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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

FOIThe Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, as with any public organisation, receives many Freedom of Information (FOI) requests from the general public on a large variety of topics, for disclosure. FOI requests are governed by Freedom of Information guidelines.

In the realms of transparency, the Office of the PCC will publish Freedom of Information requests and their responses on a monthly basis in an effort to answer the questions posed and assist with any future requests, where possibly the same information may requested.

If a request is not published in any of the Freedom of Information Logs below, it is possibly still being processed under Freedom of Information guidelines or may have been passed to the Force as it may deal with a crime or operational matter. To view the
Cleveland Police Freedom of Information Disclosure Log, click here.

Freedom of Information Requests Log

FOI Disclosure Log 2019
FOI Number Date Responded FOI Request/Subject   
FOI 211 22/01/2019  SARC Performance Reports    
FOI 212  29/01/2019 Disabled people in protests    
FOI 213 29/01/2019 Misconduct of Chief Constable    
FOI 214 11/02/2019 Pedlar's Certificates    
FOI 215  14/02/2019 Transforming Professional Standards    
FOI 216 14/02/2019 External Communications Support    
FOI 217 06/03/2019 People employed by the PCC    
FOI 218 19/03/2019 Telecoms and IT Services    
FOI 219 22/03/2019 SARC and Custody Contract  
FOI 220 26/03/2019 Precept  
FOI 221 11/04/2019 Foxhunting  
FOI 222 11/04/2019 Gresham 999 calls  
FOI 223  18/04/2019 Meeting with Chief Constable Mike Veale  
FOI 224  15/05/2019 Staff roles and salaries  
FOI 225 24/05/2019 External Stakeholder Panel  
FOI 226 24/06/2019 Officer numbers in Middlesbrough  
FOI 227  22/07/2019 Officer pension forfeiture  
FOI 228 30/07/2019 Consultation re Unauthorised Developments and Encampments  
FOI 229 06/08/2019 Apprenticeship Entry  
FOI 230 06/08/2019 Subject Access Requests  
FOI 231 19/08/2019 Printing Services  
FOI 232 30/08/2019 Letters to Theresa May  
FOI 233 01/10/2019 Scrutiny Meetings  
FOI 234 02/10/2019 Emails between PCC and CEO  
FOI 235 01/11/2019 PCC-branded merchandise  
FOI 236 06/11/2019 IAG Membership  


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