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Decisions of the PCC - November 2018

Decisions of the PCC - November 2018
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Funding - Hemlington Linx

Hemlington Linx works Middlesbrough wide delivering open access youth provisions for young people aged 10-19. Linx provides support on a wide range of topics which include: employment, training and education, alcohol and drug misuse, finance and antisocial behaviour.

During October half term Linx are opening three of their centres in Hemlington, Grove Hill and Newport to host workshops on antisocial behaviour and for the young people to take part in Halloween style games and activities. Linx have requested funding to purchase equipment to use for the activities and decorations for the centres. The funding would also be used for a trip for 50 young people to attend on Halloween to 'Fright' Light Water Valley. The activities aim to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in communities and neighbourhoods, helping young people to grow, develop and learn, enabling them to make informed positive decisions about their lives. 

Supporting this initiative helps to improve dialogue and understanding of communities and supports PCC's objectives of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of Our Communities.

 2018-113344 Funding for Taste of Africa

Taste of Africa is a community organisation that is set up to inspire and empower Africans living in the Tees Valley area. They ensure that Africans gain tools that will enable them achieve both economic and social independence living.  The organisation provides a collective voice to educate and share information that will enable Africans to work together and make positive contributions to their communities. 

The group have requested funding from the PCC for a contribution towards their annual celebration event during Black History Month. The aim of the celebration event is to showcase African culture arts and tradition and to educate communities on diversity and community cohesion. The funding provided will pay for the venue hire, traditional performers for entertainment and a PA system.

The celebration event provides a platform to celebrate culture, share knowledge and promote integration.  It contributes to the economic and cultural diversity in the Tees Valley by helping to improve dialogue and understanding of communities and supports the PCC's objective of Securing the Future of our Communities.

2018-108145 Funding for Happy Little Sunbeams Day Nursery

Happy Little Sunbeams is a nursery located at Park Road North, Middlesbrough that offers full or part-time childcare for children between the ages of four months to 11 years.

The nursery applied for funding from the PCC to add CCTV cameras around the premises. The nursery have suffered from numerous antisocial behaviour incidents and staff have witnessed crimes occurring outside of the building which have all been reported to the police. The police have gathered evidence and have advised the PCC that the nursery would benefit from CCTV. The CCTV cameras will assist the police with evidence gathering and hopefully prevent incidents from occurring.

The purchase of the CCTV supports the PCC's priority of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer. 

2018-113778 Funding - Domestic Abuse
Perpetrator Programme

The OPCC and Cleveland Police are part of a regional Domestic Abuse Whole Systems Approach project, this contains a series of associated activities, which have been designed to bring about the embedding of a whole system approach and response to domestic abuse across criminal justice domains and through partnerships with multi-agency agencies.  By working across criminal justice systems, it is envisaged that, through improved and transformed knowledge, greater co-working between key agencies, and ensuring systems are designed to be accessible, this will enable early identification and good quality support to victims of domestic abuse, and that this will be supported through correlating interventions that are robust with a longer term impact upon reduced reoffending and reduced repeat victimisation.   The project's activities include the delivery of a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP).  These are behavioural change programmes delivered by specially trained agencies, such as those who manage offenders, or who have gained RESPECT accreditation.  The agencies work either on a one-to-one basis, or by group work with perpetrators of domestic abuse.  Trained facilitators lead the sessions, and use a programme of theory based work that engenders greater self-awareness with perpetrators, promotes recognition of harm causing behaviours and the adverse impact that this has upon victims, children and the broader community.  The sessions help perpetrators to develop strategies for managing their behaviour without resorting to abuse and violence. 

Durham Tees Valley Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) propose to deliver a desistance theory based Creating Relationship Change pilot, which meets the requirements for a domestic abuse perpetrator programme, and which it is anticipated will both reduce reoffending, reduce the harm associated with perpetration of domestic abuse, and reduce the likelihood of repeat victimisation.  Funding for this initiative is provided by the Home Office Transformation Programme and is in line with achieving the activities included in the project delivery plan.

Durham Tees Valley CRC additionally proposed to deliver this programme across both Cleveland and Durham police force areas (with match funding to be provided by the Durham OPCCV) in order to offer added value to this pilot scheme.  It is intended that their delivery of the pilot will make best use of shared arrangement such as the Local Criminal Justice Partnership, and common strategic partners, such as Tees Esk Wear Valley Mental Health Trust, and that if the pilot programme is successful, Durham Tees Valley CRC will look to include delivery of the programme within their ‘Rate Card’ (schedule of programmes the company delivers) in future with no further cost to the OPCCs.

2018-115934 Home Office Violence Against
Women and Girls Transformation Fund (VAWG) - additional funding

In 2016, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in partnership with local commissioners and the voluntary community sector were successful in securing £420,000 over a three year period from the Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) Transformation Fund. The aim being to transform sexual violence services across the Cleveland area. The main delivery partner for this funding is Safe in Tees Valley in partnership with Arch North East. 

In September 2018, the Home Office announced that local areas could apply for some additional funding to complement and build on existing work already being delivered. We were successful in our application and were awarded an additional £38,520 in October 2018. The funding application submitted can be seen attached at appendix 1 to this decision form.

As the main delivery partner for this project we propose to grant fund Safe in Tees Valley this additional sum of money to build on and support the support service delivery.   This programme supports the PCC's objective of A Better Deal for Victims and Witnesses.




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