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Decision of the PCC - February 2019

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible.

Decisions of the PCC - February 2019
Decision Reference Number Decision TitleDecision SummaryDate Authorised
 2018-129912 Precept Proposal 2019/20

Legislation requires that the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) agrees their budget and associated precept and basic council tax for the forthcoming year before 1st March each year. However before doing so the PCC must notify the relevant Police and Crime Panel, by the 31st January, of the precept which they propose to issue for the following financial year.

The PCC has been informed by the Home Office that ‘We are proposing to double the precept flexibility for locally accountable PCCs. Last year, we provided an additional £12 precept flexibility. This year, we propose giving PCCs the freedom to ask for an additional £2 a month in 2019/20, to increase their Band D precept by £24 in 2019/20 without the need to call a local referendum. It is for locally accountable PCCs to take decisions on local precept and explain to their electorate how this additional investment will help deliver a better police service.’’

The results of consultation with the public of Cleveland in relation to the level of precept for 2019/20, which had 1,066 responses to the below question, has resulted in the following:

  • 68.3% said that they would be prepared to pay an extra £16.00- £24.00 per year, for Band A to D properties, as part of your Council Tax bill, to help maintain current Policing Services in Cleveland and to provide an additional £1.8m for investment in Community Policing; while     
  • 31.7% said that they would prefer further cuts to Policing Services in Cleveland.

 If the precept is increased by £24 then the Net Budget Requirement is expected to increase in 2019/20, by nearly £6m (or 4.7%) however after taking into account the additional costs of Police Pension increases, that haven’t been mitigate by additional grant, the overall funding position would be an increase of just under £4m (or 3.2%). While this is better than the organisation was planning, it is worth noting that this increase will partly be absorbed by unavoidable additional costs to the organisation in 2019/20 primarily from forecast 2% pay awards and more general inflation (CPI is currently 2.1% and RPI 2.7%).

2018-132801 Funding - Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme

The OPCC and Cleveland Police are part of a regional Domestic Abuse Whole System Approach project, this contains a series of associated activities, which have been designed to bring about the embedding of a whole system approach and response to domestic abuse across criminal justice domains and through partnerships with multi-agency agencies.  By working across criminal justice systems, it is envisaged that, through improved and transformed knowledge, greater co-working between key agencies, and ensuring systems are designed to be accessible, this will enable early identification and good quality support to victims of domestic abuse, and that this will be supported through correlating interventions that are robust with a longer term impact upon reduced reoffending and reduced repeat victimisation.   The project's activities include the delivery of a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP).  These are behavioural change programmes delivered by specially trained agencies, such as those who manage offenders, or who have gained RESPECT accreditation.  The agencies work either on a one-to-one basis, or by group work with perpetrators of domestic abuse.  Trained facilitators lead the sessions, and use a programme of theory based work that engenders greater self-awareness with perpetrators, promotes recognition of harm causing behaviours and the adverse impact that this has upon victims, children and the broader community.  The sessions help perpetrators to develop strategies for managing their behaviour without resorting to abuse and violence. 

Route 2 (My Sister’s Place) propose to deliver an ecological model based Domestic Abuse Preventions programme, which it is anticipated will both reduce reoffending, reduce the harm associated with perpetration of domestic abuse, and reduce the likelihood of repeat victimisation.  Funding for this initiative is provided by the Home Office Transformation Programme and is in line with achieving the activities included in the project delivery plan. 

2018-132807 Funding - Hartlepool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group Diversity Event 2019

The Hartlepool Asylum Seeker and Refugee Group aim to advance education and improve the quality of life amongst those seeking asylum and those granted refugee status in Hartlepool through the provision of legal and other advice, training, access to goods and services and recreational and leisure opportunities.

For the last 6 years the Asylum Seeker and Refugee group have planned and delivered a Diversity Celebration event at St Joseph’s Church Hall in Hartlepool and would like to hold another in 2019. The itinerary of the day always includes presentations on key topics such as Hate Crime and How to Report, Domestic Violence and the Prevent Strategy.  Organisations are invited to provide information which can include Family Support Services, Housing, Fire Brigade and Crime Prevention.

The event provides a range of activities for the children including arts and crafts, face painting and an entertainer to help bring the event to an end.  Lunch is provided by volunteers from within the group who cook foods from their countries of origin and this creates a menu from around the world.

This event is a celebration of the diverse cultures living in Hartlepool and helps to break down barriers and helps to build relationships between communities. The group have applied to the PCC for funding for a contribution towards the event for food and refreshment costs and entertainment.

This event supports the PCCs objective of Securing the Future of our Communities.

2018-132810 Funding - Chinese New Year Celebration

Hartlepool Chinese Association have applied for funding for a contribution towards their annual Chinese New Year Celebration Event. The event, which has been running for over 8 years is a chance for the local community from diverse backgrounds to celebrate and learn more about the Chinese culture. The Association hosts regular singing, dancing and mandarin groups and individuals from these groups perform at the event for entertainment.

It is a key priority of the PCC to promote community cohesion and this event shows how Hartlepool celebrate different cultures.

The contribution the PCC is providing towards the event will pay for the stage hire and PA system.

This event supports the PCCs objective of Securing the Future of our Communities.

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