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PCC Contract Information

Police & Crime Commissioners have a duty required by statute to publish documents and information as set out in the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) Order 2011 and the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Specified Information) (Amendment) Order 2012.

As part of the Specified Information Order, the PCC must publish the following information about the contracts and tenders held by their organisation:

    • Copies of each invitation to tender which is issued by the PCC or the Chief Officer where the contract is to exceed £10,000. 
    • A list of contracts for £10,000 or less - to include the value of the contract, the identity of all parties to the contract and its purpose.
    • Full copies of contracts over £10,000.



Invitations to Tender for Contracts over £10,000

The Police and Crime Commissioner will publish a copy of every Invitation to Tender (ITT) for a contract with an expected value exceeding £10,000 to which they or the Chief Constable is a party.


Invitations to Tender on Cleveland Police Website

Currently, in Cleveland, invitations to tender are only issued for contracts with an expected value exceeding £50,000. Cleveland Police complies with procurement law, therefore all tenders over the EU law threshold are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).


Invitations to Tender on Bluelight Emergency Services Tendering Website

Follow the guide below to view invitations to order:

  • To view tenders, click on New Tender Opportunities on the left hand menu. on this page you can chose to view Due North (original eTendering software provider) or EU Supply (new eTendering software provider).
  • For Due North ITTs:
    • Select Due North - New Tender Opportunities
    • Under 'Organisation' on the form that appears, select 'Cleveland Police'.
    • Tick the box to see past, present and future opportunities.
    • Finally, click on 'Search' to see the list of tenders.
  • For EU Supply ITTs
    • Select EU Supply - New Tender Opportunities
      • Awarded Tenders:
        • Under 'Ongoing Public Tenders' choose 'Awarded Quotes/Tenders' then 'More Options'
        • Under 'Buyer' choose 'Cleveland Police' then click search to view
      • Issued tenders:
        • Under 'Ongoing Public Tenders', choose 'Issued Quotes/Tenders' then 'More Options'
        • Under 'Buyer' choose 'Cleveland Police' then click search to view.

Changes to Public Procurement Legislation

Contract Standing Orders now reflect changes to European procurement legislation.


Contracts of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

The Office of the PCC is aiming to ensure the Specified Information Order is delivered. As this request pertains to a large number of contracts held by the PCC, the publishing of each contract is currently being assessed and undertaken. An interim measure, however, has been put in place to ensure that copies of contracts over £10,000 are accessible to the public via the completion of a Contract Request Form (located at the foot of this page). This will provide a pre-arranged opportunity to attend Police Headquarters at Ladgate Lane in Middlesbrough to view a copy of a requested contract. 

The following link provides a list of contracts for £10,000 or less which includes the value of the contract, the identity of all parties to the contract and its purpose.

Contracts over £10,000 - Public Access to Full Copies of Contracts

The Police & Crime Commissioner is currently aiming to publish all contracts over £10,000 however in the interim period, the Commissioner is happy to make available to the public, hard copies of held contracts over £10,000, viewable at the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, Cleveland Police Headquarters at a pre-arranged time.

If you wish to undertake this opportunity, please view the list of contracts over £10,000 via the link above, then submit the form underneath to arrange a viewing. 

Number of times public have requested access to contracts = 0 (updated 28 October, 2019)


  • Name
  • Preferred Method of Contact
  • Please list the details of the contract you wish to view. Details are contained within the contract registers.


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