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FOI Disclosure Log 2015

FOI Disclosure Log 2015
FOI NumberDate RespondedFOI RequestSubject 
FOI 91 14/01/2015 Please could you provide us with a list of all female
victims of homicide killed since September 2013...
 Female Victims of Homicide
FOI 92 05/02/2015 Does the Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner
undertake any other form paid or unpaid work or have
any other financial or personal interests in any other business or organisation?...
 Police and Crime Commissioner Role
FOI 93 22/01/2015 The figures of how many people were found with drugs on
Friday night and how many arrests were made and what charges if followed?...
 Drugs Figures and Research
FOI 94 16/03/2015 Has Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner Barry
Coppinger appointed an external company to field meda
inquiries. If so, is this on an ad hoc or permanent basis?...
 PCC Media Representative
FOI 95 31/03/2015 How many shed break-ins were recorded in your Force
during the period of the latest National Crime Statistics?
 Shed Break-ins
FOI 96 18/03/2015 Is a theoretical/notional earning figure (sometimes referred
to as a Police Earnings Assessment Matrix **PEAM**) used
in the calculation of Police Injury On Duty Pensions in Cleveland?...
 Calculation of Police Injury on Duty Pensions
FOI 97 26/03/2015 All correspondence sent during the last two years between the
Cleveland Police and Crime Commissioner (or officials acting on
behalf of the Office of the Cleveland Police and
Crime Commissioner) with representatives or officials of the National Police Air Service.
 National Police Air Service
 National Police Air Correspondance
FOI 98 07/04/2015 Is the custody and detention function in your force currently contracted out to a private provider?...  Outsourced Police Custody and Detention Services
FOI 99 10/04/2015 What is the national target for emergency response times for NPAS,
is it still 25 minutes?What is the current response time by our
existing Air Support for emergency incidents? (Times based
pre-flight briefing, take off and arrival scene?)...
 National Police Air Service
FOI 100 23/04/2015 A list of FOIA Requests considered "Vexatious" that resulted
in you not providing information...
 Vexatious Requests
FOI 101 18/05/2015 At any point in the last 6 years have Neighbourhood Watch
[Middlesbrough area/and or Nationally] submitted any tenders
for the provision of services or other via; Middlesbrough
Council, Cleveland Police or the PCC?...
 Neighbourhood Watch Tender Process
FOI 102 26/05/2015 Regarding foreign trips undertaken by the PCC for business
purposes, please can you tell me how many such trips the
PCC has undertaken, the country visited...
 Foreign Visits
FOI 103 22/06/2015 I would like to request a copy of the letters between yourself
(Cleveland PCC and your office) and NPAS regarding
the proposals to scrap NPAS Tees Valley...
 NPAS Correspondence
FOI 104 22/06/2015 Please can you tell me whether the PCC, or any employee
of the PCC's office, has been charged with any criminal
offence since 1 January 2014...
 Criminal Offences
FOI 105 06/07/2015 Do you require contractors to pay the living wage*
whenever a new contract or contract renewal is signed?...
 Living Wage
FOI 106 31/07/2015 How many Special Constables were registered with
Your Force as at 01.06.15? What was the attrition rate
for your Special Constabulary for the last reported 12 months....
FOI 107 19/08/2015 I would like copies of all written correspondance between
Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger and
former Chief Constable Sean Price between July 2013
and February 2014, including letters and emails.
 Sean Price
 Sean Price Letters
FOI 108 26/08/2015 Please provide a current copy of your Equality and Diversity Policy specifying the section relating to your public Policing functions....  Religious Hate Crime
FOI 109 12/10/2015 I am writing to obtain information about the amount
your organisation pays to the Confederation of British
Industry and its subsidiaries...
Confederation of British Industry
FOI 110 19/10/2015 How many members of OPCC staff are there of March 2015,
and what is the current annual salary cost?....
 OPCC Staff
FOI 111 16/11/2015 Has the service purchased any “Ice Cleats” in the last 3 years?
An “Ice cleat” is a footwear accessory that is attached to shoes
or   boots to give added grip to prevent trips on snow or ice.
A picture is   attached showing an Ice Cleat.....
Ice Cleats
FOI 112 22/12/2015 Are you aware that the practice of breast ironing is occurring
in your jurisdiction?...
Breast Ironing
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