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Expenditure over £500

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland and Cleveland Police are committed to transparency in all our dealings, including the use of public funds to deliver policing in the Cleveland area.

This page presents our expenditure over £500 (excluding VAT) showing who we paid, how much we paid, and what this was for.

The table below explains the column headings used in the reports:


We will be as transparent as possible, but in some cases information which is operationally or commercially sensitive, or which relates to individuals, has been redacted. The information detailing the preceding month’s spending will be published within 30 days of the end of the month.


Value for Money

Effective procurement, based on a principle of value for money, supports the Police & Crime Commissioner in achieving this vision and meeting his corporate objectives. The PCC strives to ensure that all activities are undertaken with honesty, equality and integrity. All contracts undertaken by the Police and Crime Commissioner are subject to rigorous checking of value for money pronciples as set out in How to Do Business with Cleveland Police published on the Cleveland Police website. 


Expenditure Reports

Please find links below to spend reports for each month:


January 2020 (MS Excel, 85KB)

February 2020 (MS Excel, 24KB)

March 2020 (MS Excel 28KB)

April 2020 (MS Excel 24KB) 

May 2020 (MS Excel 24KB)

June 2020 (MS Excel 28KB)

July 2020 (MS Excel 24KB) 

August 2020 (MS Excel 24KB)


January 2019 (MS Excel, 23.5KB)

February 2019 (MS Excel, 24KB)

March 2019 (MS Excel, 25.1KB)

April 2019 (MS Excel, 26.0KB)

May 2019 (MS Excel, 24.0KB)

June 2019 (MS Excel, 24.0KB)

July 2019 (MS Excel, 24KB)

August 2019 (MS Excel, 26KB)

September 2019 (MS Excel, 77KB)

October 2019 (MS Excel, 24KB)

November 2019 (MS Excel 29KB)

December 2019 (MS Excel 21KB)



January 2018 (MS Excel, 27.1KB)

February 2018 (MS Excel, 28KB)

March 2018 (MS Excel, 28KB)

April 2018 (MS Excel, 27.6KB)

May 2018 (MS Excel, 26KB)

June 2018 (MS Excel, 28KB)

July 2018 (MS Excel, 30 KB)

August 2018 (MS Excel, 28 KB)

September 2018 (MS Excel, 20KB)

October 2018 (MS Excel, 25.2KB)

November 2018 ( MS Excel, 24.1KB)

December 2018 (MS Excel, 19.5KB)



January 2017 (PDF)

February 2017 (MS Excel)

March 2017 (MS Excel, 25.5KB)

April 2017 (MS Excel, 21.8KB)

May 2017 (MS Excel, 28.0KB)

June 2017 (MS Excel, 24.0KB)

July 2017 (MS Excel, 24.0KB)

August 2017 (MS Excel, 28.0KB)

September 2017 (MS Excel, 24.0KB)

October 2017 (MS Excel 24.0KB)

November 2017 (MS Excel 22.0KB)

December 2017 (MS Excel 20KB)

2016      January   February     March    April    May     June     July     August      September     October     November     December

2015      January    February    March    April    May     June     July     August      September     October     November     December

2014      January    February    March    April    May     June     July     August      September     October     November     December

2013      January    February    March    April    May     June     July     August      September     October     November     December

2012      December




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