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FOI Disclosure Log 2014

FOI Disclosure 2014
FOI NumberDate Responded  FOI Request  Subject
FOI 58 09/01/2014     How much money has Cleveland Police been paid
out in out of court settlements in the past 12 months (July12 - July 13)?...
   Employment Tribunals
FOI 59 14/01/2014     How much money was paid in bonuses, allowances
and severance payments of any sort to Police Authority
staff in each of 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12
and 2012-13?...
   Bonus Payments
 Bonus Payments (appendix)
FOI 60 27/01/2014     The name and rank of all police employee's past or
present that have been charged or convicted of crimes
from April 2012 until today's date 05/01/2014 also including but not limited to outstanding cases For the whole force of Cleveland...
   Police Convictions
FOI 61 10/02/2014     Please can you release the Police and Crime Commissioner's
itemised list of expenses claims for under £500 made
between November 2012 and November 2013.
   PCC Expenses
FOI 62 20/02/2014     How many females were charged with drug related offences
between and including the financial years 2003/4 and 2012/13, disaggregated by financial year? Please breakdown for
the different drug offences.
   Female Offences and Gang
FOI 63 25/02/2014      Please provide details of any office accommodation your organisation provides to staff to carry out trade union business...    Union Accommodation
FOI 64 11/03/2014     Supply details of all expenditure by the PCC on solicitors,
legal advisors and barristers since taking up his post...
   Legal Costs
FOI 65 18/03/2014     Does your force have a protocol in place for officers dealing
with victims of strangulation who have been strangled by
an alleged offender? If yes please attach a copy of this
FOI 66 18/03/2014     How many adult homicides (aged 16 plus) have occurred
in each of your force command areas annually from 2009-
2013? Of these homicides how many of the victims have
been female?...
   Homicide Data by Year
FOI 67 25/03/2014     How many police support volunteers (not including special constables) were registered with your force as at 1 January
FOI 68 28/03/2014     Please provide the full details of the pension contributions and
any other payments that were paid or are to be paid by
Cleveland Police to Sean Price, Derek Bonnard, Heather
Price, Ms Leng, Ann Hall.
 Payments - Review Request
 Payments - Review Response
 Payments - Clarification Response
FOI 69 10/04/2014     Has your Force at any time entered into an agreement similar
to that between Virgin and the Metropolitan Police whereby
pensions recovered following private prosecutions in which
the Force provided evidence or were otherwise involved was
to be shared.
   Shared Compensation
FOI 70 15/04/2014     How many members of staff did your office have when it was
inherited from the Police Authority in November 2012, and
what was the annual salary cost at that time?...
   Office of the PCC Staff
FOI 71 22/04/2014     Does the Force's Police & Crime Panel include representatives
of local health bodies (e.g. CCG) or Health and Wellbeing
Boards (HAWB)? Where your force area contains multiple HAWB/CCGs, how many of these are represented on the
   Police and Crime Panels/Drug Intervention Projects
FOI 72  23/04/2014     The total cost of the Police and Crime Commissioner's office
for the financial years 2012-13 and 2013-14. The total cost
of the Police Authority body replaced by the Police and Crime Commissioner in the financial years 2010-11 and 2011-12...
   Office of the PCC/CPA Costs
FOI 73 02/05/2014     What were the policing objectives/targets for your police service/constabulary for the financial year ending March 2013?
Who was responsible for setting the targets?...
   Policing Plan and Bonuses
FOI 74 20/05/2014     Since the formation of the Office of the Police and Crime
Commissioner for your region, how much has been spent
annually to provide transport for both the Commissioner and
any deputies they have in post....
FOI 75 10/06/2014     How many individual cases have been referred to your police
force from Action Fraud for possible investigation since
April 2013? How many of those individual cases have
been investigated by your force since April 2013?...
   Action Fraud
FOI 76 11/07/2014     How much has the office of Police and Crime Commissioner
spent on Social media, Consultancy AND Company cars
in each financial year since being elected Police and Crime Commissioner?
   Social Media/Consultancy/Company Car costs
FOI 77 15/07/2014     What was the cost of the Office of Police and Crime
Commissioner in your police force area for the financial years
12/13 and 13/14?
   OPCC Costs
FOI 78 14/08/2014     Copies of bank statements and audits and any available
documents for an HSBC Account Cleveland Police Authority
   Bank Details
 Bank Statement - 1
 Bank Statement - 2
FOI 79 29/08/2014     Total number of complaints against your force or constabulary
received in 2013. Total number of complaints upheld during
   Complaints Against Police
FOI 80 29/08/2014     Does your police force area have a dedicated illicit drugs officer/
unit whose sole responsibility is to coordinate anti-drug possession
operations and anti-drug supplying operations...
   Drugs Unit
FOI 81 04/09/2014     How much the PCC spent on PR, marketing and promotional materials in the financial year
   PR Materials
FOI 82 24/09/2014     Query regarding the usage of telephone conference call services
and use of online web meeting tools and technologies in your
type of organisation across the UK.
   Telephone Conference Call Services and Use 
 of Online Web Meeting Tools
FOI 83 29/08/2014     Provide files relating to disclosure of actual invoice expenditure in CSV or XLS format for the period April 2012 to November 2012...    Expenditure over £500
FOI 84 04/09/2014     The number of crimes recorded by your police force, split by basic postcode data. The number of cannabis warnings given out by
your police force, split by the age of the offender and the basic
post-code details of where the offence occured...
   Drug Crimes
FOI 85 01/10/2014     Can I ask under the freedom of information act how much the
old Traffic unit at Cannon park was sold for and the cost of
the new one at Wynyard.
   Cannon Park, Wynyard
FOI 86 07/10/2014     Please provide the amount paid to the CBI (and its regional
subsidiaries) in membership fees, fees for one off conferences
or other events and fees paid to the CBI for any other services....
   CBI Costs
FOI 87 09/10/2014     I am writing to obtain information about the number of your employees who received remuneration of more than £100,000
in 2013-14.
   Employees over £100,000
FOI 88 09/10/2014     Please can you let me have the following information for each
construction contract over £200k that has been completed since January 2013 or from the date that you responded to my last
request, whichever is the latter....
   Construction Costs
FOI 89 20/10/2014     A list of all events open to the public hosted by your force's
Police and Crime Commissioner or a member of his/her
staff in the calendar years 2013 and 2014 to present...
   PCC Events
 Partnership Events
 Your Force Your Voice Events
FOI 90 14/11/2014     How much has the Police and Crime Commissioner of Cleveland
Police paid for maintenance at The Cleveland and Durham
Police Tactical Training Centre under the PFI contract for
each of the following financial years - 2012/2013 and
  Cleveland and Durham Police Tactical Training Centre
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