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Cleveland Community Safety Awards 2017 Winners


Below are the citations of all winners of the 2017 Community Safety Awards, which took place at Middlesbrough College STEM Centre on 22 November.


1. Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year

Award Presented by Andy Buckworth, Executive Director, Middlesbrough College STEM Centre

WINNER - PC Jason Bowes

PC Bowes supported a vulnerable member of the community who was experiencing a very emotional and stressful situation. His conduct and professionalism highlighted his passion for his job, and his enhanced communication skills enabled the victim to express her concerns and ultimately her wishes and outcomes of the case. Through his empathy and understanding he empowered the victim in other areas of her life, truly putting into practice the ‘Everyone Matters' methodology. Through his actions he won the trust of an exceedingly vulnerable member of the BME community who previously had no trust of the police due to experiences in her country of origin. Word of mouth is very important in this community and the actions of this officer will go a long way in building bridges and creating a stronger and more cohesive community.

NOMINEE - Inspector Tina Notman

Inspector Notman has spearheaded numerous community led events and has always encouraged and supported her officers in doing the same. Whilst working in Middlesbrough she transformed Coulby Newham INT into a proactive and all engaging team. Her passion and drive for Neighbourhood Policing and her commitment to engaging the community in the activities of her team had a massively positive impact on the area she policed. She is an asset to the management of Cleveland Police and has recently moved to Stockton where I am sure she is already having the same positive impact.

NOMINEE - PC Gemma Allan

PC Allan's hard work and dedication has made her a valued asset to the community which she polices. Through her diligence and dedication a number of successful drug raids have been conducted, and a high number of illegal vehicles have been removed from the area, leading to an improvement in the quality of life of local residents through reduced antisocial behaviour. Her hard work has not gone unnoticed by the community and partner agencies. She is an enthusiastic and proactive member of the team who is thoroughly deserving of an award.

NOMINEE - Sergeant Mark Doherty

Sgt Doherty was recently relocated to Stockton INT and is already having a positive impact in the area he polices. He has quickly established excellent working relationships with partner agencies and the local community. He leads his team by example and continues to build upon and improve multi agency working, ensuring that issues such as antisocial behaviour are tackled through a joined up approach with offenders in no doubt that agencies will tackle problems together. He is an excellent example of partnership working and community engagement, and is a real asset to the area he polices.


2. Police Community Support Officer of the Year

Award Presented by Andy Buckworth, Executive Director, Middlesbrough College STEM Centre

WINNER - PCSO Paul Walker

PCSO Walker has worked tirelessly within the community he polices, both with residents and with refugee families who are moving into the area through the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. He has ensured that all of the Syrian families arriving in the area have been made to feel welcome by meeting them on a one to one basis and also by attending refugee drop in centres. He works closely with Thirteen Group who are helping to house the families ensuring that a visit is planned before they arrive. He has also done numerous presentations at schools and community meetings to reinforce what the Neighbourhood Policing Teams do and how the community can
be part of that. This has been recognised by local councillors, as well as community and faith leaders and senior officers within Cleveland Police.

NOMINEE - PCSO Kirsty Walker

Despite being a recent addition to Cleveland Police, PCSO Walker has made a positive impression not only to the community in which she serves but also to the partner agencies with whom she works closely on addressing local concerns. Within her second week she successfully gained the confidence and trust of two non British National Children and identified them as at risk of child sexual exploitation. She immediately completed the appropriate safeguarding processes and obtained vital intelligence regarding the suspected offender which was then referred to the Police and Council VEMT team. Her way of relating with the young people in the area is having a massively positive effect in breaking down the barrier of the uniform so that they feel confident discussing emotive safeguarding issues with her. She is a true asset to her local community.

NOMINEE - PCSO Jonathan Severs

The next nomination goes to an individual who covers the area of Teesside University, where students are often vulnerable to crime and worried about local issues. He is always contactable by student support services and by students themselves and is well known by all on campus. He deals robustly with individuals who are behaving in an antisocial manner and is also proactive in giving students tips and advice on how to better protect themselves against becoming victims. He is a calming and welcoming presence for students a long
way from home and the protective blanket of their families, and is a credit to Cleveland Police.

NOMINEE - PCSO Simon French

PCSO French has been policing his area for 8 years, and is a fantastic and dedicated PCSO who is always happy to help. He is an asset to all the residents and families with whom he works. He has set up numerous schemes to reduce crime in the area he polices and regularly organises and takes part in days of action to reduce crime and tackle antisocial behaviour. He is known by all residents and is greatly appreciated and respected for the work which he undertakes.


3. Police Team of the Year

Award Presented by Cllr Norma Stephenson OBE

WINNER - Cyber Crime Team

The next nomination goes to a team who were the first in the country to proactively act upon national data indicating the type and threat level within each area of cyber related crime. Trojan viruses were found to be affecting 1 in every 150 Cleveland homes. The team’s investigation identified vulnerable individuals and performed personalised interventions to provide safeguarding, a methodology now recommended to other forces as best practice. The team also embarked upon an extensive public awareness campaign to help those affected and prevent others from becoming victims. This included 15 public events in 10 months and a large scale monthly distribution network combining councils, companies, organisationsand individuals in order to provide on going support regarding new threats. New
figures show Trojan infections have been reduced by 69%, meaning one thousand previously infected computers are no longer placing Cleveland’s community members at risk.

NOMINEE - Middlesbrough Integrated Neighbourhood Team 1

The first nomination goes a team who work in a difficult area characterised by high levels of crime, social deprivation and high numbers of private rented properties yet who consistently achieve positive regarding both enforcement and support to the benefit of the communities in which they serve. An example of this is the excellent partnership work with the Middlesbrough retail crime partnership on empowering this partnership of local retailers to apply for their own legal actions against the most prolific shoplifters. In addition to this the team have consistently supported a multi agency approach to increase the professionalism of the retail partnership members and to develop the group to empower them to take positive approaches both from an enforcement and supportive perspective to ensure they reduce their reoffending. All of the team are passionate about the communities in which they serve and consistently work hard to give the best to their communities to make the area a safer place to live, work and enjoy.

NOMINEE - East Cleveland Integrated Neighbourhood Team

East Cleveland INT cover an area which is predominately rural and has its own unique policing issues that require a different approach by officers who are willing to go above and beyond their normal duties both whilst on duty and in their own personal time. For over 3 years Cleveland Police have run Operation Checkpoint in partnership with five other northern forces, with the aim of tackling organised crime gangs, and criminal activity in rural and remote communities, together with giving professional crime prevention advice when needed. The team are now well known among the rural communities for their proactive work, and take every opportunity to face these issues head on which has built the confidence of those who they serve and resulted in intelligence regularly being provided to them and acted upon.

NOMINEE - Stockton Integrated Neighbourhood Team 1

Stockton INT 1 is a close knit team whowork together on a daily basis with officers from the Local Authority enforcement team to ensure that Stockton is a safer place. They are extremely proactive in their approach and this is evidenced the volume of arrests that have carried out – 689 arrest over 12 months. A prime example of how tenacious the team are was shown during a recent ‘crack house closure, when community and partner intelligence was used to obtain a closure order, leading to vastly improved quality of life for local residents.  The team work closely with Stockton BID in order to improve Stockton Town Centre, and were the first area to introduce the ‘Adopt a Post Office Scheme’. They also work closely with Stockton dementia to get to know the routines of vulnerable community members which could assist should they be reported missing.


4. Detective of the Year

Award Presented by Cllr Norma Stephenson OBE

WINNER - PC Leigh Hindle

PC Hindle works in the Vulnerable, Exploited, Missing and Trafficked team, and has consistently demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism, commitment and dedication to the role of a police officer whilst embodying the values of everyone matters before it was even developed. She has successfully assisted partner organisations in identifying numerous individuals involved in cross border trafficking which has ultimately resulted in a larger operation and increased intelligence sharing. Since then she has continued to work hard as part of the police VEMT group working with vulnerable young people, gaining their confidence and helping them to bring offenders to justice. She is an exemplary member of Cleveland Police embodying the values and professionalism which the professional framework promotes.


5. Officer Best at Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by Libby Griffiths, Thirteen Housing Group

WINNER - Inspector Rob Jones

Insp Jones has consistently dealt with numerous incidents of anti social behaviour supporting his team and giving clear direction and leadership with some of the most challenging cases including serious disorder around Mcdonalds in Central Middlesbrough, incidents of criminal damage towards vehicles in Ayresome Ward and managing disorder and high level risk taking behaviour in and around the Albert Park area. He has a clear methodical approach to policing which regularly employs out of the box problem solving thinking and working closely with partner agencies to resolve issues following the towards 20/20 ethos of prevention, intervention and protection. He is to be commended for his leadership, commitment and professionalism to the role especially in managing a challenging area with a diverse level of antisocial behaviour.


6. Housing Provider Contribution to Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by Libby Griffiths, Thirteen Housing Group

WINNER - Kendra Hunt, Thirteen Housing Group

Kendra has only been an ASB Officer for about one year. Despite this, her enthusiasm and professionalism has resulted in some brilliant results for Thirteen Group in dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour, in the South area of Hartlepool. Recently, she has been dealing with some serious, drug dispute fuelled anti-social behaviour in the Seaton Lane area of Hartlepool. This has resulted in Thirteen struggling to let homes in the area, and also a lot of damage to property has occurred. She has liaised with Police and other Social Landlords who have an interest in the area. This resulted in her personally making an application to County Court for an Injunction to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance against one of the main perpetrators of this behaviour. She made the application in person, and did not require legal assistance. The application was successful and the perpetrator has been excluded from a large part of the affected area.

NOMINEE - Donna Mallaby-Frost, Thirteen Housing Group

Donna provides residents with solutions to quality of life issues through her role as ASB Officer. Her work for the Thirteen group often involves the Police, sometimes in an enforcement capacity, but also in an information sharing and developmental capacity. She epitomises collaborative working and acts quickly to address issues. Recognising that anti-social behaviour and drugs are key issues for local policing, she provides support to policing activity by pursuing nuisance tenants, removing them from the area of their offending or applying housing sanctions. Recent successes as a result of this partnership working are the closure of two premises involved in anti-social behaviour and crime and the termination of a tenant who was committing burglaries throughout the district. She has also been instrumental in pursuing sanctions against the parents of youths who are involved in anti-social behaviour in the Roseworth area, identified as a policing priority by residents of the area. She epitomises partnership working, and her ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism bring the true synergy of partnerships to fruition.

NOMINEE - Karl Gippert,Thirteen Housing Group

Karl always goes the "extra mile" in dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour in the North of Hartlepool. He will always look to sustain a tenancy where possible, however, where a perpetrator refuses to abide by their tenancy agreement, he will utilise the range of powers available to him to enforce this. This could involve applications at County Court for Demotion Orders, Possession Orders or Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance. He represents Thirteen himself in making these applications and does not rely on Legal Representation. He is an excellent team member and often volunteers to assist colleagues in other areas. He leaves no stone unturned in attempting to resolve antisocial behaviour issues in the community, and always puts the victim first. His dedication to the cause really shines through and he is an example to any aspiring ASB Officer.


7. Community Safety Contribution to Tackling Antisocial Behaviour

Award Presented by John Bentley, Safe in Tees Valley

WINNER - Chris Dunwell, Stockton Borough Council

Chris' contribution to the management of Stockton Town Centre is exemplary, bringing the true synergy of partnership working to fruition. He works closely alongside the Police, sharing information, identifying suspects and pursuing civil orders against those people intent on committing anti-social behaviour and criminal offences throughout the area. This communication channel has enabled joint working to obtain Criminal Behaviour Orders on prolific shoplifters and beggars in the Town Centre area. Recently, he attended a store where a female was trying to pawn a guitar. Remembering that a vehicle had been stolen two days previously and within it was a guitar, he immediately alerted officers, who were able to attend the store, recover the goods and arrest the female attempting to sell it as well as her partner who had originally stolen the vehicle. Committed to the reduction of anti-social behaviour in the area, he has been instrumental in obtaining Criminal Banning Orders on those who disrupt and harass the public who live, travel through and work in Stockton.

NOMINEE - Sue Atherton, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council

Sue was instrumental in tackling an ongoing complaint of antisocial behaviour in the Bankfields area. She was always very understanding and clear on what options the victims had to tackle the issues and after a long period of frequent phone calls and correspondence between herself and the victims the issues were eventually resolved. She provided immense support to the victims through a truly awful experience, and her kindness and advice helped them to overcome the issues they were facing. This is just one example of her proactive and persistent approach to tackling issues. She recently played a vital role in Operation Autumnus where she arranged and carried out joint visits with PCSO’s to repeat offenders giving out Acceptable Behaviour  Agreements. She also went out on patrol on the night of the 30th October to keep the community safe and tackle offenders. Once the night finished she continued to work closely with partners to ensure that the parents of youths involved in antisocial behaviour were aware of the seriousness of these type of offences in the community and where necessary to seek eviction.

NOMINEE- Julie Pearce, Middlesbrough Council

Julie displays extensive knowledge and skills in working with other agencies to support communities across Middlesbrough. Her enthusiasm and commitment are evident in her approach to partnership working to tackle ongoing issues. She welcomes ideas and feedback from partner agencies, and is also professional but approachable, encouraging her colleagues to fulfil their full potential. She is looked upon as a strong, supportive and motivational leader in her field, with extensive experience and knowledge, making her a pleasure to work with. Her contribution in keeping communities safe and connected has been significant and admirable. She has a unique ability to connect with people from different ethnic communities and communities with complex and challenging needs, approaching all members of the community in a non-discriminatory, warm and empathetic manner which promotes inclusion and cohesiveness within communities.


8. Outstanding Contribution to Prevention

Award Presented by John Bentley, Safe in Tees Valley

WINNER - Thorndyke Project

Thorndyke Project is a multi agency project which has vastly improved the quality of life for many residents in a short space of time. People living in Thorndyke Avenue Middlesbrough were living in fear due to a handful of criminals committing crime, dealing drugs, setting properties alight, and threatening and intimidating residents. Many were too scared to report incidents to agencies and saw their only way out was to move from the area. A joint operation was established between Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough Council and Thirteen. An action plan was developed and a range of interventions both enforcement and supportive were implemented. A Hearts and Minds campaign was run throughout the summer gaining the trust of residents and ensuring they felt safe to report issues. At the same time a zero tolerance approach was taken by all agencies against those committing crime and ASB. Agencies jointly funded a mini Belfast CCTV camera pole to support the identification and prosecution of perpetrators of crime and ASB.
Residents and agencies celebrated the success of the operation with a Family Fun Day. Residents are delighted with the improvement to the area and their quality of life, one resident stating, “It made me feel more secure knowing that something was being done about it. I feel a lot better and it’s better for the kids, people do not want to move now.”

NOMINEE - Selective Landlord Licensing Team

A project for selective landlord licensing which was introduced due to significant and persistent anti-social behaviour in the North Ormesby area. Landlords must now provide a written action plan to Middlesbrough Council outlining procedures for dealing with anti-social behaviour at the time of application. They must obtain tenant references prior to granting a tenancy as to previous tenancy conduct, including the behaviour of that of the proposed occupier and household, and they must cooperate with Middlesbrough Council, Cleveland Police and other agencies in resolving complaints of anti-social behaviour or criminal activity. The team work alongside and share information with JAG, police, PCSO’s, Crime Prevention, Street Wardens, CCTV and Neighbourhood Safety Officers. The implementation of the scheme has seen a huge impact in making North Ormesby a safer place to live by the reduction of rogue landlords, crime and antisocial behaviour that was affecting the residents.


9. Community Volunteer Champion

Award Presented by Shahda Khan, Middlesbrough Council

WINNER - Ley Miller

Ley who works tirelessly as a volunteer for Trans Aware interacting with the parents and families of gender variant people, helping make our communities safer for everyone. Over the summer she undertook a gruelling though inspiring tour of the region delivering transgender awareness sessions for hundreds of 16/17 year olds in the Tees Valley area and inspiring many of these young people to be more accepting of trans people. She has done all of this whilst battling with significant health concerns. She is always willing to go the extra mile as she understands how difficult the world is for many trans & non-binary people. It is safe to say that Trans Aware would not exist as the amazing charity it is without her assistance and constant support.

NOMINEE - Steve Robinson

Steve's energy in his role as a volunteer at Guisborough rugby club enthuses others. Despite working fulltime himself, he works tirelessly to improve the opportunities for people of all ages within the area of Guisborough, from liaison work with the rugby coaching networks, advising and a busy coaching role, to helping young people make sensible decisions. He is often found at the club assisting with anything, and everything, from fence building to landscaping and everything in between. Without his help, the clubs functionality and ability to deliver excellent sporting opportunities would be compromised. His willingness to do anything to help is leading by example to the young men who choose to play sport as opposed to getting involved in problematic behaviour. He is a true community champion, and for the people of East Cleveland a hidden source of positive influence in the lives of young people.

NOMINEE - Mustafa Othman

Mustafa has been a volunteer for various organisations since he settled in Middlesbrough15 years ago as a refugee. He has worked tirelessly as an interpreter for people in his community, together with promoting hate crime awareness and referring vulnerable people from his community to services to improve their wellbeing. The impact of his engagement in the confidence and health and wellbeing of families he has supported is clearly evident. He has pledged to work in the community as long as he is capable and is a valuable resource that highlights and celebrates diversity in our community.

NOMINEE - Noreen Khan

Noreen volunteered for Victim Support for many years before helping victims and survivors through the work of the Halo Project Charity. She has successfully empowered women and girls from BME and refugee communities by increasing their confidence in reporting hate crime and worked across Cleveland to organise workshops tackling the issue of community safety with respect to countering-extremism. Her patience and empathy for survivors of abuse has enabled projects to engage with the most vulnerable and disengaged members of the community. She is respected amongst her peers and offers her time, not only as a volunteer but also over and above her role often working unsociable hours. She drives forward the ideas of service users with her innovation, passion and leadership. She is modest in her charity work and has also helped those who are destitute with her starter food packs drawn from local business in the Cleveland area.

NOMINEE - Jack Stokes

Jack is a young man with a passion for helping other people. After losing his job due to redundancy he began volunteering with Stockton Town Pastors, providing support to numerous night time economy users across the Stockton area, often helping those most vulnerable. He threw himself into his volunteering role with the Town Pastors whilst also volunteering for the Victim Care and Advice Service, dealing with victims and people who have become vulnerable in the night time economy of Stockton. As a result of his efforts, he has managed to secure the role of administrator for VCAS, and is currently still assisting the project manager of Stockton Town Pastors.


10. Young Community Volunteer

Award Presented by Shahda Khan, Middlesbrough Council

WINNERS - Cleveland Police Cadet Programme

Cleveland Police Cadet Programme operates across the 4 geographical areas of Cleveland and presently has 104 young people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and religions. An important element of the syllabus is recognising the value of volunteering within the community. Over the last 12 months the young people have been involved in numerous community volunteer Initiatives including:

  • A Dementia Film Screening at the ARC, Stockton, where the young people hosted a number of people living with Dementia for a special viewing of White Christmas.
  • A trip to Beamish for a group of residents from a local care home
  • Numerous community tidy up initiatives including the tidying of the Millennium Green in South Bank and the repair and redecoration of a garden in a Residential Home in Hartlepool
  • IT initiatives for Care Homes, teaching elderly residents how to use modern technology to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Support for the Rotarian Disability Games, a regional sporting event for people with disabilities


11. Special Constable of the Year

Award Presented by Chief Constable Iain Spittal

WINNERS - Special Chief Inspector Kathryn Dack and Special Sergeant Graham Hansford

Special Chief Inspector Dack and Special Sergeant Hansford work tirelessly with the Integrated Neighbourhood team in Stockton, dedicating their own time to patrolling, event management and staffing resilience. Both have been instrumental in the coordination of policing the Stockton Cycling Festival 2017 and the SIRF 2017, a multi-venue festival over four days. Both officers were able to secure staffing and visible leadership through deployment to both events, ensuring that the events ran smoothly with exemplary community engagement. Both officers ensure that alongside their regular employment they provide the Special Constabulary with the support and organisation required to maintain the professionalism and links with the regular constabulary. A key facet of both officers contribution is their recognition of the need to plan for organised events throughout the Policing calendar, both ensuring that they contribute to the operational planning of Yarm Fair, Mischief Night, Halloween and the internationally recognised Stockton Fireworks celebration. This contribution includes not only staffing, but also ensuring that their teams are conversant with legislation, intelligence targets and hotspot areas. Policing is a demanding role, to do so alongside a full time career and to hold the role with such confidence, skill and knowledge is testament to both.


12. Police Volunteer of the Year

Award Presented by Chief Constable Iain Spittal

WINNER - Karel Simpson

Karel Simpson volunteers his time to tackle rural crime issues. He visits farms and rural communities throughout Cleveland letting people know the benefits of joining Cleveland Connected and the Rural Watch Scheme, and has signed up many new members. He speaks to rural communities explaining how Cleveland Police are tackling rural crime in their areas, and therefore ensuring they feel more involved and more empowered. He also regularly takes part in Operation Checkpoint which is run in conjunction with 5 other Northern forces, and is always out assisting frontline officers with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm. He is also the Force lead on Heritage Crime and has made many contacts and been proactive in developing this role. He continues to work hard and never finds any task too difficult or not worth doing. His devotion and passion to his role makes him a credit to Cleveland Police.


13. Community Minded Business

Award Presented by Sue Smith, SARC Teesside

WINNER - Home Instead Senior Care

Home Instead Senior Care have played an instrumental role in raising community awareness of fraud across vulnerable groups in local communities through a targeted Fraud Awareness Programme.Through their work with elderly and vulnerable clients they noted an ever increasing number of scams directed at elderly and vulnerable people nationally and in the Cleveland area and set about to raise awareness of the signs of fraud and equip potential victims with the tools to prevent themselves from becoming victims. In association with National Trading Standards they developed a toolkit and presentation which they have then delivered to over four thousand vulnerable community members and their families across Cleveland. All caregivers are given bespoke training ensuring that they are able to spot the signs when a client is being targeted and refer to appropriate support services.They also developed a ‘report a scam’ website portal directly with the National Trading Standards Scam Team so that when caregivers hear about scams being perpetrated they can report them directly for intelligence gathering and action.Through their activities they are undoubtedly raising awareness of the ever developing issues of fraud and scams and helping reduce victimisation in vulnerable groups.


14. Outstanding Support to a Victim

Award Presented by Sue Smith, SARC Teesside

WINNER - DC Kay McGeehan

DC McGeehan supported a family during a two year heartbreaking ordeal upon the disappearance of a family member. During this time her support, sheer dedication and consistency to the case and the family was phenomenal. She displayed a genuine, trusting attitude supporting the family regarding any rumour issue or upset, always going above and beyond visiting their homes and work places. Through TV appeals, social media and the press she stood by their side, providing a vital safety net when there seemed to be no hope whatsoever. When the case reached a heartbreaking conclusion she was there, guiding the family through the process and helping them to carry on. She provided the consistency and support to assist them through their worst nightmare, and created a strong bond and support network which has been invaluable in assisting them to get through this most painful of experiences.

NOMINEE - Ailsa Adamson

The first nomination goes to an individual who supports vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers arriving in the Cleveland area. She has helped families who have moved from violent regimes in their country of origin by establishing and running a welcome programme to provide orientation to families about British culture. She recently supported a victim who had lost hope and faith in the service providers in his area. She used a person cantered approach to meet the needs of the victim, whilst being culturally aware and sensitive to his needs. The victim gained his self worth and identity which had been impacted by his situation as an asylum seeker. Through her tireless and unwavering support she continually changes people’s lives for the better.

NOMINEE - Karen Storey

Karen has a unique ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and with complex and challenging needs enabling her to develop positive working relationships that transform lives. She recently supported a very troubled family, who had been hounded across the country via a smear campaign on social media following family members committing a crime against a pet, which horrified the public when it came to light. As a result all three family members were harried all across the north of the UK, and were on the verge of taking their own lives, having been unable to settle or form any sort of normal life for 6 months. The offenders are deeply sorry for their actions, and want to have a chance of a normal life. She acted impartially and compassionately, and has kept in touch with the family for over a year now and assisted them in tackling a set of extremely complex issues. There is still a long road ahead, however things are looking much brighter.

NOMINEES - Helen Oldroyd, Thomas Turnbull and Aaron Metcalfe

Helen, Thomas and Aaron supported a victim who had been shot whilst out riding his pedal cycle, resulting in serious nerve damage which significantly impacted upon his mobility, leaving him effectively housebound and struggling to negotiate the stairs in his home. The impact of the crime together with a recent bereavement had left the victim feeling vulnerable and isolated. His VCAS support worker drew up a recovery plan identifying his concerns and needs, one area being the tidying of his home address. Two volunteers from the National Citizens Service Graduate Programme volunteered to assist and obtained funding to buy large boxes to help store his items and then visited his home working tirelessly moving and tidying away items. Upon discovering wedding photographs of his late wife they created a memory box for him and collected items which had an important emotional attachment. The involvement of these individuals had a hugely positive impact upon the victim, who has moved on in his recovery. He recently met with Baroness Newlove, the Victims Commissioner and spoke in extremely positive terms about the sensitive, compassionate and professional way in which he was treated.


15. Outstanding Services to Community Safety

Award Presented by Barry Coppinger, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

WINNER - Shahda Khan, Middlesbrough Council

Shahda Kahn has years of experience of working in the field of community safety, with a real passion for community cohesion, equality and tackling difficult issues such as child sexual exploitation. She loves to travel and is a regular speaker at international events, recently giving a speech at a conference on 'Fight against terrorism through preventing financing and recruitment' in Dubrovnik Croatia.
Never afraid to provide challenge she has for many years acted as a critical friend to Cleveland Police through her role in the Strategic Independent Advisory Group, as a member and then as Chair. This has involved giving advice in critical incidents, being involved in scrutiny of police policy and procedure and acting as a link between the community and the Police in disseminating key messages.
She has been instrumental in supporting the Everyone Matters programme within Cleveland Police, providing advice and guidance on a host of topics such as community engagement, equality and diversity training and police uniform developments. Her energy and commitment to the programme has been invaluable.   
Through her work with the Middlesbrough Interfaith Network she has promoted and supported a range of community cohesion activities including the hugely successful Love your Neighbour initiative.
Her endless passion and enthusiasm leads to her involvement in a myriad of projects and activities, which she works on tirelessly whilst still managing to find the time to be a proud mother to her four children.
She has recently stood down from her role as SIAG Chair but I am sure will continue her involvement with Cleveland Police on a multitude of levels.


16. Outstanding Commitment to Supporting Victims of Sexual Abuse

Award Presented by Barry Coppinger, Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

WINNER - Sue Smith, SARC Teesside

Sue has over 25 years experience of providing services to vulnerable victims and witnesses working across County Durham and Teesside. She has Co-ordinated and Managed teams of volunteers and paid workers. Throughout the 1990’s she worked alongside a Certified Trauma Specialist in the capacity of a Trauma Associate. This period of working with clients experiencing Acute and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder led to a specialist interest in Domestic and Sexual Violence. She also trained and developed teams throughout the North East which included specialist training in Rape, Sexual Assault and abuse. 
In 2003 her expertise came to Teesside when she worked for the former domestic violence service, Women Support Network, as Training and Development Officer. She qualified as the first Independent Domestic Violence Advisor in Teesside – one of only 25 in the country at that time.
She took up the post of Manager of Teesside Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) when it opened in 2007 and has remained since that time, recently celebrating its 10th birthday! During this time she has worked tirelessly to ensure victims receive the best support to meet their needs and due to this hard work, passion and commitment Teesside SARC is now recognised as one of the best facilities in the country and is regularly cited as a Centre of Excellence.


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