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Your Force Your Voice Meetings Feedback 2014

Sixth-Form-CollegeYour Force Your Voice events are taking place throughout 2014.

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This page lists issues which have been raised with the Police & Crime Commissioner and provide details of the actions taken.

Click here for feedback from Hartlepool Community Meetings

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Click here for feedback from Redcar & Cleveland Community Meetings

Click here for feedback from Stockton Community Meetings



 08/01/2014 - Hartlepool Over 50s Forum

Given the reduction in neighbourhood staff in Hartlepool as part of the Force restructure how will Hartlepool cope with major incidents such as the recent murder? - For serious offences or major operations such as needed when extremist groups march within an area resources are drafted in from all across the Force area.

Have all the costs of Operation Sacristy been paid by the Home Office? - Yes.

Do PCSOs work through the night? - No, but there are policing resources available to attend incidents within neighbourhoods 24/7.

Who was involved in the interview for the Chief Constable post? - Together with the Commissioner there was a Local Authority Chief Executive, a retired Chief Constable and a HR advisor.

Hartlepool Council have chosen to freeze their part of the Council Tax but the police precept will rise by 2%, why is this? - The
police only receive a small amount of their funding through Council Tax, the majority is through government grants which have been substantially cut. For 2014/15 budget the Council Tax increase will generate approximately £500,000 across Cleveland set against a reduction in grant funding of £4.5million.

23/04/2014 - Throston & Bishop Cuthberts Residents Association

Concern around the reduction in PCSO numbers in Hartlepool – The police budget has been reduced by 25% over 4 years which has led to some difficult decisions around funding, including disbanding the Mounted Section and the closure of Yarm police office. Work has been undertaken across Cleveland to map resources to demand and ensure that staffing levels are appropriate for the levels of reported crime and antisocial behavior. Within Hartlepool some additional PCSO posts were funded by the Local Authority. This funding has now been withdrawn so the posts have been deleted. Detectives have been aligned to neighbourhoods to provide additional support through Integrated Neighbourhood Teams. The Control Room have a new Incident Management Team who work to resolve issues over the phone in cases where a face to face response is not necessary.

Will the Police be privatised in the same way that the Fire Service is looking at privatisation? – Certain back office functions of policing have been privatised, such as Human Resources and Training, however it would not be appropriate to take this route for front line police officers. 

Residents worried that crime and antisocial behavior levels in Clavering will rise given the reduction in staffing – Barry stated that he would discuss this with the Senior Management Team. The current levels of reported crime and antisocial behavior are low within Clavering and the figures give no indication of any emerging issues, so residents are encouraged to report any incidents to ensure that resources are mapped to demand.

Residents worried that neighbourhood officers cover a large area and would struggle to respond quickly to an emergency – In an emergency Response officers would attend, neighbourhoiod teams are there to deal with ongoing neighbourhood issues rather than emergency calls.

Concern that PCSOs cannot make arrests – If PCSOs could make arrests this would remove them from the streets and reduce the visible policing their role is designed to provide

Residents would like PCSOs to stay on shift later as there is a feeling that local issues escalate once they come off shift – Residents are urged to report incidents whenever they occur and if hotspot areas are apparent additional resources can be brought into the area.

19/05/2014 - Greatham Parish Council

The 20 mph sign in the village is ignored, why cant traffic calmers be installed - Speedwatch operations are planned in the village when enough community volunteers are signed up. Often people's perception of speeding is not reality and speedwatch operations can demonstrate this to communities. All those caught speedign will be sent a letter - sometimes education can be better than enforcement. If 15% of vehicles are over the speed limit the area is referred to roads policing for attention.Traffic calmers need planning permission, may not be suitable for a bus route and may not fit look of village. Really speed calming measures are a Council issue.

Do plain clothes officers have police identification? - Yes 

What level of offenders do unpaid work in the community - all offenders are risk assessed and supervised by Probation. Community Payback is only used for low level offences as an alternative to a custodial sentence. 

There is less police presence in the village but council tax has risen - The police have had to make 25% cuts to the budget over 4 years. There have been cuts in middle management, neighbourhoods teams have been restructured into Integrated neighbourhood Teams, incorporating detectives, daily pacesetter meetings ensure that staffing levels in each area are based on demand. Low crime levels in Greatham so resources will go be prioritised to higher crime areas.

Issues with shooting on rural land - police have database of who is licensed to shoot and who farmers have given permission to shoot on land.



15/01/2014 - North Ormesby Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators

With the current financial cuts will neighbourhood policing remain? - The Commissioner has pledged to retain and develop neighbourhood policing and it is evident from the many community meetings that he has attended that neighbourhood policing is valued within communities.

The group were disappointed that the Mounted Section had been disbanded - The Chief Constable, supported by the Commissioner has had to make some difficult decisions to achieve the reduction in funding needed through the Comprehensive Spending Review. The priority has been to maintain frontline policing, and although the Mounted Section was a valuable resource, given the amount of time
the horses were actually able to spend on patrol it was decided that the funding would be better spent on frontline police resources.

30/01/2014 - North Ormesby Community Council

Police should respond to calls regarding noise nuisance and not just refer residents to the Council who only operate office hours -Cleveland Police receive around 900 calls a day, so these have to be prioritsied according to the nature of the incident. An Incident Management Queue team has recently been established to deal with less serious calls over the phone thereby freeing up operational officers to deal with more serious calls. Officers will respond to noise calls in some cases, such as when there is potential for violence or harm to property.


Redcar and Cleveland

 22/01/2014 - Dormanstown Neighbourhood Action Partnership

Off road motorbikes are an issue in the area - Several police operations have been undertaken, and one of the key offenders has been
evicted from his house due to his antisocial behaviour.

Lack of feedback when using the 101 number to report non emergency incidents - The Commissioner will raise this with the Chief Constable.

Why is 101 not a free call like 999? - 101 is a national initiative designed to ensure that wherever you are in the country there is a single recognisable number that you can use to contact the police for non emergency situations. Non emergency calls were not previously
free of charge, they were charged at local rates. You can still contact the Cleveland Police control room for non emergency incidents by ringing 01642 326326 at a local rate. Calls to 101 cost a standard 15p no matter what the duration of the call is, and whether you are ringing from a landline or mobile.

What is the age limit for Special Constables and what powers do they have? - Special Constables must be at least 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit, but applicants are required to complete a fitness test. Special Constables have the same responsibilities and powers as regular officers and they must follow the same rules of conduct and have the same professional standards and disciplinary procedures. For more imformation visit www.cleveland.police.uk/careers/Special-Constable-Roles.aspx

How can we justify cuts to the front line? - Between 2010 and 2016 the Cleveland Police budget has been cut by 26%. Savings have
been made in all areas, including senior and middle management, and back office restructures, but we are now in the unfortunate position of having to ask for voluntary redundancies in police staff, including PCSOs. The maximum efforts are being made to protect the front line, but losing over a quarter of the budget has led to some difficult decisions.

Why are the police considering moving the headquarters from Ladgate Lane? - The Ladgate Lane building is no longer fit for purpose – it is too large, expensive to maintain and not energy efficient. By selling the land the proceeds of the sale can be used to build a new more cost effective building or to co locate with partners in a more cost effective way.

Why were officers sent to Northern Ireland to help their police force? - As part of the Strategic Policing Requirement the Commissioner is required to ensure that our local police force can support national incidents and events such as the Olympics and issues such as those in Northern Ireland. This is a national commitment which is not optional, however the costs are recovered through mutual aid payments.

What is the package for higher ranking officers when they are made redundant? - Police officers cannot be made redundant, but they can be required to retire after 30 years service.  Pensions are in line with national policy, there are no additional ‘packages’ for those leaving the police force. 



16/01/2014 - Hartburn Coffee Morning

Problematic parking around Ropner Park - PCSO Widdowfield to liaise with local Enforcement Team to ticket offenders who park illegally or cause an obstruction.

19/01/2014 - Ingleby Barwick Town Council

Theft issues at Tescos - The store will be getting refurbished in June and will be looking to install some new security features.

The local PC is currently on long term sick, what resources are available to cover this absence? - Through the Force restructure neighbourhood teams are to be supported by detectives. Stockton is about to move to this model, which is already working well in other
pilot areas of Cleveland. In addition to this, meetings are held every morning and evening to ascertain demand levels across the Force and ensure resources are mapped to demand, so if there are particular issues in Ingleby Barwick the ward will receive additional resources.

01/04/2014 - University of the Third Age

Having Safe Places for vulnerable people in Marks & Spencer stores is a greta idea, but how do people know about it - All Safe Places have a logo as you enter the premises. The scheme has also been advertised on the PCC website and in local newspapers and engagement has been undertaken with vulnerable communities.

Do the police have training on recognising mental health issues? - Officers have basic training, and there is also a triage process in place in custody using specialist mental health nurses to assess whether people who are arrested have mental helath needs which require specilaised support.

Do you think the PCC role is more effective than the previous police authority - Yes, I think it is proving to be more effective as they are an identifiable point of contact for the public and can take decisions quickly, whilst ensuring sufficient scrutiny of decisiosn is in place through the Police and Crime Panel and Audit Panel. PCCs can also bring criminal justice partners together to tackle issues more effectively in partnership.

Would you foresee a regional police force? - I have always supported keeping services localised although I do support collaboration on services where practical and possible.

Do you think PCCs will be here to stay - The recent HMIC report recognises the opportunities of the role, and although many people were spectical of the benefits of the role it is proving effective and through the national Association of PCCs provides effective challenge to government.


29/04/2014 - Hardwick Residents Meeting

More communication needed between police & Tristar, particularly aroudn problem tenants

Suggestion that future Volunteers fayre could be at Stockton Riverside College

Good feedback around crime prevention advice given around bike theft 

Hardwick Stay Safe event praised 

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