route to market. Using such a Framework reduces the procurement costs and also reduces the timescales in the tendering process as suppliers on the Framework are already commercially compliant. Lot 1 – Data Access Services was chosen and a mini competition was carried out with all 26 suppliers within this Lot. 

 The PCC is asked to approve the procurement methods used and award the contract to Bidder 2 for 3 years with an optional 1 year extension.



Cleveland Fire Brigade
Thornaby Collaboration

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire Brigade the joint Collaborative Development Working Group (CDWG) has been exploring the proposal for the Thornaby neighbourhood policing team to share accommodation with the Fire Brigade with a view to both retaining a local presence and reducing costs.

The Brigade is planning a new Fire Station at Thornaby that will become operational in July 2017** and are currently at contract award stage. They have invited the Force to consider developing this as a joint facility that would replace the existing Thornaby Police Station. There are no proposed changes to the services provided from Thornaby Police Station, this is purely to upgrade the accommodation, save money and work more collaboratively with partners. 

This is in line with the approved Estates Blueprint that plans for the closure of Thornaby Police Station in 2017 and the relocation of the neighbourhood policing team to public sector partner accommodation as the current Police Station requires major investment to bring the accommodation up to standard, in line with other Police premises

The proposal is that we co-locate the Thornaby neighbourhood policing team into the new fire station as their permanent base. The design drawings show that there is 70m2 of accommodation being offered to Cleveland Police.

The design has been reviewed and approved by both senior Police operational command leads and the Information Security Manager.

In terms of Thornaby the collaborative opportunity with the Fire Brigade secures high quality accommodation that is very closely located (0.3 miles) to our existing Police base.

In addition to the allocated office accommodation, Cleveland Fire Brigade have agreed that the neighbourhood policing team would have full access to the canteen/dining area, gymnasium, shower facilities and meeting rooms at no additional charge. Adequate parking for both operational and personal vehicles will also be provided.

The estimated costs per square metre have been validated by the Fire Brigades independent construction consultants and have been subjected to a competitive tender exercise.

Following the re-location of the Thornaby neighbourhood policing team into the proposed new Thornaby Fire Station, Cleveland Police would be able to dispose of Thornaby Police Station valued at £225,000. These premises have a current annual revenue maintenance budget of £35,000 and a maintenance backlog of £60,000, over the next 10 years.

Cleveland Fire Brigade has asked for a one off capital contribution of £139,266 plus an annual percentage of revenue contribution for utilities, cleaning and life cycle costings.

Although the extent of this revenue contribution has yet to be clarified, the size of the new accommodation is approximately 15% of the Police existing station which would, on a pro-rata basis, equate to an annual revenue contribution of £5,250.

Cleveland Police would also need to budget for furniture, fixtures and equipment to cover items such as ICT, desks, chairs, projectors, display screen and lockers. This is estimated to be £15,000.

The PCC is asked to approve a collaborative approach with Cleveland Fire Brigade, for the use of their new Thornaby facility and the subsequent sale of the current Thornaby Police Station. There is no proposed change to the services provided from the move. This will enable the release of Thornaby Police Station from the PCC’s estates portfolio, generating savings of:

Estimate Capital Receipt from sale of the Police Station:                    £225,000

Revenue maintenance budget savings:                                               £35,000

Maintenance backlog for Thornaby Police Station for next 10 yrs.:     £60,000



Proposal for a 40 year
‘licence to occupy’ agreement for the Fire Service’s LDC

The sale of Ladgate Lane HQ and the recently re-designed new Community Safety Hub has created a requirement to relocate a number of services across the ‘police’ estate to make best use of existing resources and provide value for money.  Services currently based at Ladgate Lane Police HQ and not transferring to the new Community Safety Hub include

  • Training
  • Professional Standards
  • Stores
  • Digital Imaging
  • ICT (limited space allocated within CSH)
  • Specialist Support and Football Operations Unit
  • Cold Case review teams
  • Legal archive store.

However, Cleveland Police has insufficient suitable accommodation to accommodate all the above services.  The biggest challenge being a location for Training, which has three separate training functions.  These are currently based at Ladgate Lane HQ (Classrooms); Kirkleatham HQ (new recruit training) and leased premises (Personal Safety Training (PST)).

Cleveland Fire Brigade will vacate their LDC, in Grangetown, in July 2017 and have offered the use of these premises to Cleveland Police on a rent free basis.  This provides an opportunity for Cleveland Police to consolidate its three training functions into a single location. The agreement is based on the provision that Cleveland Fire Brigade will own the premises and that Cleveland Police will take responsibility for the buildings management and maintenance.   

 Based on current usage, the LDC running costs are estimated at £144,000 per annum.  The non- payment of rent for use of the LDC will generate savings, based on current market rates, estimated to be in the region of £300,000 per annum.




** Please note: The collaboration with the Cleveland Fire Service in Thornaby is now estimated to become operational in January 2018, rather than July 2017.

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