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Decisions of the PCC - June 2017

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible.

Decisions of the PCC - June 2017
Decision Ref No. Decision Title Decision Summary Date Approved 
 2017-36248 Mechanical Maintenance Contract

Following an EU Procurement Exercise in 2012, the Policy and Resources Panel approved the award of a five year contract for Mechanical Maintenance from April 2012.

During the term of the contract, the Estate has changed and the contract has flexed with these changes.

The current contract for Mechanical maintenance expires on 20th July 2017.

A review of the specification has been carried out to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the organisation and will offer value for money. This review has been carried out in conjunction with Estates.

In order to ensure that a new contract has the ability to flex with the changing estate, (particularly with the introduction of the Learning and Development Centre in Grangetown and relocation from Police HQ to the new Community Safety Hub), the specification review ensured that it included a property ‘drop in – drop out’ clause.

The contract term advertised is a 3 year contract with an option to extend for a further 2 years.

Three organisations submitted a response by the closing date of 12 Noon on 2nd May 2017.

The evaluation team, evaluated the three bids in line with the evaluation criteria, as per the table below:

Bidder   1: 82%

Bidder   2: 61%

Bidder 3: 0% (Please Note - Bidder 3 did not submit the requisite completed Tender Questionnaire or Pricing and so could not be evaluated).

The procurement process has been completed in line with European legislation.

The evaluation has been conducted in a fair, comprehensive, thorough and transparent process.

The ITT submission of Bidder 1 has fully met the specification required by Cleveland Police for the Mechanical Maintenance.

The evaluation team are fully confident that the procurement process achieved the best value for money and the new contract will provide an efficient, responsive and cost effective service.

Subject to approval, the new contract is due to commence on 21st July 2017.

2017-36336  Emegergency Boarding and
Glazing Services Contract 

The Emergency Boarding and Glazing contract provides boarding and glazing services to properties which are insecure as a result of a crime. This service also includes when a warrant has been issued and a door/window has been put through as a way of gaining access to a property.

An open tender has been carried out as per the Public Procurement Regulations 2015. An open tender is a competitive exercise whereby a tender is advertised and all bidders expressing an interest can access the tender documentation and submit a bid.

The successful bidder will be due to commence work on behalf of named forces within the Tender from the 1st July 2017 and will be at an average cost of £120,150 per annum as outlined within the appendix.

The appendix to this decision record form contains full details of the procurement process and outcome.

2017-36879 Funding - Arch

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) are victim-focussed advocates who work with victims of serious sexual crimes to enable them to access services they need in the aftermath of the abuse they have experienced and to support them throughout the criminal justice process as necessary.

The purpose of this decision is to award funding to Arch North East to enable the continuation of a full time ISVA post that provides a crucial high quality support service to victims across Middlesbrough, Stockton and Hartlepool areas of Cleveland.

2017-36880 Funding - EVA

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) are victim-focussed advocates who work with victims of serious sexual crimes to enable them to access services they need in the aftermath of the abuse they have experienced and to support them throughout the criminal justice process as necessary.

The purpose of this decision is to award grant funding to Eva Women’s Aid to part-fund an ISVA post that provides a crucial high quality support service to victims across the Redcar area.

2017-36881 January 2017 - Anti-Social
Behaviour Support Provision

The Crime and Disorder Act (1998) defines Anti-Social Behaviour as 'Acting in a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more person not of the same household as the perpetrator'.

It can also be defined as:

a) Conduct that has caused, or is likely to cause, harassment, alarm or distress to a person;

b) Conduct capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to a person in relation to that person’s occupation or residential premises or;

c) Conduct capable of causing housing-related nuisance or annoyance to any person.

Although much is done across the Cleveland area to support our most vulnerable victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) due to the strong partnership links that currently exist, a gap in provision in terms of direct support for victims of ASB where there are no associated crimes or where the main reason for referral is due to the impact of ASB. Local agencies including councils, housing providers and community police teams currently provide low level support to victims, although this differs across areas and is provided in the context of dual role which encompasses both the support and investigation of cases. Although this enables low level support to be provided, those identified as high risk and/or particularly vulnerable are not receiving more comprehensive tailored support that will assist in their ability to cope and recover.

This decision record form is therefore to approve additional funding to the Victim Care and Advice Service (VCAS) to increase capacity by recruiting two additional Victim Care Officers to enable these victims to be appropriately supported. Further information relating to this decision can be found in the attached report.

2017-36892 Funding - RCVDA Volunteer

The Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency (RCVDA) Volunteer Awards is an annual event which acknowledges the invaluable contribution their volunteers make to the borough of Redcar & Cleveland. As part of the awards RCVDA highlight the significant impact made by individuals and groups to their community.

The PCC has been asked to sponsor the Community Champion Award this year.  This sponsorship contributes to the cost of trophies, venue, catering, and publicity.  In addition the PCC will be invited to attend the event and present the Community Champion Award.

The Awards supports the PCC’s objective of Securing the Future of Our Communities.

2017-36893 Funding - Nagar Kirtan 2017

The Sikh Temple Community Teesside are hosting the Sikh festival 'Nagar Kirtan' in Middlesbrough in Centre Square on 23 July 2017. Nagar Kirtan is a Punjabi term which means "Neighbourhood Kirtan". "Kirtan" is a term describing the singing of Shabads (divine hymns). The term refers to the procession of Sikh Sangat (congregation) through the town singing holy hymns and giving out free food to the community.

The family fun day will commence with a procession from the Sikh Temple to Centre Square at 10.00am. During the procession there will be music and singing of the Sikh Holy Scriptures. The event in Centre Square will start at 12pm and there will be speeches by key community leaders followed by a free lunch (langer) provided by the Sikh Community to all those who attend. Other attractions in the Square include information stalls about education, training and community safety and martial art displays.

The Sikh Temple requested £5,000 however, a £2,400 contribution towards the event was agreed by the PCC for external traffic management, stage hire and construction and a public announcement system. 

This decision supports the PCC’s priority of Securing the Future of our Communities.

2017-36896 Funding - National Ugly Mugs
(NUM) Contribution 2017/18

 National Ugly Mugs (NUM) is a national organisation which provides greater access to justice and protection for sex workers who are often targeted by dangerous individuals but are frequently reluctant to report these incidents to the police.  These offenders are often serial sexual predators who pose a huge risk to the public as a whole.

In Cleveland, specialist service providers proactively raise awareness and promote the use of NUM and sex workers are encouraged to make use of the system should they be victim of any violent incidents. The sharing of this information is vital in terms of individual’s safety and the wider intelligence picture that can be generated.

The PCC has been asked to make a contribution from Cleveland as other PCCs have for their area.

The initiative supports a number of the PCCs priorities including, A Better Deal for Victims and Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer. 

2017-36897 Funding - Street Angels 2017

The Cleveland Street Angels Coordinators Group is a collaboration of all 5 Street Angels projects operating in the Cleveland area (Boro Angels, Hartlepool Town Pastors, Guisborough Nightlight, Stockton Town Pastors, Redcar Beacons). Each of the projects are independent but affiliated to the national Christian Nightlife Initiatives (CNI) charity, and the group is administrated under its guidance. The projects provide a caring presence in Town Centres on Friday &/or Saturday nights during the 'night time economy' period when members of the public may become vulnerable and in need of help.

Cleveland Street Angels have applied for funding for a £2,000 contribution towards their Regional Street Angels Conference on 29th June 2017 to which 15 regional projects are attending. They have also requested £3,000 to contribute towards the continued running costs of each of the 5 local projects. The running costs include insurances, premises rent, volunteer training, clothing and equipment and supplies such as first aid, bottled water and flipflops.

2017-36898 Funding - CCTV - RDA Unicorn

The RDA Unicorn Centre is a purpose built riding for the disabled facility which offers riding therapy and learning and training opportunities for over 200 disabled adults and children from the Tees Valley area each week. Opened in 1998 the Centre has become an established part of the local community, with a strong contingent of about 100 local volunteers assisting with riding lessons each week.

In the last year the Unicorn Centre have suffered numerous incidents from horses being attacked and chased, intruders carrying knives and firearms to drug taking. Volunteers at the Centre as well as disabled participants have also been threatened which has caused great distress and concern for their personal safety. The Centre have kept a log of all of the incidents that have occurred there and this was passed onto the PCC.

The Centre have requested £5,069.86 funding from the PCC to upgrade the current CCTV system and add additional cameras. The Centre have also been fortunate to receive £10,000 from a national Foundation for the CCTV.

2017-36899 Unsuccessful Applications
for Funding 2017/18

The PCC funding meeting considered four applications which were not supported following the funding approvals meeting on 3 May 2017.

The first application was a request for funding for the purchase of IT equipment from a Community Association. This was declined as it was felt there wasn't a demand for this equipment. A library was close by in the area where computers could be accessed. 

The second application was from a national charity that works with young people to address local issues within their communities based on the PCC's objectives. This was not supported as the four local authorities within Cleveland are now responsible for youth diversion projects.

The third request was from a local organisation that helps people in supported house. The organisation had asked for funding to build an in house gym. This request was declined due to there being an insufficient direct outcome relating to any of the five PCC priorities. The organisation was encouraged to apply in the future for a project/initiative which would better support the individuals at the Centre.

The fourth application was from a local sports club who had requested funding for CCTV equipment and a security gate. This application was declined, however, details of the Crime Prevention Officers were passed on so crime prevention advice could be given.

2017-36900 Funding - Trans Aware

Trans Aware is a charity that operates in Cleveland providing awareness training sessions and workshops to organisations, community and faith groups to raise awareness and understanding towards Transgender and Non-Binary people.

The charity have requested funding from the PCC to deliver 40 awareness sessions to young people aged 16-17 during their National Citizen Service in August 2017. Funding has also been requested for Trans Aware to deliver an extra 20 sessions for community groups and faith organisations.

This project supports the PCCs objectives of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of our Communities.

2017-36905 Funding Application - Eid
Fusion Festival

The Community Welfare Trust and Friends of Ropner Park with the support of Stockton Borough Council will provide an Eid Festival in Ropner Park in Stockton on Sunday 2nd July 2017.  The event which has been running for four years aims to bring together people from the local communities of Parkfield and Oxbridge and also further afield to celebrate this festival with food, entertainment and most of all a mutual understanding of each others customs and traditions.

This event will include entertainment for families and people of all ages, fairground rides, other attractions and traditional food. There will also be information stalls and the Office of the PCC will be present at the event giving out crime prevention advice and free equipment.

The Stockton Eid Fusion Festival supports the PCC’s priorities of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of our Communities.

2017-36909 Funding Application -
Hartlepool Kicks

 Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation is the charitable arm of Hartlepool United FC and exists both to promote the club in the community and to deliver positive activities to people of all ages and backgrounds. The Hartlepool Kicks programme involves diversionary sports provision run in targeted areas of Hartlepool. Community based evening sessions will use a combination of football, street dance and other activities and run as informal turn up and play sessions, in targeted areas as directed by Cleveland Police, with the aim of engaging young people not already taking part in more formal exercise or organised sport.  The project uses the power of sport to engage with young people. The sports activity helps improve physical and mental wellbeing, together with improving self confidence and team building. Lead coaches are trained in youth work principles and it is key to the project that staff build a rapport with the young people and listen to their needs, so that the activities offered tailor to the needs of the local community. The main aim of the project is to help reduce youth crime and antisocial behaviour by diverting young people into positive activities.

The Hartlepool FC Kicks Project will include the following key deliverables:

•  Informal turn up and play sessions for 11-15 and 16-25 year olds 2 nights a week, in targeted areas, as directed by Cleveland Police.

  • Employability training for young people engaged in the project.

•  Project mentors to establish links to local schools, enabling direct work with the schools to help improve the attendance, attitude, behaviour and attainment of the young people involved in the project.

• Substance misuse awareness and sexual health workshops.

•  Establishment of an Annual FairPlay football tournament with teams taking part from across Cleveland.

•  Establishment of a Leadership Academy to support young people in gaining Sports Leadership qualifications.

Hartlepool United Community Sports Foundation have requested funding from the PCC to establish the Hartlepool FC Kicks Project. The funding provided will contribute to facility hire, qualified sports coaches and youth workers to deliver positive activities and leadership qualifications for 40 young people.

2017-36915 Funding Application -
Emergency Services Fun Day

The Emergency Services Fun Day hosted by the Police, Fire and Ambulance Service is being held on the 16th July 2017 at Coulby Newham Police and Fire Station. The aim of the Fun Day is to bring communities together. Live entertainment, information stalls, a fire demonstration and even a Scenes of Crime Officer tent scene will be available at the event. The Office of the PCC will also be attending with a stall to give crime prevention advice and free equipment.

The PCC has been requested to contribute £220.00 towards the event. The event is sponsored by a number of organisations including the Parkway Centre and Tesco in Coulby Newham.

The Fun Day supports the PCCs objective of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer.

2017-37071 Grove Hill disorder

Rising tensions in the Thorndyke Ave area of Grove Hill, Longlands and Beechwood ward, Middlesbrough have led to Thirteen Group receiving in excess of 6 recent urgent requests to move from the area as residents do not feel safe.

Some issues have and are being reported to agencies but many residents have expressed serious concerns of being targeted if they give information to agencies. Incidents include, assaults, criminal damage to both properties and vehicles, threatening behaviour to residents and agency staff, suspected class A drug dealing, motorbike nuisance, public order disturbances and arson.

Thirteen Group, Police, Fire Brigade and Middlesbrough Borough Council have developed an action plan, where a range of interventions are being employed to help resolve the issues, however it is not felt that these interventions go far enough to address the deep rooted and persistent behaviours that have historically and are continuing to blight this area.

At a recent multi agency Joint Action Group meeting it was agreed that an Anti Ram Pole was required to host CCTV in Thorndyke Avenue in order to gather intelligence to take enforcement action and give residents some protection in reporting incidents, we can then match anonymous reports with dates/times to the footage gathered from the camera.

The cost of this will be £13,000, which includes Anti Vandal Pole, Anti Ram base, Camera- 4G Connection and sim Card and Anti attack alarm on the pole. This will enable footage to be viewed and monitored at Middlesbrough CCTV Centre.

The equipment will be supplied by Vizsec Security Systems who supply and fit all CCTV for Middlesbrough Borough Council.

This is a multi agency solution to an ongoing issues of concerns to community safety partners and local residents, and it is proposed that this is joint funded by the key agencies, with the following agreed contributions:

• Thirteen Group - £3000

• Fire Brigade -  £3000

• Local Authority Area Care - £3000

• Local Authority Community Safety - £500

The PCC will contribute £3000 towards the cost of the equipment.

Donation to NEPACS

NEPACS is a North East charity which has been supporting people affected by imprisonment for over 130 years. They aim to support a positive future for prisoners and their families in the North East of England by providing practical and emotional support.

NEPACS has provided grants for individuals impacted by imprisonment for many decades.  Traditionally this was to fund training courses or tools for a trade and they continue to offer this kind of support. People coming out of prison are faced with an almost impossible challenge as they no longer have recourse to public funds for clothes or household goods to re-establish their lives on the outside.  The £46 discharge grant has not increased in 20 years and so those coming out from prison are increasingly reliant on food banks, clothing banks and charity.  Without immediate support there is an increased likelihood of people offending again.

The Chief Executive of NEPACS is taking part in the Great North Swim and swimming 1 mile across Lake Windermere to raise money for prisoners to be given small grants when coming out of prison. The PCC has made a donation towards NEPACS.

2017-36922 Learning and Development
Centre - Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment

The impending sale of Ladgate Lane HQ and the re-designed Community Safety Hub to match the affordable criteria has created the requirement to house a number of teams and services elsewhere across the Estate.

There is insufficient suitable accommodation within the current Police estate to support all the current functions with the biggest challenge being sourcing a location for Training.

Cleveland Fire Brigade is to vacate its current training facility, Learning Development Centre (LDC) in Grangetown in July 2017, when they relocate into their new Headquarters in Hartlepool.

They have offered the use of the LDC premises to Cleveland Police on a rent free basis on the provision that they will continue to own the building, with Cleveland Police taking over responsibility for its management and maintenance.

This proposal is for a 40 year licence to occupy agreement for the LDC to be signed between both Cleveland Fire Brigade and Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland.

Cleveland Police has the opportunity to consolidate its three training centres into a single location with the flexibility and ability to support the current and future demands of Cleveland Police.

A capital bid approval was sought and funds were secured to ensure the LDC is brought up to date and safe to inhabit.

The contract term is for 5 months.

An open tender was carried out using EU supply as the tender portal, advertising the contract in Contract Finder and OJEU as per Public Procurement Regulations 2015.

Five organisations submitted a response by the closing date of 12 noon on 12th May 2017. The evaluation team evaluated the five bids in line with the evaluation criteria.

Following the evaluation it became evident that Bidder 2’s quality of response, ability to deliver the contract and cost effective plan submitted was the best value for money, has shown flexibility to working within a functioning training facility and any delay in the programme of works due to the outcome of an Asbestos Survey and its subsequent removal.

Subject to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s final approval, the new contract will take effect from 12 June 2017.



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