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Decisions of the PCC - June 2019

On this page, any decisions made by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland will be published. The table below outlines each decision supported by the Decision Form used by the Commissioner to justify the decision.

Note: Where a link to the decision document is unavailable. this will be updated as soon as possible.
Decisions of the PCC - June 2019

Decision Reference Number Decision Title Decision Summary Date Authorised 
2019-153801 Funding - Independent Domestic Violence Advisor Allocations 2019/20

The Police and Crime Commissioner has provided a financial contribution to each Local Authority Community Safety Partnership towards IDVA provision since 2012.

Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) provide a range of options to improve the safety of victims and their families, offering information and support, crisis intervention, safety planning, advocacy and practical and emotional support to enable victims to make positive changes, reduce risk and minimise the risk of repeat victimisation.

For 2019/20, following discussion with partners it was agreed that the PCC would directly grant fund the Local Authority Commissioned Domestic Abuse Services to support and add value to the current commissioned services through increasing IDVA provision. The funding will be awarded as below:

Harbour Support Service - £60,000 (delivering in Hartlepool and Stockton)
Foundation UK - £30,000 (delivering in Redcar)
My Sisters Place - £30,000 (delivering in Middlesbrough)

Future commissioning intentions for Domestic Abuse post 2019/20 will be shared in due course following the publication of the Whole System Approach Evaluation expected in July 2019.

2019-153768 Funding -
Southbank Carnival

South Bank Events Group organise an annual summer Carnival with family activities, stalls and information stands. The Events Group subsidise the activities and refreshments at the Carnival with money raised throughout the year from fundraising and small grants. The Carnival is an opportunity for the local community to come together at a low cost. Information stands are also invited to attend to promote personal safety, crime reporting and health and wellbeing services.

The PCC Office will be attending this years event on 20th July 2019 with a stall to hand out crime prevention equipment.

The Carnival supports the PCC's objective of Securing the Future of our Communities.

2019-153811 Heroin Assisted Treatment Pilot Scheme

Both nationally and locally, heroin addiction is commonly treated with oral methadone maintenance substitution, but about 5-10% of people addicted to heroin who remain in treatment fail to benefit and continue to inject street-bought heroin and continue in cycle of offending behaviour to fund their addiction. Published evidence from the UK and other countries, shows that Heroin Assisted Treatment (HAT) is a clinically effective second line treatment for a small group of people who have repeatedly failed to respond either to methadone treatment or to residential rehabilitation. Currently, there are no HAT schemes operating in England and Wales.

Funded in partnership with South Tees Public Health, Foundations Medical Practice, Durham Tees Valley Community Rehabilitation Company and Tees and Wear Prisons Group. The PCC seeks to introduce a 12-month HAT pilot scheme in Middlesbrough that will deliver a targeted and intensive programme, which utilises the reinforcing effects of injectable diamorphine to promote adherence, social reintegration and recovery in people who have failed to benefit from traditional treatment. The PCC has allocated £131,287 to support the delivery of this scheme which has an overall cost of £441,512.

The scheme will target up to 15 of the most ‘at risk’ individuals within Middlesbrough, who are causing most concern to Criminal Justice agencies, as well as Health and Social Care Services, and will promote independence, long term recovery and desistance from offending behaviour.

2019-153763 Funding - Middlesbrough Mela 2019

Middlesbrough Mela have applied for funding to support this years Mela which takes place on 17/18 August 2019 in Albert Park, Middlesbrough. This event attracts over 10,000 people over the weekend and brings together local community groups from diverse backgrounds.

It is a key priority of the PCC and Middlesbrough Borough Council to promote community cohesion and a sense of belonging through the participatory work and to sustain this through further recruitment for other outdoor events in the town. The PCC will host a stall during the event to provide crime prevention advice and equipment and to promote initiatives such as Hate Crime reporting. 

The Mela supports the PCC's objectives of Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer and Securing the Future of our Communities.

2019-156877 Strategic Direction to the Chief Constable

Exercising my responsibility as the elected individual with responsibility for the totality of policing in Cleveland, I have decided to issue an overarching, supportive strategic direction following on from the Chief Constable’s appointment on 29 April 2019, in particular in the light of:

  • My wish to acknowledge the high quality leadership of Chief Constable Richard Lewis during his initial 60 days in office as Chief Constable of Cleveland Police; and
  • A joint understanding of the need for refreshed, clear priorities to be set for Cleveland Police, arising from the strategic assessment of threat and risk which underpins how best to keep Cleveland’s communities safe; and
  • Our initial joint understanding of the corporate health of the Force and its fitness for the future in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and standards.
  • The forthcoming appointment of the Deputy & Assistant Chief Constables for Cleveland Police – and the opportunity that provides for the setting of a clear vision and priorities for the Force.

My Police & Crime Plan sets out the overall strategic plan for policing and crime; and the expectations I have of the pivotal part that Cleveland Police (working locally, regionally and nationally in partnership) play in the delivery of those policing and crime objectives. Those objectives have been consistent throughout my current term and remain

  • Investing in Our Police
  • A Better Deal for Victims & Witnesses
  • Tackling Offending & Reoffending
  • Working Together to Make Cleveland Safer
  • Securing the Future of Our Communities

In the delivery of those objectives and in line with the law and best practice, I respect the operational independence of policing. I know from our initial 60 days of working together that we will work together to deliver our responsibilities for strategic decision-making, coupled with scrutiny which allows me to work alongside the Chief Constable to hold Cleveland Police to account for being the very best that it can be.

We know that the officers, staff and volunteers of Cleveland Police come to work every day to deliver the very best for all of the communities of Cleveland. We will wish to pay tribute, now and at every opportunity, to their dedication hard work and commitment.

At the same time it is important that we recognise that to permit them to do so, Cleveland Police must be an organisation which

  • Understands police demand;
  • Plans ahead to ensure that resources and skills are in place and deployed efficiently to respond to that demand now and in the future;
  • Sets clear priorities, ensuring that the Force
    • Acts both to prevent and to investigate incidents and crime effectively;
    • Understands the individual needs of and provides support for all victims;
    • Understands and addresses vulnerability;
    • Understands  and engages with its communities
    • Treats people fairly, ethically and lawfully.
    • Has effective tactical and strategic working relationships with partners

Much progress has been achieved over recent years – not least, the programmes of standards reform, organisational development and approaches to equality diversity and human rights that flowed from my previous Strategic Direction of December 2015[i].

However, we know that there is considerable room for improvement across the board, we have to make best use of what we have despite the challenge of unfair overall funding. There may be many reasons for that – including but not limited to change in strategic leadership, the changing nature of policing, resources and the impact on capacity and morale which result from those and other factors.

One thing can be said for certain: the public and our officers, staff and volunteers deserve the clearest of vision and commitment.

I appointed Richard Lewis as Chief Constable in the light of the very clear vision, drive, passion and commitment that he demonstrated to me.

With those matters in mind, in consultation with the Chief Constable I now set a strategic direction as follows.

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