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FOI 217 - People employed by PCC

FOI Request

How many people are/were employed by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland as of

January 1 2019

January 1 2017

January 1 2015

I require no further details or explanation just a number next to each date.


PCC Response

I can confirm that the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland does hold this information.

To help you understand the information provided, I have broken down the staff employed by the OPCC into three categories: Core OPCC Office, Community Safety Hub Team and Corporate Services.

The Core OPCC Office Team cover the majority of the PCC’s statutory and strategic responsibilities for policing and community safety on behalf of the 500,000 residents of Cleveland. The team is responsible for delivering the commitments in the Commissioner’s Police and Crime Plan including his priorities of commissioning victim services, tackling re-offending and improving the criminal justice system.

Staff in this team are also responsible for the PCC’s extensive programme of community and partner engagement and for highlighting the work of the PCC on his website, via social media and a monthly newsletter. It also includes the Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer and Assistant Chief Executive.

The Community Safety Hub is the ground-breaking new home for Cleveland Police’s Chief Officer Team, the Force Control Room and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. In 2015, a project manager was appointed to oversee the design and construction of the building to replace the former Cleveland Police HQ at Ladgate Lane.

Corporate Services are responsible for strategic contracting and treasury management responsibilities on behalf Cleveland Police, key collaborative partners and the PCC, with the PCC assuming the role of the contracting body.

The team responsible for strategic contracting manage and oversee a number of contracts and partnership arrangements, including PFI and outsourcing contracts to a value of £25.29m. They are also responsible for the PCC’s Community Safety Fund, which grant-aids a range of local organisations involved in various aspects of community safety.

As at 1st January 2019:

Core OPCC Office: There are 10.68 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) in the Core OPCC Office, reflecting a small change in the number of hours worked by this team.

Community Safety Hub Team: 1 FTE working within the project team leading on construction of the new Community Safety Hub in Hemlington.

Corporate Services: 12.9 FTEs working in Corporate Services. The additional 4.4FTEs (from 2017 level) are posts funded through successful bids for national grants, or as a result of partnership funding. 

The OPCC was successful in winning funds from the Home Office’s Police Transformation Fund to transform the way agencies across Cleveland respond to, investigate and support victims of domestic abuse. This small team is entirely funded by the Home Office grant.

In addition, a project manager is leading on the roll-out of E-CINS, an innovative information-sharing system to improve collaboration between the police, health services, local authorities and other community organisations. This post is funded by partners.

As at 1st January 2017:

Core OPCC Office: There were 10.54 FTEs in the Core OPCC Office, following a restructure to provide an increased service for similar costs and to make small changes in hours for employees.

Community Safety Hub Team: As in 2019, 1 FTE working on the Community Safety Hub Project.

Corporate Services: 7.5 FTEs working in Corporate Services, following a restructure to provide more FTE for similar costs. An additional 2 FTEs (from 2015 level) were introduced to improve the way that Cleveland Police responds to complaints with the introduction of a Complaints Triage team.

These posts are responsible for efficient local resolution of complaints and will become increasingly important as PCCs take on statutory responsibilities around police complaints and misconduct.

As at 1st January 2015:

Core OPCC Office: There were 9.48 FTEs in the Core OPCC Office.

Community Safety Hub Team: 1 FTE working on the Community Safety Hub Project.

Corporate Services: 4.5 FTEs in Corporate Services. This department consists of 1.5 FTE in Treasury, 1 FTE in Planning, 2 in Strategic Contracts.


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