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Decisions of the PCC - October 2016

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable this will be updated as soon as possible 






Language Services 

The current contract for the provision of Language Services, which includes the provision of Face to Face Interpreting and Translation Services, British Sign Language service and telephone Interpreting services comes to an end in November 2016.

A procurement assessment has been undertaken to provide these services going forward that will deliver both quality services and value for money. Based on this work the PCC is asked to award contracts in line with the decision below and supported by the report attached to this form.

The PCC is asked to approve the procurement methods used and approve a direct award to:

ITL North East via the CCS RM1092 Framework for Face to Face Interpreting and Translation Services.

ITL North East via the ESPO Framework for British Sign Language.

The Big Word via the CCS RM1092 Framework for Telephone Services.

The cost of this contract would be £60,447 per annum or £241,789 over the 4 year term based on 2015/16 volumes and spend.



Safer Communities Project

Teesside Athletic FC Ltd received funding from Tees Valley Community Foundation to run a 10 week pilot project called ‘Spot at your Door’. The scheme ran in areas of high unemployment and deprivation and engaged over 120 young people every week. When the scheme ended 40 youngsters asked for a drop in facility to be provided.

Teesside Athletic requested funding for their Safer Communities project. The funding will be used to set up a drop in centre based at Redcar Athletic FC for 1 year for 40 youngsters from the most deprived wards of Redcar & Cleveland to attend twice a week. Activities that will be provided are IT training, sports courses, healthy living resources and training and employment opportunities. 10 people from the group will be selected to attend a Level 1 coaching course and these 10 youngsters will be tasked with setting up further estate based sports sessions.  

An application for £5,800 was sent to the PCC for furnishing the drop in centre, IT equipment, x10 Level 1 coaching course and learning and publicity materials. The PCC has agreed to fund £3,000 towards the Level 1 coaching course and learning resources and publicity. Teesside Athletic has also secured funding from Awards for All for the project.  

To contribute £3,000 from the PCCs Community Safety Fund to support the delivery of sessions for young people delivered by Teesside Athletic FC Ltd.



Helping Elderly Regain
Outside-space (HERO-s)

Owton Fens Community Association (OFCA) was established in 1985 by local people to build the capacity of disadvantaged communities, groups and individuals throughout Hartlepool, through the provision of local accessible resources, support, education, advice and information.

Funding was requested to enable the Association to provide a pilot social action gardening project called Helping Elderly Regain Outside-space (HERO-s). The project will use 20 young volunteers who are at risk of offending and community mentors to tidy up elderly and other vulnerable people’s gardens so that they can enjoy their gardens and have a better quality life. This will create opportunities for young people to increase their employability and break down barriers between age groups. 

The social action project will be coordinated by a team of three paid officers within the organisation, which consists of a manager who will recruit young people and monitor the project reporting back to the committee and partners, an enterprise officer who will project manage the scheme linking with the partners and clients and developing a work programme for young people and community mentors who will record outcomes and assist young people with job search.

The Association applied for £4,681 for gardening equipment, (4x lawnmowers, 4x strimmers, 2x wheelbarrows and 2x Lawn rakes) protective clothing (PPE Equipment, boots, gloves, hard hats, trousers and high viz clothing) and running costs for strimmer cord and petrol.

The PCC will arrange to visit the HERO’s project in due course. The project supports the PCC’s priority of securing the future of our communities.  

To approve £4,681 spend from the Community Safety Initiative Fund for the HERO-s project delivered by Owton Fens Community Association.



Teesside University Students’
Union - Crime Prevention Equipment

Approximately 3000 students live in rented accommodation in the vicinity of the University, in including Ayresome, Central, Newport, Linthorpe, Park and Gresham Wards. Students living in these areas are often living away from their family home for the first time. As such they are adjusting to living independently and are not always as aware of personal safety and security issues and actions they can take to reduce risks.

The Students’ Union have applied to the Community Safety Fund to purchase security equipment to distribute to students. The Students’ Union initially requested £6,321.00 for the equipment. Following the request a member of the Community Prevention Team met with the Students’ Union to advise which products would be most suitable for the students resulting in the PCC Office ordering the equipment for £2,943.50 and delivering the the University.

The equipment that was purchased included bag hangers, personal safety alarms, bike locks and other covert equipment. The Security department at the University will be specially targeting students who have a bike and don’t use a lock.

This request supports the PCC’s priorities of working together to make Cleveland safer and a better deal for victims.

To approve £2,943.50 spend from the Community Safety Initiatives Fund for Crime Prevention Equipment for Teesside University Students’ Union to distribute to students.



Applications from
funding meeting on
10 August 2016

The PCC funding meeting considered four applications which were not supported following the funding approvals meeting on 10 August 2016.  

The first application was a request for funding for the purchase of IT equipment. This was declined due to there being an insufficient direct outcome relating to any of the five PCC priorities.

The second application was funding to employ an LGBT Hate Crime worker to develop a dedicated LGBT hate crime service within Teesside. This was not supported as it was agreed that the PCC should not be responsible for funding towards this post.

The third project was a request for funding from a Secondary School towards activities for young people and their families during the school holidays and evenings. This was declined as the PCC funding would have only been used to fund activities and days out and therefore didn’t directly link in to any of the five PCC priorities.

The fourth application was from a national charity that provides support to young victims and families of crime. Funding was requested to deliver therapy sessions and direct emotional and practical support. This was not supported as the PCC’s new Victim Services Referral Service recently launched and the Office of the PCC are currently working closely with the service provider to identify any gaps in service and to identify areas of development, therefore at this stage it was felt the PCC could not support the application.

The PCC to note declined applications following funding approvals meeting on 10 August 2016.



#Shop-Wise Project

The #Shop-Wise Project is an initiative developed by Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (NCAC) incorporating the North East Retail Crime Partnership and Youth and Community Programmes which is aimed at engaging young people on the subject of retail crime.

NCAC have delivered 32 sessions in Middlesbrough and Redcar & Cleveland and have requested £7,500 funding to develop the project further building on success to deliver 55 sessions (reaching approximately 1650 pupils). The sessions will be extended into Hartlepool, and Stockton as well as NCAC delivering sessions in schools in Redcar and Cleveland and Middlesbrough. #Shop-Wise brings together NCACs work with retailers and children/young people, building on previous projects, delivering an innovative programme of retail theft prevention.

The #Shop-Wise Project supports the PCCs priorities of tackling re-offending and working together to make Cleveland safer.

To approve £7,500 spend from the Community Safety Initiative Fund for the #Shop-Wise project delivered by Northumbria Coalition Against Crime.



The Kicks Programme

Middlesbrough Football Club Foundation launched Kick’s in 2006. Kicks is much more than a football and sports development programme, a huge variety of sports, music, arts, and social personal development workshops are provided at projects by a range of delivery partners.

The programme has significantly exceeded all of its growth targets. Last year Middlesbrough Football Club and their partners engaged over 400 young people, at 10 projects, located in 7 different wards within Middlesbrough. Each participant had been engaged for an average of over 60 hours and a total of 120 hours aggregate contact hours had been delivered.

The MFC Foundation requested PCC funding to roll their programme out to another 3 other wards across Middlesbrough. Across the venues 3 hours of activities per week will be delivered. During the 3 hours the first hour will consist of a mini-kicks session aimed at 8-13 year olds and the two hours following this will consist of a kicks session aimed at 14-19 year olds. The programme benefits young people aged 8-19 within each of these wards as their provided with structured weekly activities which will benefit their own fitness, health and wellbeing as well as targeting key skills such as literacy and numeracy through the alternative curriculum. There is also an opportunity for the young people to receive an accreditation for football coaching.

This decision was made on 21st July 2015 and following an audit this Decision Record Form has been drafted retrospectively for completeness.

 To agree £11,800 funding from the PCC Community Safety Initiatives Fund to enable MFC Foundation to deliver 9 hours of activities per week in addition to hours currently delivered across their other Kicks venues.



Kidz Konnekt

Kidz Konnekt is a charity which was set up in 2004 to provide services, support and opportunities for young people under 25 in Redcar & Cleveland.They work in the borough’s most deprived areas, where levels of multiple deprivation, poor health, low education attainment and high levels of anti-social and risk taking behaviour can impact significantly on young people’s lives.

They currently provide targeted youth support through a range of activities and work in partnership with schools, other voluntary organisations and the statutory youth services.

Kidz Konnekt was successful in gaining funding from the PCC last financial year. They have requested funding this financial year to continue to support the delivery of a programme of activities and services targeted at young people under the age of 25 in the Redcar & Cleveland area.

This initiative supports the PCC’s priorities of tackling re-offending and securing the future of our communities.

To approve funding of £20,870 from the Community Safety Initiative Fund to continue to support the delivery of a programme of activities and services targeted at young people under the age of 25 in the Redcar & Cleveland area. Further details are available in the grant agreement.



The Right Hook

Redcar Development Trust (RDT) is a small local charity which hosts Redcar Amateur Boxing Club (RABC).

RDT has three key objectives: 1. To help local residents overcome disadvantage and support them in becoming good citizens; 2. To help local people access meaningful employment and educational opportunities that set them on a positive life pathway; 3. To provide support for local community groups and individuals that are in turn providing opportunities to improve quality of life.

As well as offering opportunities for individuals to improve boxing skills, the Club (with the support of England Boxing, Tees Valley County Sports Partnership, Redcar and Cleveland Council) also reaches out to disadvantaged and excluded young people, teaching them how to become good citizens, instilling a work ethic, encouraging community pride and respect and offering access via RDT to volunteering, training and employment opportunities. 

The Right Hook project supports the PCCs priorities of tackling re-offending, working together to make Cleveland safer and securing the future of our communities.

To approve £10,000 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiative Fund to Redcar Development Trust to:

  • Deliver 500 hours of coaching support in 4 outreach locations to be determined with input from Cleveland Police and Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.
  • Deliver 6 mobile boxing ring (one per month) in a ‘deprived ward estate’ to be agreed with Cleveland Police and Cleveland Fire Service.
  • Engage 500 young people over a 6 month period.
  • Offer 50 subsidised 3-month membership passes to Redcar Amateur Boxing Club for young people to continue engagement with the sport.
  • Signpost 35 young people to volunteering and skills development opportunities at RDT.
  • Encourage 10 coaching qualifications (with Tees Valley Sport and England Boxing).

Produce an informative evaluation report highlighting lessons learnt and future steps.



Hemlington LINX
Detached Youth
Work Programme

Hemlington LINX Project delivers detached and centre-based services to disadvantaged, disengaged and, often, highly disaffected children and young people who live in one of the country’s most deprived areas. 

Using a targeted approach to engage the hardest-to-reach and marginalised young people, the project provides a comprehensive service for 10 to 25 year olds.  Once engaged, there is access to diverse additional support, structured to help young people improve their immediate and future life prospects and to increase their ability to avoid or end risky life styles.

Hemlington LINX was successful in gaining PCC funding last financial year and would like to continue to run evening youth club sessions and targeted workshops.

The LINX programme supports numerous PCC’s priorities which include a better deal for victims, tackling reoffending, working together to make Cleveland safer and securing the future of our communities.



Street League

Street League’s delivers a combined sport and employability programme helping disadvantaged young people to achieve sustained employment outcomes. They achieve this through a football and employability ‘Academy’ programme that helps young, unemployed people aged 16-24 progress into work, education or training.

Street League has requested funding towards their Academy programme in Middlesbrough for two years (September 2016–September 2018) where they will engage with 192 unemployed young people aged 16-24 and aim to progress 112 into an employment outcome. The programme will run from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Thursday at The Southlands Centre in Middlesbrough. The Academy consists of a Coach who delivers the sport aspects of the Academy, the Progressions Coordinator, who delivers the employability curriculum and is overseen by the Operations Manager. 

The young people will take part in football activities as well as undertaking employability support which will be provided, including, focusing on CV design, job searching and interview techniques with mock interviews with corporate supporters. Street League provide young people with appropriate sports kit/smart clothing and travel costs so that they can engage in all activities. Street League supported 48 unemployed young people into an employment outcome.

The PCC has awarded £18,013.50 from the Community Safety Initiative Fund for two years (September 2016-September 2018) for a quarter of the costs of the Youth and Community Coach, venue hire and sports kit and formal wear. Street League have also secured funding from other trusts and foundations.

To approve £18,013.50 spend from the PCC Community Safety Initiative Fund for two years for Street League’s football and employability Academy programme.



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