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FOI 203 - Call recording

FOI Request

1  Do you have any guidance or policy for the public or service users to record calls when they speak to your staff

or call centres Do you Inform Users they can record.  If the answer is no what is the reason for this please.

2 if You have a  Unacceptable Behaviour Policy and Procedure can you tell me if one of these are to object to telephone calls being recorded by the caller due to it being not necessary or unwanted or indeed the staff member feels threatened can you explain why you would have such Unacceptable Behaviour Policy and Procedure that goes against current uk law.

3 Are your staff the majority of them who answer public calls or when meeting a member of public are staff aware of the policies and the laws ref telephone recordings using the relevant laws laid down by legislation.  if the answer is no why not.

4 If you have no policy advice or framework for the above will you develop a policy etc.

Will you  encourage the public to record a 2 way conversation if the answer is no why not.

5 What are  your organizations views on charging the public in foi requests and data protection and subject access requests should their information request be free.

What happens in a situation a benefit claimant or non waged person needs information what do you do to help them or someone who has no spare income.

Is it fair if the public record you then they should  charge you for a copy of the recording or video the same fee you charge them.

Any tips and comments will help the public understand the uks public servants and business policies ref this subject.

6  What do you do and what is your policy when a serious complaint against a staff member is made when a person complains about wrong doing

and has evidence of foul play in your organization will you accept covertly or permission based Audio or video evidence in the case.

Do you Fully investigate under public interest laws and take note of any criminal charges.

if the answer is no why not.


PCC Response

Your request has been handled in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (“the Act“). 

I can now inform you that I have completed my enquiries and that my reply on behalf of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland is as follows.

I am refusing questions 1-4 and question 6 of your request under Section 21 of the FOIA, as this information is readily accessible on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website.

The website has a dedicated policy page, which sets out the various policies the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has in place, many of which you have enquired about in your request.

In order to assist you, I have provided the link below:


In regards to question 5 of your request, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner follows UK law when handling FOI requests, subject access requests and other matters of data protection.


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