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FOI 207 - Expenditure for advertising vacancies

FOI Request

Dear Sir or Madam,

To ask under the FOIA:

1. Whether the PCC’s office pays any external organisations to advertise vacant roles within the PCC’s office on their website.

2. For a list of websites / organisations the PCC’s office uses to advertise vacant roles within the PCC’s office (excel format) and how much each website/organisation received from office in the three most recent financial years




If no money was paid to advertise the roles, please indicate this on the spreadsheet.

3. For an email address and contact information for the HR department or relevant department responsible for publishing and promoting vacancies within the PCC’s office.

Note: Everything in this FOI relates to the financial years 2015/16 to 2017/18. If the cost limit exceeds that which is allotted, then start from 2017/18 and work backwards.


PCC Response

This request has been handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Regarding your request I can now inform you that I have completed my enquiries and that my reply on behalf of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland is as follows.

1. The majority of OPCC vacancies are advertised on the PCC website or on the Cleveland Police Careers page, which does not incur any additional cost.

However on occasion, the OPCC has funded the external advertisement of senior roles within the OPCC or as part of his statutory duty of appointing the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police.

The PCC has incurred additional expenditure in advertising senior positions within Cleveland Police, including key strategic and collaborative roles. This information was not covered by your FOI request, so it has not been provided.

2. I have attached an Excel document to my email, which identifies the organisations we have paid to advertise vacancies and the financial cost over the years requested.

3. For the promotion of vacancies within the OPCC, the point of contact is the PCC’s Support Officer for PCC Services and Communications, who can be reached on hannah.smith@cleveland.pnn.police.uk.

For Cleveland Police vacancies, their HR department can be reached on hr.recruitment@cleveland.pnn.police.uk.


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