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FOI Disclosure Log 2013

FOI Disclosure Log 2013
FOI Number Date Responded  FOI Request PCC Response
FOI 7 07/01/2013   What actually happened on the evening of the 18th Nov
2012 at the Golf Club. Would you inform me who was
present at the meeting and what was discussed....
 Meetings of the PCC
FOI 8 07/01/2013    Passed to Cleveland Police to respond.  Crime and Operational Policing Matter
FOI 9 09/01/2013   I would like to request the itemised mobile telephone bill
for form Cleveland Police Authority Chairman, Dave
McLuckie, for the month which was reported to have cost £1600.....
Phone Bill of Dave McLuckie 9a
Phone Bill of Dave McLuckie 9b
FOI 10 15/01/2013   The number of enquiries, by post, telephone, email or in
person, received by the former Police Authority between 1
December 2011 and 31 January 2012.....
 Level of CPA Enquiries
FOI 11 22/01/2013   What annual budget does the police commissioner get for
his staff?
Has the police commissioner hired staff.....
 Office of the PCC Enquiries
FOI 12   06/02/2013   Information held on a meeting on Sunday 18 November
2012 at a golf club at which Barry Coppinger,Ed Chicken,
Ray Mallon and others were in attendance.....
 Meetings of the PCC
FOI 13 27/03/2013   A list of Barry Coppinger's employees (those who work in
his office and those who directly assist him in the role of crime commissioner), including their salary and job title.
 Office of the PCC Staff
FOI 14 24/04/2013   State the new appointments to paid roles made by the force,
Police and Crime Commissioner, listing name, job title,
remuneration and contracted hours for the role...
 PCC Appointments
FOI 15 24/04/2013   Provide the investigatory report prepared on Derek Bonnard for his
disciplinary hearing and the documented findings of the independent
panel in relation to each count of gross misconduct, including
the reasons for the sanction.
 DCC Misconduct
FOI 16 03/05/2013   Inform if the negotiations have been concluded and the resultant
financial settlement Mr Stuart Pudney received and if any
gagging order was part of the financial settlement?
 Meetings of the PCC (follow up request)
FOI 17 08/05/2013    A list of all staff appointments made by the Police and Crime
 PCC Staff Appointments
FOI 18 17/05/2013   How many public sex or cruising sites you are aware of in your
policing area - and where exactly they are. How many arrests,
spot-fines, and convictions, have been made on these sites in
the past 10 years....
 Public Sex and Cruising Sites
FOI 19 17/05/2013   How much the PCC has claimed in expenses over the last 12
 Expenses Breakdown
FOI 20 30/05/2013   What expenses claims have been made so far (whether successful
or not) have been made by the Police and Crime Commissioner to
 Expenses Claims
FOI 21 30/05/2013   Break-down of every expense incurred by the Police and Crime
Commissioner since they took the post. A break-down of every
expense over the value of £50 incurred by the Police and Crime Commissioner's office since its creation...
 PCC Expenses
FOI 22  05/06/2013   Details of all gifts and hospitalities accepted and declined by the
Police & Crime Commissioner since 15th November 2012 to-date.
 Gifts and Hospitality
FOI 23 14/06/2013   Find out why my house is still being targeted by the police helicopter
crews? I would like to request the reason for the latest low orbit
around my house tonight at 23.02 under a FOI request details
of the crew and their reason for orbiting my property?...
 Police Helicopter
FOI 24 21/06/2013   Please can you let me have the following information for each
construction contract over £200k that has been completed in
the last five years?....
 Computer Hardware
FOI 25 17/06/2013   How many schools had computer hardware and software stolen.
Please advise if any of the computer hardware and software stolen had
children's or teacher's biometric data on? Please could you advise
if any of the computer hardware and software that has been stolen
has ever been recovered?......
 Construction Projects
FOI 26 28/06/2013   Provide specific details of all payments including payments in kind,
gifts, bonuses, retention payments, recruitment payments, allowances,
payment of fees, health insurance etc made to chief police officers
for each of the past five years (2008-9 to 2012/13)......
Payments to Chief Officers
Payments to Chief Officers (attachment)
FOI 27 01/07/2013   Provide the agenda reports relating to items on the agenda, and minutes
of a meeting of the Leadership Panel of former Cleveland Police Authority
held on 29 October 2012....
 CPA Leadership Panel
FOI 28 02/07/2013   An up-to-date version of your estates/facilities/capital projects
organisational structures including names, email addresses, telephone numbers and reporting lines where possible...
 Estates Projects
FOI 29 02/07/2013   Tell me if you are provided with a vehicle as part of your role as
Police and Crime Commissioner and if so, please specify the
manufacturer and model of the vehicle.
 PCC Vehicle Provision
FOI 30 05/07/2013   ..I wanted to make a fresh FOI request for the same report and ask that
the PCC now reconsiders the request in light of the altered picture today
as all misconduct proceedings are at an end. I also ask that the PCC looks
closely at providing a redacted version of the report if it is maintained that publication of the entire report is exempt under section 31...
 Price and Bonnard Misconduct
FOI 31 09/07/2013   Before the public pronouncement of the decision to axe the police horse
section of Cleveland Constabulary by the Chief Constable, Jacqui Cheers
were you either a party to that decision, or at least made aware of her intentions to take the decision to axe that section?...
 Police Horses Decision
FOI 32 09/07/2013   Can you please send me the minutes of the Regional PCC meeting
for May 3 2013?
 PCC Regional Meeting
FOI 33 10/07/2013   I would like a detailed breakdown of the expenses of the Office of the
Police and Crime Commissioner from when they took office to the
present day, or as recently as records allow.
 PCC Expenses
FOI 34 21/07/2013   Regarding the settlement/compensation made to Cleveland Police
CE Stuart Pudney for his reported sacking. I was informed by your
office that a settlement had been reached and that after the
auditors had seen the agreement (28.6.2013) the agreement would
be made public.
 Chief Executive Settlement
FOI 35 16/07/2013   Please provide all details of force credit card spending by the Police
and Crime Commissioner since their appointment last year.
Please provide details of all expenses claimed by the PCC during
the same period.
 Credit Card
FOI 36 17/07/2013   A full list of the fleet of vehicles owned or leased by the force which
are available to senior staff/officers for personal use and/or for work
purposes. This list should include the make, model, engine size and
year of registration for each vehicle. This should be broken down by
the 2010-11, 2011-12 2012-13 financial years...
 Use of Fleet and Chaffeur
FOI 37 29/07/2013   I would like the total number of arrests made in the constabulary
catchment area since 2009 for the following offences: rape, sexual
assault, administering a substance, trespass with intent to commit
a sexual offence...
 Sexual Offences
FOI 38 29/07/2013   What is the cost of keeping a police horse per annum compared to the
per annum cost of maintaining a police patrol car. Have Cleveland
Police Horses been used to support events in Sunderland and
Newcastle in the last 2 years and has the cost of this provision
been paid?
 Mounted Section
FOI 39 12/07/2013    You will be aware that I have contacted your office recently (FOI)
egarding the settlement/compensation made to Cleveland Police CE
Stuart Pudney for his reported sacking. I was informed by your office
that a settlement had been reached and that after the auditors had seen the agreement (28.6.2013) the agreement would be made public.
 Statement of Accounts
FOI 40 06/08/2013   A list of all the expenses claimed by the PCC or staff working for them
since they were voted into the position. This includes what expense
was claimed, where it was claimed, when it was claimed, how
much was claimed and for what reason it was claimed...
 Expenses, Credit Cards and Surveillance
FOI 41 12/08/2013   How much money is specifically allocated to the prevention of gangs
and youth violence? Are any voluntary sector organisations being
utilised to provide these services? 3) If so, please provide a
list of organisations and details of the funding they have been
 Budget and Riot Damages Act
FOI 42 12/08/2013    …a copy of all notes, records or paperwork relating to an incident
involving pet dog.
 Dog ID Parade
FOI 43 21/08/2013   How many former Police Authority staff have been made redundant
or taken voluntary exit since November 2012? What is the total amount
given to them in voluntary exit payments, redundancy pay, severance
payments, lump sums, payments in lieu of notice, compensation awards
and pension payments?...
 Employee Information
FOI 44 02/09/2013   To obtain information about the total amount of money paid to trade
unions by your organisation, the amount of staff time spent on trade
union duties and/or activities and the payment of subscriptions... 
 Trade Unions
FOI 45 02/09/2013   Provide the following for the most recent year available: Road death
investigation. Road death investigation budget. Number of Collision
Investigators Life threatening/changing injury collision investigation.
3. We believe collision investigators are also responsible for investigating
life threatening/changing injuries
 Collision Information
FOI 46 27/09/2013   Provide numbers of police officers and police vehicles that have been
attacked by members of the public?...
Police Officer Attacks on Public
FOI 47 28/10/2013   How much your Force has spent on artwork for its police stations and
any offices associated with your Force over the last five years. Please
specify what the artwork is....
FOI 48 31/10/2013   Provide details of how your OPCC/MOPAC meets each of the 25
transparency requirements specified within appropriate legislation.
Details of the legislative requirements on PCCs and MOPAC are
available here...
 Statutory Compliance
 Statutory Compliance (appendix)
FOI 49 25/11/2013   How many roles at Inspector, Superintendent or ACPO rank are being
covered by an officer with less than three years service before facing termination of contract as a result of Regulation A19?...
 A19 - Temp Promotions
FOI 50  25/11/2013   Please could you provide us with a list of all female victims of homicide
which your authority has been responsible for investigating for the years
2009 - 2013 inclusive and, for each victim, any other details that you may
hold about the victim....
 Female Homocides
FOI 51  29/11/2013   How many items have been stolen from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner since it was created? How much as a whole, cost wise,
do the items stolen roughly amount to?...
 Thefts from the PCC Office
FOI 52  04/12/2013   Does the Commissioner have a memorandum of understanding (MOU)
with the prison service or your local prison governor, which defines i.
what an "assault on a prison officer" is and ii. the types of incidents
suitable for prosecution?...
 MOU - Prisons
FOI 53  11/12/2013   Details of any correspondence you have had with Stockton on Tees
Borough Council on the potential impact on police resources, including
manpower and budgetary implications for the opening of 4 residential
Children's Homes across the Borough in rural village locations....
 Children's Homes
FOI 54  19/12/2013    How much PCC claimed in expenses in the first 12 months of office...  Expenses
FOI 55  23/12/2013   Details of any previous convictions of the Police and Crime Commissioner
including: The number of people employed by the Police and Crime
Commissioner, including the PCC him or herself, who have criminal
 Criminal Record
FOI 56  23/12/2013   How many complaints have been made, through the Police and Crime
Panel, against the Police and Crime Commissioner since November
2012 to date?...
FOI 57

  I am interested in correspondence between the PCCs Chief Executive/
Chief of Staff and Middlesbrough Council regarding Police Staff
attendance at scrutiny panels held by the Council...
 Police Staff at Council Scrutiny Panels
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