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Cleveland Community Safety Awards 2016 - Winners


Below are the citations of all winners of the 2016 Cleveland Community Safety Awards, which took place at Stockton College on 9 November.


1. Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year

Award Presented by Barry Coppinger, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

Hartlepool Winner - PC Geoff Coggin

Geoff has greatly improved Cleveland Police’s engagement with people and communities, particularly those most vulnerable. He has a personality that breaks down barriers to communication and a caring nature that wants to help in society and in doing so shows the best possible image of Cleveland Police. Recent examples of initiatives he has undertaken include schools engagement with Catcote Road School to reduce youth offending, working with Boys Brigade helping to keep young males out of crime and antisocial behaviour and accessing drug and alcohol rehabilitation services to help a very vulnerable male.

Middlesbrough Winner - Insp Tina Notman

Tina's leadership and foresight has instigated a significant and positive change to communities and neighbourhood policing. Through her great foresight and unique way of thinking and developing skills she has been the spearhead of many projects within the community which have prevented antisocial behaviour, built relationships with those likely to offend and created a positive environment where officers are not feared but welcomed by all. Initiatives she has supported include a school’s road safety event,
antisocial behaviour reduction project using bicycle painting for the Tour de Yorkshire and involvement of her team in delivering crime prevention sessions. She always insists on being involved in any community event in order to reduce antisocial behaviour and develop opportunities to build relationships with those who are likely to offend.

Redcar and Cleveland Winner - PC Jan McArthur

Jan is a greatly valued member of the integrated neighbourhood team, and who repeatedly takes the initiative with team objectives, pursuing these professionally and ensuring that she gets results. When there was a problem with a series of indecent exposures to women in the area she actively went through the scenes of the offences to try to push the suspect out of a wooded area towards the team, which takes some drive and tenacity. She has also been instrumental in reducing youth antisocial behaviour and in providing support and reassurance to vulnerable refugees who have recently been housed in the area.

Stockton Winner - PC Paul Eastick

Paul is well liked and respected by his peers and supervisors, and has the ability to communicate well with all walks of society. He remains calm and professional, no matter what situation he is faced with. He is always enthusiastic and carries a large work load. He has worked hard with local stores and small businesses to reduce crime, offering crime prevention advice and guidance. He always takes time to speak with local youths to ensure that he has an excellent knowledge of persons in high crime areas and to provide a positive and professional image of Cleveland Police. 

Cleveland Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year - PC Geoff Coggin (Hartlepool)



2. Neighbourhood Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) of the Year

Award Presented by Deputy Chief Constable Simon Nickless, Cleveland Police

Hartlepool Winners - PCSO Mark Say, PCSO Yasmin Calvert and PCSO Graeme Handley

These three PCSOs provided valuable support to vulnerable members of the community.

Middlesbrough Winner - PCSO Helen Barron

Helen has worked exceptionally hard to break down barriers and become more involved in traditional community policing. She has gone more than the extra mile to bolster and build new and strong community relationships. She has been involved in numerous community projects including being the first officer in Cleveland to become involved in Middlesbrough's Tour De Yorkshire celebrations which involved, amongst other things, carrying out bicycle painting with various schools and community groups, taking part in a charitable bicycle ride in aid of Zoe's Place. She also regularly takes part in community focussed events such as family fun days and summer fairs. She gives up much of her own time to benefit the local community with her 110% commitment.

Redcar and Cleveland Winner - PCSO Lauren Clements

Lauren works hard to provide support to vulnerable victims of crime in her local area. She recently supported a family during a difficult month with a situation which caused the victims a great deal of stress. By keeping both victims regularly updated on developments through visits in person, emails and even popping a note through the door if they were out, she ensured that these victims felt fully supported by Cleveland Police and a time of extreme stress and upset.

Stockton Winner - PCSO Michael Beals

Michael is experienced and motivated officer who has made a significant impact to the policing of his local area. He works extremely well with troubled families and his ability to listen and to respond with positivity is an example to followed. He has been commended on several occasions by the Detective Inspector for his quality of work carried out around house burglaries and on Operation Impact Anti-Social Behaviour Patrols. He is innovative in his problem solving approach - where external air vents had been a gathering place for local youths causing disruption he worked with others to bring about an engineered change to the heaters meaning the area will no longer be a warming place to congregate, therefore leading to reduced disruption. He is both recognised and respected within the areas he covers, managing the expectations of residents when dealing with their reports.

Cleveland Neighbourhood PCSOs of the Year - PCSO Mark Say, PCSO Yasmin Calvert & PCSO Graeme Handley (Hartlepool)



3. Neighbourhood Special Constable of the Year

Award Presented by Norma Stephenson, Chair of the Police and Crime Panel

Cleveland Winner - Special Insp Rob Lynas

Rob has served in a number of local policing areas across the force during this time, and is well liked and respected for the work he does, along with the commitment he shows. He recently took a lead role in Operation Checkpoint, which is the largest rural policing operation of its kind in the country, aiming to gather intelligence about travelling criminals, disrupt their use of the road network and bring anyone found breaking the law to justice. During the evening he single handedly manned the Command Room, using the dispatch control systems, along with the ANPR system and organising the deployment of Special Constables in support of the operation. His knowledge and enthusiasm is both a credit to him and the force and he will always go that extra mile to help anyone that may need his assistance. His interaction with communities from all backgrounds and his professionalism is always of a high standard, taking people’s situations and problems in his stride and always being willing to find a solution.  



4. Neighbourhood Team of the Year

Award Presented by Norma Stephenson, Chair of the Police and Crime Panel

Hartlepool Winner - Hartlepool Integrated Neighbourhood Team

The Hartlepool Integrated Neighbourhood Team have led the way in identifying new ways of tackling antisocial behaviour trends by working effectively with other partners, engaging with offenders and where necessary taking enforcement action. When an emerging issue of antisocial behaviour around a parade of shops was identified a multi agency meeting was quickly convened. Business owners were spoken to, to encourage enforcement of security measures, youth outreach patrols were put in place to divert young people from offending behaviour, dispersal orders and Criminal Behaviour Orders were utilised and Troubled Families were also involved in the multi agency work. This led to a significant reduction in incidents and positive feedback from local business owners and residents.

Middlesbrough Winner - Coulby Newham/Berwick Hills Integrated Neighbourhood Team

The Coulby Newham/Berwick Hills Integrated Neighbourhood Team have developed new ways of achieving the Force’s aims of creating strong and visible neighbourhood policing, by assisting in community projects ranging from school engagement, bicycle painting, helping at the region’s only road safety event, assisting at school fayres and reading with children within schools. The Team ensure that by getting into the community more and becoming more involved they prevent rather than have a reactive policing element. They are always striving to find new ways of becoming involved in the local community, and are not only an asset to the force but also a model example of neighbourhood policing at its finest.

Cleveland Neighbourhood Team of the Year - Hartlepool Integrated Neighbourhood Team



5. Neighbourhood Officer Best at Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by Alex Cunningham MP

Cleveland Winner -  Supt David Sutherland

David leads by example and embodies one of the finest examples of professionalism, integrity and commitment to public service. He is an inclusive leader - approachable, willing to accept a challenge and calm and diplomatic when dealing with difficult situations of which the nature of his work is plentiful. His commitment to partnership working is highly commendable and his knowledge of community safety is exceptional. In respect to dealing with anti-social behaviour and its constant overlap into crime types which include child sexual exploitation, organised crime, volume crime and even domestic extremism, he is second to none. He is always willing to go that extra mile to achieve what is best for the communities in which he and his teams serve, and he has instilled this attitude in all the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Middlesbrough which has greatly improved cooperative working between the police and partnership agencies for the benefit of the communities stability.  



6. Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator of the Year

Award Presented by:Charlie Rooney, Vice Chair, Cleveland Police & Crime Panel

Middlesbrough Winner - North Ormesby Residents Against Crime (NORAC)

North Ormesby Residents Against Crime is a constituted organisation created by a group of residents in conjunction with Neighbourhood Police Officers. The group raises funds to buy crime prevention tools and target hardening equipment which the local police then distribute to victims of burglary and vehicle crime. The ethos of the organisation is to improve the quality of life for residents in the local area, reduce crime and the fear of crime, reduce antisocial behaviour and the fear of antisocial behaviour and support victims, vulnerable residents and new families. As volunteers they work tirelessly to improve their local community.  

Redcar and Cleveland Winner - Mike Barnes 

Mike is a dedicated and conscientious Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, who gives his time freely in order to promote the safety of his community. He attends numerous community events to provide crime prevention equipment and neighbourhood watch information to local residents and can always be relied upon to spread the word regarding crime prevention in the local community. He has recently taken on the role of Chair of the Cleveland Neighbourhood Watch Committee and works tirelessly to promote neighbourhood watch across the local area. 

Cleveland Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator of the Year - North Ormesby Residents Against Crime (Middlesbrough)




7. Housing Provider Contribution to Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by Anna Turley MP

Cleveland Winner - Leah Wetheritt, Thirteen Housing Group 

Leah has shown commitment in preventing antisocial behaviour incidents in the area which she is responsible for. She works tirelessly to protect vulnerable residents and engages proactively with the local policing team to look at joint problem solving to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and improve the quality of life of local residents.



8. Community Safety Team Contribution to Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by Anna Turley MP

Cleveland Winner - Julie Pearce

Julie has a wealth of experience and takes the lead on many projects above and beyond what is expected of her. She works long hours and often changes her tour of duty to suit the needs of working alongside police colleagues to visit victims. She takes the lead for Middlesbrough Council anaging Operation Autumnus which involves coordinating many partnership organisations. She has developed the campaign which now includes preventative youth provision and fire safety, and she endeavours to improve the operation each year. Other recent examples of the work she has undertaken include providing support to vulnerable victims of hate crime and coordinating multi agency response to antisocial behaviour issues in a local park. She is currently working on an initiative to reduce issues with off road bikes.



9. Community Volunteer Champion

Award Presented by Shahda Khan, Chair of the Strategic Independent Advisory Group

Middlesbrough Winner - Tony Whitby

Tony is a community volunteer who has worked with young males for the past 15 years by helping them learn discipline and respect for others through boxing. He has trained many young men from the age of 10 and has even nurtured them to the level of being able to join the GB squad. Although he works full time he has given up lots of his free time for training and transporting the young people, at his cost, to competitions throughout the UK. His commitment knows no bounds and his wife even has to fit in family holidays around the national boxing competitions. Young people from many different backgrounds partake in the boxing sessions and everyone has the utmost respect for him. 

Redcar & Cleveland Winner- Theresa Cave 

Theresa has turned her own personal tragedy into a crusade to help others. After losing her son to knife crime she has worked tirelessly to put the message out in the local community and further afield that carrying weapons is wrong. She does a fantastic job in educating both young and old on the dangers of carrying weapons and is an inspiration to many around her.

Cleveland Community Volunteer Champion - Tony Whitby (Middlesbrough)



10. Young Community Volunteer Champion

Award Presented by John Bentley, Chief Executive, Safe in Tees Valley

Cleveland Winners - Jack Dodsworth, Harry Pickering and Joseph Whitehead

Jack, Harry and Joseph have worked with the local Neighbourhood Police Team and Victim Care and Advice Service to help support a very vulnerable male who had been a victim of repeated burglary, theft and antisocial behaviour over a number of months.  This repeated victimisation had a huge detrimental effect upon the gentleman’s health and resilience and he had become something of a recluse rarely leaving his home. A number of professional agencies were supporting this man in his recovery; one issue that remained was to help him tidy and arrange his home in order to improve his quality of life, a task which these three young men volunteered to assist in. They spent a full day with local Police and VCAS staff, moving furniture, removing unwanted items and rearranging the home to the gentleman’s wishes and at the end of a tiring day he was left with the home that he always wanted. This simple task had a significant impact upon the victim who felt empowered and had the opportunity to meet a group of young people who cared about him and were willing to give up their time to help him as opposed to the groups who threatened and mocked him in the street.


11. Community Minded Business

Award Presented by John Bentley, Chief Executive, Safe in Tees Valley

Cleveland Winner - Streets Ahead 

Streets Ahead is a one stop help and advice centre for local residents. The staff that run the centre are always friendly and helpful, and local volunteers also assist in the day to day running. The centre offers help to get back into employment, IT and English classes. Numerous community care and activities take place there including Gresham in Bloom, Ayresome Gala and a community shop. The centre also holds Police and Councillor surgeries, offering crime prevention advice and target hardening equipment to the residents, together with offering benefit and entitlement advice and also environmental advice around fly tipping, noise nuisance and antisocial behaviour. They provide an excellent service to the local community, providing a location for local meetings, crime prevention equipment and advice to residents on all matters.  This all helps to keep the community safe and working together.


12. Outstanding Support to a Victim

Award Presented by Wendy Shepherd, Barnardos

Middlesbrough Winner - Adam Downing and Altayeb Younis

Adam and Altayeb are two young men who showed incredible bravery whilst helping an extremely vulnerable young female who was threatening to jump from a bridge over the A66. The female had cut her neck and was bleeding. The males stayed and talked to her until police arrived. One of them had hold of the female and had she jumped, he would have been pulled off the bridge onto the road below. These young men were faced with a highly emotive and distressing situation which they handled in an amazingly calm and mature manner. Had it not been for their quick thinking and selfless actions a terrible tragedy could have occurred.

Redcar & Cleveland Winner - Sgt James Brown, PC David Alcock, PCSO Claire Vodden and PCSO David Lynas

These four officers provided support to an extremely vulnerable victim who was protected by a court restraining order against the suspect. The victim lived alone and without support of any family and was living in inadequate conditions: there was no heating, very little food and he had disconnected the phone through fear of being contacted by the suspect.  Through continued engagement with the victim the team managed to gain his trust, leading to further disclosures of financial exploitation and victimisation. The team made frequent personal visits to the victim and his home was fitted with a police alarm. Safeguarding and welfare support was also put in place, together with support through the criminal justice process including transportation to Teesside Magistrates Court. Officers assisted the victim in being reimbursed for some of the funding which had been taken from him leading to him being in a far healthier financial position. In the victim’s words, these officers didn’t just support him, they gave him his life back.

Cleveland Outstanding Support to a Victim - Sgt James Brown, PC David Alcock, PCSO Claire Vodden and PCSO David Lynas (Redcar and Cleveland)



13. Lifetime Achievement Award

Award Presented by Barry Coppinger, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

Winner - Wendy Shepherd

Wendy has been a key part of Barnardo’s for 24 years. During this time she has been a leading light in the way Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is seen and confronted, both in the Tees area and nationally. When she started in 1992 the subject of CSE was often not recognised as an issue for young people – it’s very existence was sometimes not acknowledged. Her work with Barnardo’s has helped to change this and as a result we can see perpetrators brought to justice and young people being properly supported to change their lives and break the cycles of abuse.

She has tirelessly supported her team of workers, often going out with them into the early hours to help deliver a service to those who are most vulnerable from the impact of the night time economy. She has also been at the forefront when working with partners to secure funding, change thinking and shape services. Young people and families have always been at the heart of her practice and it is in the thousands of young people’s lives that have been improved because of her work and commitment that her legacy lies.

Barnardo’s will hugely miss her passion and drive, but will work on her legacy with a team of highly experience and enthusiastic workers who will continue her work. We wish her all the best for her retirement.



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