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Decisions of the PCC - November 2017

Decisions of the PCC - November 2017
Decision Ref no Decision Title Decision Summary Date Authorised 
 2017-54841 Disclosure Team Staff Overtime

Seeking approval to obtain funding from DBS income to cover the costs associated with the disclosure team staff overtime.

The provision of this additional funding supports the PCC's objective of A Better Deal for Victims and Witnesses. 

 2017-55258 Improving access to the Sexual
Assault Referral Centre (SARC) by raising awareness of SARC and SARC Services
through promotional and development work across Cleveland.

SARC Teesside is the Sexual Assault Referral Centre for the Cleveland Police area. The SARC is a partnership working arrangement providing a SARC model of practice for victims of rape and sexual assault regardless of whether or not the victim wishes to report to the police.

Since 2014, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Cleveland has provided funding to the SARC in order to improve access by raising awareness of SARC and its services, through promotional and development work across Cleveland.

This year (2017/18) the PCC in collaboration with NHS England are formally co-commissioning both the SARC and Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) services.  Therefore to enable service continuity it is recommended to continue to fund the posts of ISVA, Promotional Worker and Admin Support for a further 12 months following the success displayed since 2014. The funding will allow for:

  • The production of a SARC newsletter/bulletin
  • Social media updates and monitoring
  • Representatives at key meetings
  • Involvement in regional developments
  • Representative at promotional events
  • Availability of staff to deliver      presentations promoting SARC
  • Strengthening the SARC position within      the network of ISVAs
  • Partaking in ISVA promotion and      development work.

This funding supports the PCC’s objective of ‘A Better Deal for Victims of Witnesses’.

 2017-55259 Audible Alarms for Teesside &
District Society for the Blind

Teesside & District Society for the Blind are a local independent charity based in Middlesbrough.  Their aims and objectives are to promote independence in the lives of blind and partially sighted people living in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Stockton-on-Tees.

As a follow up to recent Crime Prevention Awareness presentations to the members, it was identified by Cleveland Police's Crime Prevention Officer that members would benefit from audible alarms that can be positioned on doors or windows. The alarms are easy to fit with self-adhesive backs and will provide an additional security feature to ensure members feel safe inside their homes.

Teesside & District Society for the Blind have applied for funding for 120 members to receive two alarms each, the cost of this is £696.00.

The funding for the audible alarms supports the PCCs objective of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer.

 2017-55265 Grovehill Christmas Dinner

The Middlesbrough Police Cadets are attending a Christmas Dinner event organised for elderly residents in the Longlands and Beechwood wards. The cadets have attended the event previously with officers from Cleveland Police neighbourhood police teams to serve the meals and to talk to the residents which was highly valued and is still mentioned by the residents. This work in combating loneliness is invaluable, as is the bridge between police and residents it creates.

The Cadets requested a small donation from the Police Property Act Fund so they could purchase small gifts for the residents to ensure everyone has a present to open on Christmas Day.  The gifts include novelty Christmas items and mugs and chocolates. The Cadets will also purchase cellophane paper, bows and ribbons to wrap the gifts up. All receipts from the purchase of the gifts will be forwarded to the PCC.     

This initiative supports the PCCs objective of Securing the Future of our Communities.   

 2017-55268 The PCC to approve an additional
overtime budget provision of £21,000 for neighbourhood policing to offset
overtime costs incurred for the delivery of additional community events and

The PCC has received additional income of £41,000 from Local Authorities and external organisations which is agreed funding for the support of additional policing as detailed below.

1. Operation Stay Safe - police officers work alongside a multi-agency team to identify and protect vulnerable children and young people at night through assertive outreach activities. Middlesbrough Council agreed funding £12,100.

2. St Paul's Mutual Aid Society - Community Partnership arrangement for the provision of police presence to support St Paul's Mutual Aid who provide a savings and low rate loan service to members of the community who are unemployed or low earners. The police presence offers crime prevention as large sums of cash are involved and also police officers engage with the members who would not normally approach the police. Agreed funding of £9,000.

3. Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), National Cycling event & Fireworks display - Additional policing provided in agreement with Stockton Borough Council for the provision of additional police support at their Riverside Festival and Fireworks display on 5th November 2017 both in and around the town centre. Agreed funding with Stockton Borough Council of £13,100.

4. Redcar Races - Additional policing provided for specific race meets. Expected recharge during 2017/18 of £5,500.

5. Billingham Carnival - Carnival organisers agree to contribute £1,000 for the provision of additional police presence.

By providing £21k of this income to the Chief Constable this will ensure that the Policing of these community events and operations does not come at the expense of core policing.

Further details are shown in the attached table which highlights the total expected income for the above operations/events including year to date spend and forecast total spend.

The provision of this additional funding supports the PCC's objective of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer.

2017-55161 Joint agreement to purchase accommodation
for the NE Regional Special Operations Unit (NERSOU)

The PCCs for Cleveland, Durham and Northumbria have collectively determined to jointly purchase a building to act as new premises for the North East Regional Special Operations Unit (NERSOU) and National Crime Agency, with the potential to co-locate other strategic policing in the future.  Full details of the joint regional decision is appended.

The decision supports the PCCs objectives of Investing in our Police, Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of our Communities.

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