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FOI Disclosure Log 2016

Disclosure Log 2016
FOI NumberDate Responded FOI Request Subject
FOI 113 02/02/2016 Does the Commissioner hope to see the precept
raised this year and if so by what percentage? What will
the funding raised be invested in? How much is currently earned from the precept per year?
 Precept 2016-17
FOI 114 10/02/2016 I believe the Cleveland PCC has borrowed £19,260,000.00
from public works loan board. Can you please confirm is
this figure correct...
 Cleveland PCC Lending Figures
FOI 115 17/02/2016 The number of authorisations that have been granted in the 
Cleveland police force area under Section 60AA of the Criminal
Justice and Public Order Act 1994, to permit constables to require
any person to remove items being worn wholly or mainly for the purpose of concealing identity....
 Removal of Items
FOI 116 18/02/2016 Data on funding the Police and Crime Commissioner has allocated
to activities related to human trafficking and/or modern slavery
within its force area...
 Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery
FOI 117 8/02/2016 What (if any software) do you use to monitor/process FOI requests?
Is that  software externally purchased, if so please can you provide the name of the company...
 FOI and Asset Management Systems
FOI 118 18/02/2016 We want a full explanation for this discrepancy and what real
changes regarding stop and search of black British citizens and
what immediate action are going to be taken tackling the higher
number of crime committed within the white community?....
 Stop and Search of Black British Citizens
FOI 119 23/02/2016 What estimate has been made of any real-terms reductions
in the income received by the force from the Home Office
in the following years  - (a) 2016/17 (b) 2017/18 (c) 2018/19
(d) 2019/20....
 Real Term Reductions
N/A 07/03/2016 Over each of the last 5 years to which 5 sets of barristers’ chambers
have you sent the most sets of instructions to members of those
sets of chambers for that year, whether directly through ‘in house’ 
lawyers or indirectly through external solicitors....
 Barristers Chambers (withdrawn)
FOI 120 11/03/2016 How many people have been taken to hospital by police cars in
the force area in the last year. What is the total time spent by
police officers and PCSOs in A&E in the last year?....
 Use of Police Time
FOI 121 11/03/2016 How many grants were awarded in which at least one of the outputs/outcomes was to provide services to victims of stalking?  Victims of Stalking 
FOI 122 12/03/2016 Please provide contract information including contract values,
contract start and end dates and names of providers of your
victim support services.
 Victim Support Services
FOI 123 12/03/2016 How many of the police officers in your force area work on the
operational frontline? How many were on the operational frontline on January 1st 2012?...
 Various Police Matters
FOI 124 04/05/2016 What Applications are you running for: Finance? HR? Payroll?
Project? CRM? Manufacturing? Sourcing? Invoice Scanning Tool?...
 IT System Configurations
FOI 125 18/05/2016 I request all information in the possession of the PCC and his office relating
to how the civil claim against Sean Price was concluded, including all emails,
reports, advice notes, correspondence, notes of telephone conversations,
minutes of meetings, dates of meetings taken from diaries and
electronic calendars where no record was kept, records of mobile   telephone billing information of the PCC and his senior staff and advisers....
 Sean Price Civil Claim
FOI 126 03/06/2016 Please provide information on the financial position, for 2014/15
and 2015/16 for your police force and whether it is in surplus or
deficit and the level thereof...
2014/15 and 2015/16 Finances
FOI 127 01/07/2016 This video clearly evidences that Tascor Detention & Medical Services,
operating under your mandate as a PFI "Strategic Partner" of your office
and the Force, has a policy in place that serves to deny detainee's their
legally prescribed medications & medical treatments for up to six hours or more...
Tascor Detention & Medical Services
REVIEW - Tascor Detention & Medical Services
FOI 128 26/07/2016 Could you please disclose a full list of your expense claims since
you entered office?...
 Expense Claims
FOI 129 11/08/2016 Who is you current provider of Financial Systems support and implementation services?...  Financial and Procurement Systems
FOI 130 12/08/2016 Is the room rented/leased for exclusive use for the Police?....  Oldbury Contact Centre
FOI 131 26/08/2016 What devices are non-rechargeable batteries used in? How many
times does a police station order them per year? (on average)?...
 Rechargeable Batteries
FOI 132 31/08/2016 Are you responsible for any buildings with more than 12kw of 
air conditioning present? Who is the responsible person for ensuring
that your buildings are inspected and reports lodged, please provide
the name, address, and telephone number of the responsible person...
 Air Conditioning Inspections
FOI 133 02/09/2016 Please advise what, if any, transparency requirements you require
of the police in your area or that you are planning to require.
Please include any transparency requirements for the pay, expenses and allowances for the chief constable and other senior officers.
FOI 134 02/09/2016 Please could you tell how much money the PCC has spent on crime
and disorder reduction grants? Could you break this down by financial
year, for this year and the past 3 calendar years, and what organizations
the money went to?...
 Crime Prevention Funding
FOI 135 20/09/2016 Could you please release all of the documents - redacted to take out
any key identifiable such as names/ages/addressed - that were presented
 to the panel to make this decision?...
 Out of Court Disposals
FOI 136 07/10/2016 What department issues licence's for the cultivation of cannabis? How
many licence have been issued from 2000 – 2016?...
FOI 137 13/10/2016 Could you please disclose how many complaints have been made
against him in total since he took office, including complaints since
that last update in 2015?...
FOI 138 10/11/2016 Please can you provide the dates of any meetings the Police and
Crime Commissioner Mr Coppinger had with the HMIC Inspector
Mike Cunningham QPM in 2015 and 2016 and the location and
purpose of any such meetings.
 HMIC Meetings
FOI 139 17/11/2016 What was the latest price paid per ream (500 sheets) of standard
white copier paper (80 gsm or equivalent)?...
 Paper Costs
FOI 140 27/10/2016 Could you please disclose a list of all the services and facilities shared
by the PCC and Cleveland Police. Could you please disclose for
these services, how much each respective office pays towards that cost.
 Shared Services
FOI 141 30/11/2016 Copies of all documents concerned with the selection and appointment
of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland
(COPCC) as service provider to NYPCC.....
North Yorkshire DPCC Recruitment
FOI 142 29/11/2016 Please provide details of expenditure on software for the years
2014/15 and 2015/16 broken down by software supplier....
FOI 143 29/11/2016 Please can you let me know the amount an officer of Cleveland Police
Force receives on reaching 20 years service.
 Police Service Payments
FOI 144 01/12/2016 What work is the Office of the PCC undertaking to monitor the
implementation and uptake of Community Remedy.
 Community Remedy
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